Izumi Sawatari, the most beautiful and successful super models of our time. Ms. Sawatari is not only holds the title of sexiest woman in Japan, and in fashion, but was also recently crowned Ms. Universe. She's the most beloved woman in all of Japan, and for good reason. Her sweet demeanor and gorgeous looks have made her who she is, her jet-black hair, big black eyes, long slender legs, large supple breasts and smooth milky skin. She's everything a man wants and everything a woman wants to be.

It's true; Ms. Sawatari does have millions of fans worldwide. It's not often a Japanese idol breaks international boundaries, but Izumi did it within a year of making it onto the fashion scene. About five months into her career, Izumi was to appear in a German fashion show. She wasn't originally intended to be the headliner, but after making her appearance, Ms. Sawatari stole the show. She swept across Europe, capturing the hearts of men and women alike. It wasn't too long after that did she make it further west, headlining a show in London, appearing on various talk shows and even making a deal with a prominent English automobile maker to be the spokeswoman.

Izumi finally made her way to the United States shortly after her one-year anniversary in the business. She was discovered by an American film director while performing in Spain (by this point she'd signed a record deal and was making her way to the top of the music charts as well.) The director, whose name escapes me at the moment, Mark something, was so impressed by her angelic voice and perfect figure that he felt he just HAD to have her in his next film. He quickly contacted her and setup a meeting. He of course treated her like royalty. He flew her to L.A. on a private jet and set her up in a lavish hotel suit. Mark provided her with any and everything she could possibly need or want, making sure to pull out all the stops in order to impress her. It seems Mr. Mark something was making a film all about women who do nothing but break men's hearts and fiddle with their emotions. It was looking to be a highly successful film, he'd already roped in several other big name actors, and Izumi would have been the only non-actor to get a starring credit. After reading the script however Izumi quickly declined. She said that the script was "in poor taste" and "showed attractive women in a negative and derogatory light" and that she wanted nothing to do with the film. Truth be told, she was also bothered by the fact that it required her to be nude in several scenes and even have sex in one. Ms. Sawatari was worried about her image, and wanted no part of it.

Of course the hotshot director wasn't easily discouraged. He continued to rewrite the contract, giving her more and more money. He even offered to give her some creative control, and even offered to give her a special cut of the film. Izumi, having neither interest nor any background in film making, declined once more. The film did eventually release without her, but to little avail. Most critics slammed it for its constant use of nudity and graphic sex as a means of covering up its thin plot and one-dimensional characters. It seems Ms. Izumi dodged quite the bullet with that one.

That brings us however to present day. Ms. Sawatari has been enjoying her career and working her hardest to make even more of herself. She's told me in several interviews that she doesn't plan on stopping with just pop music. Her first love is fashion, and she hopes to someday be a designer. Well we all wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors, and look forward to what this bombshell has in store for us next.

Yoshitaka removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He's spent the entire night reading everything he could find about Izumi Sawatari. He'd become infatuated with the woman and wanted to learn as much as he could about her, hoping that he would be able to setup a meeting and maybe even convince her to agree to work with him. Yoshitaka stood up and walked away from his computer and looked at the clock, it was 3:30 AM and he'd done nothing that day.

"Damn, I didn't work on a single design. Well it's too late to start now, I'll just work a few extra hours tomorrow. Nice thing about being your own boss is that no one cares when you punch in or out."

Yoshitaka removed his shirt as he spoke to himself. He headed out of his office and down the long hall to his bedroom, slipping out of his shoes and removing his pants before entering the room. He walked in and tossed the cloths into the small hamper in the corner and grabbed a pair of pajamas that lay across his chair messily. He slipped into the pajamas and laid down, yawning and stretching before turning off his lamp. Yoshitaka fell asleep almost instantly and snored lightly, shifting only twice the entire night.