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Rory sat staring out the window into Babbett and Morey's yard there was a stump that looked just like the fairy rinkg out of that book she had hust read. She wondered if she sat there if a Fairy would come and be her friend. Yes she had Lane and Jess but who would turn down a fairy for a friend. "Come on Jess." She pulled his arm and hurried him out of the door.

"Rory were are we going." Jess wined he was in the middle of a really good book and there was Rory dragging him to only god knew were. They were soupose to stay in the house Lorelai had told them so but then again this was stars Hollow and really Lorelai knew they properly wern't going to stay in the house now with both of them being ten she trusted them.

Rory didn't answer Jess question just keep pulling him along. They ended up at Luke's and she pulled him inside. She hopped up on the stool and looked around. "Luuukkkeee" She called out just like her mother would.

Luke hurried out of the storage room when he heard the young girl call out. "Rory what is it whats wrong."

"Nothing I just need two penutbutter and Jelly sandwitches."


"Me and Jess are going to try and make friends with the fairy's in Babbett and Morey's fairy ring."

"I'm going to do what I don't want to make friends with some stupid fairy."

"Please Jessie." Rory pouted widing her baby blues at him.

"Don't call me Jessie." He huffed even though he knew he had already lost the battle.

Luke made the sandwiches and hurried them out to Rory and Jess he even put them a paper sack for them. "Here have fun."

"Yeah so much fun." Jess muttered under his breath.

"Your wipped boy." Luke teased him.

"Shut up uncle Luke or I'll make sure Lorelai makes you do something you don't want to do.

"You don't scare me Jess."

"But uncle Luke your just as helpless to those Gilmore baby blues as I am.

Luke scowled at him becuse the ten year old had hit the nail on the head. Rory was giggling beside Jess. "Just get out." He snapped even though they knew he wasn't really mad at them. Rory lead Jess back to Babbett's yard and sat down on the stump pulling Jess down beside her she started to munch on her sandwich and handed Jess his. Babbett was looking out her window and wondering what the kids were doing out there what ever it was Jess didn't look like he was having to much fun doing it.

"Hey sugurs what are you doing." She asked walking across her lawn and over to were they sat.

"Trying to meet fairys." Rory told her. She found that so cute she ran off and told Miss Patty and it got spread throughout the whole town. Jess didn't live that down for years hell it was even brought up at Rory's Sixteenth birthday party.

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