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Lorelai looked around the room. She had everything packed. All her clothes were out of the closet. Well the pratical one's anyway. She left the ball gowns behind. She had taken all the money from her bank account hoping it would last her at least for a while. She had all of Rory's things now all she had to do was leave. Her mother was at another DAR meeting her father was at work and she hadn't heard from Christopher since the day Rory was born and that had been a little more then a year.

She looked down at the baby carrier on the bed. She smiled at the blue eyed baby staring up at her. "Well Rory are you ready." She sighed and picked up the carrier and all her bags along with the baby equtiment. She hurried down the stairs leaving a letter for her parents on the diningroom table. She slipped out the door before anyone could notice her. She walked down the long driveway and out the wrought iron gate looking back once at her childhood home. The giant place that was more musum then home. She walked to the bus stop. Getting on earning stares from the occopents of the bus. She payed the bus driver and took a seat settling Rory on her lap and quitly singing a song to her.

Lorelai Gilmore knew she was only seventeen. She knew she had no were to go. But she had to leave the world she lived in was obresive she needed to get out to leave that siffiling world. The bus stopped and she got off. She saw a little sign that said Welcom to Stars Hollow. The town looked nice. She was looking for someplace to stay find work. "Excuse me." She stopped a woman on the street."

"Yes doll how can I help you."

"I'm looking for someplace to work do you know of a place." The woman looked down at the young girl noticing the little girl in her arms.

"Try the Indapendance inn they might have something."

"Thanks. I'm Lorelai Gilmore."

"I'm Miss Patty and it was a pleasure. The inn is just down that way a bit." She pointed to the left and Lorelai thanked her and went down the path. She came upon a quant little inn and went inside. She went up to the front desk were an older woman was.

"Excuse me but I'm looking for a job."

"Do you have any refrence's."


"Any job experince."

"No" She was now close to tears what was she spouse to do she wasn't trained to do anything.

"Why should I hire you."

"Look ma'ma I don't know why you should hire me all I know is I need a job I have a baby I'm only seventeen and I need someway to feed and cloth her I'm a hard worker."

Mia looked at the young girl in from of her. She looked at the little girl in her arms and her heart went out to them. "I can train you to be a maid and there's an old potting shed that we never use outside. resently had it convereted its small but theres a bed and a bathtub toliat and running water."

Lorelai felt the wait leave her shoulders. "Thank you." She hugged the older woman. "I'm Lorelai Gilmore and this is my daughter Lorelai Gilmore Rory for short."

"Well its nice to meet you Lorelai and Rory now its getting late why don't I show you to were you'll be staying and you can get some sleep and start in the morning. Oh and my names Mia by the way and I own the inn."

Lorelai nodded gathered her things and followed Mia. She noticed another woman following them with sheets. They came to a tiny building and Mia opened it. "Well here you are." The other woman but some sheets on the bed and left.

"Thank you Mia."

"Your welcome dear. I'll see you in the morning and if you want there is a great little diner in town were you can get breakfest just tell Luke Mia sent you."

"Thank you." Mia left closing the door behind her. "Well little girl it looks like we found a new home. She changed Rory into her little PJs and then she changed her self she tucked Rory in next to her driffting off to sleep thanking god for her good luck. She had found a new home.

Luke had just drifted off to sleep when he heard a knock on his door downstairs. He looked over at the clock. 11:30 who in there crazyness was at his door at eleven thirty at night. He grumbled and got out of bed. He flipped on the lights and stopped in his tracks there stood his baby sister a baby carrier in her hands. He hurried to open the door. "Liz what are you doing here."

"Luke I can't do it here take him." She soved the baby carrier at him forcing him to take it.

"What the hell Liz" He looked down at the black haired baby asleep in the carrier."

"I can't take care of him Luke Jimmy's leaving and I'm going with him and a child dosn't fit into those plans."

"Liz you can't just dump your child like this your his mother you have to take care of him."

"He's yours now Luke."

"Elizebeth Danes You can't give up your baby he is barley a year old what do I tell them I'm sorry Jess your mother and father just didn't want you so they left you with me."

"Lucas I don't care what you tell him I just don't want him anymore. I'll be in California. Goodby." And just like that she was gone. Luke looked down at the small boy.

"Well I guess its just the two of us." He didn't know how to take care of kids he was only twenty two. He knew it only spelled trouble when his sixteen year old sister gave birth but he didn't expect to be left with the child. He settled him into bed the boy still didn't wake up. He shook his head the boys name was Jess and he was his nephew and now he was in charge of his felt like he was going to be sick as he slide into bed.

At five thirty the next morning Luke got up to open the diner glancing at Jess were he had sat the carrier next to the bed. He was still asleep. He didn't hear a peep from him. He almost forgot he was up there. At seven a pretty brunnett came in with a little girl. She hurried to the counter. "Coffee please."

"This will kill you you knew."

"Who cares I start my job this morning and Mia said you make good breakfest."

"Mia sent you."

"Yup are you Luke."


"Well I'm Lorelai and this is my daughter Lorelai Rory for short."

"arn't you a little young to be having a daughter."

"You know what leave me alone."

"Fine would you like breakfest."

"Yes please pancakes."

Luke got her order sitting it down in front of her. Just then Jess and Rory started to cry at the same time. Lorelai pulled a bottle out of the diper bag she had with her. she started to feed Rory as Luke rushed up the stairs. He found a crying Jess. He picked him up out of the baby carrier.

"You must be hungry." He then remembered that Liz had given him nothing to care for a baby what was he soupose to take care of a baby he then noticed Jess was wet he had no dipers either. He decied to take Jess downstairs and head over to Doosie's.

"Is he ok." Lorelai asked when she saw him."

"I don't know my irrisponsible sister just left him with me to go to California she isn't coming back she left nothing I forgot and now I have nothing I have to go to Doosie's." He didn't know why he was telling her all this but there was something about her maybe it was that she had a baby of her own.

"Here" She sat down Rory and rummged throw the bag on the seat next to her she pulled out a bottle and a diper. She got up and took the fussing boy from him. "Do you have a bathroom."

He pointed upstairs and she took the boy and Rory and headed up. She changed the boy and then headed back down stairs both children in her arms she once again sat Rory down and keep ahold of the boy She held the bottle for him as he eargerly gulped it down.

Luke came back in through the door. Bags loading down his arms. "Thanks" he said as he sat the bags down and took a changed and feed Jess from Lorelai.

"No problem what's his name."


"Well Luke Jess it was nice to meet you I'll be seeing you around." She went to place some money on the counter.

"Its on the house. a thank you for helping out."

"Thank you." She smiled at him feeling that he would be a big part of her new life she picked Rory up and exited the diner sure she had made her first real friend in her new town. This life was going to work out great nice people and good food what more could she ask for.

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