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Chapter three – Angels and Demons


I closed the door behind Edward and did a little happy dance back into the bedroom. The night couldn't have been more perfect if angels had designed it, with a little devil thrown in for good measure. I closed my eyes and remembered the way his lips had closed around the tip of his dessert fork and then the way his tongue had appeared to lick away the residue. I couldn't help imagining those lips and that tongue caressing my own before moving on to pay homage to all my body's erogenous zones. The promise of every thing he could do for me was in his eyes as he winked at me.

He winked at me!

I had wondered if he would kiss me goodnight. If I was honest with myself, I was a little apprehensive but at the same time excited, especially after I had reacted so strongly to just the sight of him eating cheesecake and winking! But he hadn't tried to kiss my lips; instead, he kissed my hand.

He kissed my hand!

Was it possible to get any more romantic than that! And who would have thought that a kiss on the hand would send a tingle to every region of my body; and I mean every region of my body!

I opened my eyes and walked into the bathroom to begin my nightly bedtime routine. I stared at the face in the mirror, barely recognizing myself as the one looking back with the half-closed eyelids and slightly parted lips. The dreamy look remained in place as I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth, and stayed with me as I undressed and pulled on my sleep shorts and tank top. Just wait until Alice found out I had discovered Sergeant Dazzling all on my own!

There was nothing wrong with a healthy imagination and heaven knows it had been a long time since I had allowed myself to think of a man like this. I intended to enjoy my imagination quite thoroughly, I thought, as I snuggled under the covers and drifted into SWAT-cop dreamland.


I raked my hand through my hair and let my breath out in a whoosh, as I turned and headed for the elevator but then changed my mind and took the stairs; I needed some kind of physical activity to try and clear my head. I forced my feet to take each step away from her door, when all I really wanted to do was walk back through it and make love to Bella all night long!

But I wouldn't do that. And not just because she slept with Allie, I thought with a chuckle, but because I wanted more from her than a one-night stand. Bella was not a one-night-stand kind of woman. Oh, no. She was a savor-her-slowly-for-days-at-a-time kind of woman!

I stopped on the landing and took a moment to readjust myself in my too-tight jeans.

Note to self: Wear loose fitting jeans when taking out Bella! Hell, who was I kidding, wear loose fitting jeans from now on because just thinking about her sets your world on fire.

Thank God I wasn't a teenager any more who let his dick rule his life, but right now, I felt closer to seventeen than thirty-two. Damn, it's probably a good thing I hadn't kissed her! I probably would have spontaneously combusted if I had gotten even a small taste of those luscious lips.

I could still hear her moan as I remembered her tongue licking those lips…

I had to shake my head to dispel the vision long enough to put my key in the lock and open the door of my apartment.

I threw my keys on the hall table as I headed to the bedroom, unbuttoning my shirt along the way. As I finished undressing and prepared for bed, my thoughts were still on the beautiful woman just two floors above me. As I crawled into bed five minutes later, the coolness of the sheets on my bare skin couldn't dampen the reaction of my body to her memory.

I couldn't get her out of my mind. I had only to close my eyes to smell her perfume, to see that shy smile play on her lips; the same lips that had closed around the bite of cheesecake and then smiled as they were licked by her pretty little pink tongue. My mind kept replaying her every movement, her every word, but especially that moan! I wanted to hear her moan like that as I entered her body, as I possessed her from within. I longed to hear her scream as she came apart under me, her body contracting as she succumbed to her climax…

Damn, Cullen, get a grip! The next thing you know, you'll be jacking off in the shower!

An evil voice inside my head reminded me of that commercial that said an erection lasting longer than four hours was dangerous, but my noble voice told it to shut the fuck up! I was not going to jack off like some teenager after his first date!

But heaven knows, I need some relief!

I argued back and forth with myself until the evil voice called in reinforcements and had Bella's moan join him in my head, and I nearly caved until I thought of the warm, trusting look in her eyes as I kissed her hand. That memory helped me find the strength to beat back the randy seventeen year old I had become.

I rolled over and gave my pillow a fierce punch as I closed my eyes, trying to force sleep to come. That in itself was funny; usually I dreaded falling asleep. My last conscious thought was that maybe Bella's memory would help me get some quality sleep for a change. Maybe she was the good luck charm that would let me get more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Bella and I were walking hand-in-hand along North Avenue Beach and the hot sun was beating down on our heads. I turned to look at her and she smiled as she pulled her hand from mine to run ahead of me. As I watched, she was no longer walking on the sand, but rather a dusty road. I called to her "Wait!" but she kept walking.

Where was she going? I kept asking myself that question while calling for her to wait. But she kept walking. By now we were on the outskirts of a town and then the road became a street between dilapidated concrete buildings. She turned once and gave me that gorgeous smile of hers and threw me a wave before she darted into the building on the right.

Why did she go in there? Didn't she see that it wasn't safe? Didn't she notice all the windows had been blown out by the recent bombing? What was she doing here anyway?

The atmosphere changed all at once and the blinding sun was replaced by darkest night. I caught a faint movement in my peripheral vision and turned toward it and saw Wilson as he darted to the side of the building on the right, his blade held at the ready in one hand, his handgun in the other. My hand automatically went to my side, reassured to feel the cold metal of my own 9mm handgun, and feeling the sudden weight of my own knife held securely in my hand.

I glanced behind Wilson and saw Miller darting behind the building to circle around to the other side. My vision was suddenly dimmed and I realized I was watching the movement of my men through night-vision goggles.

I immediately fell into a semi-crouch and moved silently along the side of the building in front of Wilson. I felt the microphone currently buried in my beard, as it passed around my cheek from the rest of the headset. My men knew their job. The headset was only for emergencies. We were trained to do our job in silence. In fact, silence was the most crucial element of our mission. We had to get in, get the job done, and get out without anyone ever knowing we had been there.

I gave a silent hand signal to Wilson as we moved to flank the entryway. My handgun was still in its holster, but I wouldn't need it. I carried it only as a precaution. All I really needed was the ten-inch blade at the end of the hilt now held in my right hand. Recon had revealed that this building was the home of the leader of the local resistance group. We had watched and waited until he went in, accompanied only by five of his associates. We wouldn't get a better opportunity, and the odds, two to one, were better than we'd hoped for, expecting him to have more bodyguards, and besides, we had the element of surprise on our side.

I heard the slight 'tic-tic' in my ear that was Miller's tapped signal letting us know that he was in place and ready. With practiced ease, I picked the lock and gave a quick 'snap-snap' of my teeth to signal Miller our intentions, then Wilson and I entered the house. Quickly dispatching of the two men on guard, we moved silently to the next room. My knife was drawn and ready when a slight movement caught my eye a moment before Wilson's knife flew through the air. I watched in horror as it was buried to the hilt in the chest of …BELLA!

I sat bolt upright in bed, her name on my lips, "Bella!" I was sweating profusely and my breath was coming in gasps as I pulled my mind from the dream.

Holy hell!

I raked both hands through my hair before moving them to run down my face, trying to get my racing heart under control. I had hoped Bella would keep the dreams at bay, but my traitorous mind had chosen instead to incorporate her into them! I was still trying to recover from the shock and revulsion I had felt when I saw the knife protruding from her chest.

My mind was trained to deal with such things; hell, I had seen much worse, but never before to someone like Bella. The sight had forced me to awaken before the dream could come to its usual conclusion of us finishing the mission only to be told that while we had indeed gotten part of the cell, the head, the ringleader, had been moved to another house. The retaliation the next day had been brutal, and a lead group of our guys had paid the price.

And that was the memory that haunted me, would continue to haunt me, for the rest of my life.

Something had gone wrong with our intel. Part of our job was to infiltrate the locals, become their trusted confidantes, and obtain the information that kept these types of mistakes from happening!

We were fucking Special Forces, for shits sake, we didn't make mistakes!

We couldn't afford to make mistakes!

Because if we made mistakes, soldiers died!

But somewhere we had gotten bad info; we hadn't paid the right informant or else our informant had been fed false information just to throw us off. Whatever the reason, we had failed.

And as squad leader, that meant I had failed!

And because of my failure, good men had died.

Shrinks tried to tell me I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I would tell the shrinks I was suffering from guilt, plain and simple. Either way, the nightmares were there to remind me of my failure every night.

I glanced at the bedside clock; it read four-fifty-five. Well, Bella love, thank you for that little dream walk on the beach. It helped me get a little more than five hours of sleep. That was at least two more than I usually got each night. Wow, Bella, you're already having a good influence on me. Now if I could just keep you out of my nightmares, I'd be good.

Even though I seldom needed it, I optimistically left my alarm set for six-fifteen. I was used to getting up early, so I figured it was too late to try to get back to sleep, even if I could have. I was meeting the guys down at the beach this morning for a little beach volleyball at seven-thirty, so I still needed to get up early.

But right now I needed a distraction; something else to occupy my mind. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the TV remote and started flipping through the channels, before settling on a rerun of the original Star Trek on SciFi. As I watched the familiar opening credits, I realized something: I loved this fucking show!


By seven-fifteen, I was on my way to North Avenue Beach. We always tried to get there early so we could score a decent court near Castaways Bar. This morning was no different; it was Emmett's turn to arrive at six and hold our court, and he sure as hell better be there.

I pulled into the parking space beside Carlisle, who was busy fishing equipment, along with a cooler and towels from his trunk. I gave him a wave when he turned my way and walked over to give him a hand.

Emmett was waiting, having procured our favorite court, and as we turned around we saw our three opponents from the detective division of our precinct, come loping up the beach.

This was our every-other-Sunday-morning ritual in the summer time: three-on-three beach volleyball. My brother Emmett, my uncle, Carlisle, and I made up the team 'SWATs Up', and had played together since I joined the force three years ago. Carlisle was the SWAT Captain and had recruited me for the SWAT team when I ended my time with the Army. He had stuck by me through some pretty dark times and I probably wouldn't be here today if Carlisle hadn't given me a reason to keep going.

Emmett, on the other hand, had absolutely no connection with the Chicago Police Department at all. He was an Orthopedic Surgeon in private practice, specializing in sports injuries. But he enjoyed the game and said it kept him in shape so he became an honorary SWAT member every-other Sunday.

We joked playfully with our detective opponents, "Blues Clues", talking smack to each other as usual as we warmed up. Eric's now nine year old daughter had named their team three years ago after her favorite TV show. We all saw the irony of it and refused to let them change it. Mike, Tyler and Eric were great guys and I'd trust them with my life any day of the week, except every-other Sunday morning. Then they became the enemy and we planned to annihilate them!

I scanned the sidelines, looking for our cheering section, which usually consisted of my sister-in-law Rosalie, and my Aunt Esme. But neither was seated in their usual spot.

"Hey, Em," I called, "where's Rose?"

"Ah, she'll be here in a little while," he returned. "She's not too keen on being our lone cheerleader," he said with a chuckle.

I turned to Carlisle, "Where's Esme?"

"She's working on a deadline for a new apartment complex so she won't be here today," he replied with a shrug of his shoulders. Esme was one of the leading architects with one of the biggest design firms in Chicago.

Then it hit me, "Hey, Em, do you think Rose would mind if I invited someone to come down and watch us today?"

If I had told him and Carlisle the sky was falling they wouldn't have been more surprised. Carlisle was the first to regain his composure and asked, "Are you talking about a girl?"

"Hell, yeah, I'm talking about a girl!" I looked from him to Emmett, whose mouth was still hanging open in surprise. "What's so surprising that I might know a girl?"

Emmett finally regained his ability to speak and said, "Well, maybe it's the fact that you haven't even dated in almost a year and you've never brought a girl to meet us!"

I walked up and smacked my hand smartly on his cheek while saying, "Well, dear brother, there's a first time for everything." I gave first him and then Carlisle a grin and said, "Excuse me, I have to make a call." I turned and walked a short distance away so I could have some semblance of privacy to ring Bella.

After the third ring, I heard a sleepy, "Hello."

"Good morning! How are my two favorite ladies on this fine day?"

"Edward?" she asked groggily, then much more alertly, "Edward!"

"Yeah," I replied. "Sorry to call so early, but I wondered what you and Allie had planned today."

"Planned? Um… nothing, really, probably just hang around the pool. Allie likes the water. Why?" she asked.

"Funny you should mention water. Have you been to North Avenue Beach?"

"A couple of times, but it's usually overrun with volleyball players on the weekends."

"Funny you should mention volleyball," I laughed and I realized I had missed the sound of her voice.

"Well, maybe you should tell me what I'm being so funny about," she chuckled a little.

"How would you and Allie like to come down to North Avenue Beach and watch some volleyball?" I held my breath a little while waiting for her reply.

"Volleyball? You mean watch people play beach volleyball?" she answered in a surprised tone.

"Well, not just people… Me." I held my breath again. I couldn't help it.

"You?! You play beach volleyball?" I could still hear surprise in her voice.


"Um…" she paused as if she was thinking it over. "Okay, I think we'd enjoy that." I could hear the smile in her voice.

I let my breath out and allowed myself to grin too. "Great. Just grab a blanket and maybe some drinks and snacks for Allie and come on down."

I quickly gave her directions and she said they would see me in an hour. I closed my phone and walked back to the guys with a new spring in my step and a smirk playing on my lips. I heard Emmett's low laughter and saw Carlisle's pleased smile.

Em grabbed me in a playful headlock and said, "Welcome back to the land of the living, Eddie boy!"

I pulled away and didn't even try to retaliate; I just felt too good. I laughed with him and said, "What are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!"

We were on our second grueling set and the sun was beating down hard. On the next dead ball, I paused to wipe the sweat from my face with the hem of my shirt when I heard an excited squeal, "Ed-waarrd!" and turned in time to catch the lime-green missile running toward me at top speed!


I watched as Edward caught Allie up and swung her around, much to her delight. I had barely been able to hold her back until there was a lull in the game before she was off, running in his direction. Somehow, I didn't think he would mind her little interruption.

I had been so excited to get his phone call, early though it was on a Sunday morning. When he had asked if we would like to come watch him play beach volleyball, I thought, 'Hmm beach, sweaty, shirtless, hard-bodied Edward or pool, flabby old ladies in sun hats, and muu-muus. Um, decisions, decisions? I think I'll choose door number one please.'

I jumped at the chance! Honestly, did he really think I wouldn't want to watch him play volleyball, on the beach no less? Sometimes the smartest men could be so dense.

After we ended our conversation, Allie and I got ready in record time. She was just as excited as I was when I told her we were going to the beach and we would be seeing Edward again. I was amazed at how easily she had taken to him, and it pleased me so much that he seemed to like her just as much in return, because, really, not getting along with my daughter would have been an automatic deal breaker for me.

So, here we were, Allie in her little lime-green shorts and matching tank top and sandals, and me in pair of denim cutoffs and a tee shirt I hadn't worn in years. My arms were full of blankets, sand toys, and a small cooler, which I dropped on the sand before walking toward six excellent specimens of manhood, with the most excellent of all now holding my daughter as if he had been doing it forever and not just since yesterday. I could see the eyes of the other five guys looking at Edward in varying degrees of surprise, with the biggest guy looking at him as if he were a complete stranger. It was kind of funny in fact.

As I watched, Edward bent his head and blew a raspberry on Allie's neck. Her peals of delighted laughter rang across the beach.

"Sorry," I said when I got close enough to catch his eye. "She just couldn't wait any longer."

"Oh, that's alright. I wouldn't have wanted her too." Edward took a step toward me, smiling and holding out his hand. I took it and he drew me forward before turning to introduce me to his friends.

"Everyone, I want you to meet some special friends of mine, Isabella Black and her daughter, Allison." He turned to me and said, "Bella and Allie, I'd like you to meet my uncle, Carlisle Cullen." We exchanged handshakes and pleasantries, and Allie was delighted when Carlisle gave her a kiss on the back of her hand. Must run in the family or something.

"And this big lug is my brother, Emmett."

I took his offered hand and said, "It's nice to meet you."

He shook my hand and gave me a dimpled grin, "Not as nice as it is for me to meet you!"

Then he turned and, to Allie's continued delight, Edward made a big show of introducing her again to Emmett.

"Em, say hello to Sunshine!" Allie squealed again, as he used the nickname.

"Well, hello, Sunshine! Aren't you the prettiest thing in the whole world?"

Allie was giggling as she shook his hand then said in her sweetest voice, "Thank you."

Edward introduced each of his friends in turn and they really seemed like a great bunch of guys. After a few minutes of generalized conversation, I reached for Allie and told Edward we'd go find a good place to watch the rest of their game.

"Okay," he handed over Allie, who immediately squirmed in my arms to be put down. No way was she letting me hold her, but she sat so docilely in Edward's arms. Little stinker.

But then, who could blame her, I thought as I looked at his rippling biceps. I wouldn't mind feeling those arms myself!

I spread our blanket out and handed Allie her toys. I sprayed us both down with sunscreen, and then sat back and enjoyed the view.

And what a view it was!

About five minutes after we moved to the blanket, Edward stripped off his shirt and threw it to me and asked for a bottle of water. I threw one back and watched as he drank half the contents in several long pulls. I was momentarily mesmerized by his Adam's apple bobbing up and down with each swallow. He then poured the remainder across his face, chest and back. I watched as the drops of water ran through the hairs that lightly covered his chest, down his perfect six-pack abs, and gathered in the happy trail that disappeared beneath the low-slung waistband of his shorts. The little angel voice of my conscience whispered to remember my daughter sitting right next to me and to not start panting like I was in heat. The little devil spoke louder and said 'ungh, to be a drop of water right now.' I had to force myself to remember how to breathe normally!

Oh, yes, and the view just kept getting better and better!

When I was able to look at something besides his perfect body, I realized that Edward was a really good volleyball player. I watched the play of muscles in his calves and thighs as he jumped for the ball. He could jump much higher than Emmett, even though his brother was taller by at least three inches, and played his position at the net flawlessly.

Emmett's talent was in serving. He had such a powerful serve that it was nearly impossible to return. Carlisle was great at service returns; he got to almost every serve the other team lobbed at him. I knew he had to be at least a little older than Edward, but he didn't look much older and he certainly didn't play older! He could move with lightening speed and made quite a few spectacular diving digs.

While the other guys were plenty skilled, mostly I just watched Edward. Allie was finding the game as fascinating as I was, just for different reasons. She loved to see Edward spike the ball and clapped her hands with glee each time he got a kill.

"They're fun to watch, aren't they?"

I heard the low voice behind me and turned to find it belonged to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was standing behind our blanket looking out at the players. She was tall and blond, with the figure of a swimsuit model and she was smiling at me in such a friendly way, I couldn't help smiling back. I didn't know how long she had been standing there, as I had been absorbed in watching Edward.

"They sure are, at least, we're enjoying it," I said, nodding my head in Allie's direction.

She laughed a little then walked up a few steps and stuck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Rosalie Cullen. The tall, dark-haired guy with the dimples is my husband, Emmett."

"Oh, hey, it's nice to meet you. I'm Bella Black, and this is my daughter, Allie." I reached up to shake her hand.

Before I could explain that we were there to watch Edward, Allie piped up, "We're watching Edward."

I saw the look of surprise cross her face and she snapped her gaze from Allie to me. "Edward? Do you mean, Edward Cullen? Emmett's brother?" Her voice held a touch of incredulity as she asked the questions.

"Yes, that's the right Edward. He called us this morning and invited us to come watch him play," I explained to her, still a little perplexed by her reaction.

"Our Edward called you this morning and invited you here?" She was speaking slowly and nodding her head slightly as she spoke. Then her face broke into a brilliant smile. "Interesting." She looked from me to Edward and back to me, taking in Allie at the same time.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I muttered, remembering my manners. "Would you care to join us? We have plenty of room." I invited, indicating the rest of the empty blanket.

"Thank you, I'd love to," and with that she folded her long, tanned legs under her and sat down beside us to watch the game. She was even dressed like a model, in white shorts and a teal green sleeveless button up shirt that showed off her bronzed limbs to perfection.

"So, how long have you known Edward?" she asked casually, her eyes on the game.

"Well, actually, we just met yesterday."

"You just met yesterday, and he's already introduce…" she broke off and gave a satisfied snort and leaned a little closer to me, looking me in the eye. "Oh honey, you've got to tell me everything!"

I smiled at the look on her face and proceeded to tell her how Edward and I met. She laughed about Allie's little mishap, and I saw her eyes widen a bit when I told her about our dinner date last night, and finished with Edward's call this morning inviting us to come down here.

She listened without interruption until I finished, then asked, "How does he get along with your daughter?"

I answered her honestly, "You know, that's the most amazing thing. I've never seen Allie take to anyone the way she has to Edward, and he's so patient and kind to her. They hit it off right from the start."

Hearing her name, Allie stood up from her sandcastle and walked over until she stood in front of Rosalie. "You're really pretty," Allie said with simple, childlike honesty.

Rosalie gave her big smile and replied, "Well, thank you. You're really pretty, too."

Allie giggled. "Edward calls me Sunshine," she said in that frank tone children use as she did her little twisty turns from side to side, which indicated her happiness.

"Does he now?" Rosalie said, scooting herself up the blanket so she was sitting closer to Allie. "Well, I think Sunshine is the perfect nickname for you! May I call you Sunshine too?"

Allie laughed even more and replied, "Okay."

Rosalie looked over at me and said, "I can see now how Edward was charmed. She is…" she turned back to Allie and poked her in the tummy with her finger, "You are a little doll!"

Allie's giggles filled the air once more. "Would you like to play with me?" she asked as she looked at her new admirer hopefully.

"Uh, Rosalie, you don't…" I began, but Rosalie just waved me off.

"I would love to play with you," she said to Allie. "What shall we play?"

And just like that, Allie had charmed yet another Cullen.

An hour later, the guys had exhausted themselves and we were ready to leave. Edward helped me out by carrying our cooler, which was about all he could manage, as Allie was once again perched on his arm.

I kinda wish I could be that bold! I snickered a little thinking about how it would look to see Edward carrying a grown woman on the side of his hip.

"What's so funny?" He asked giving me a sideways look.

"Nothing, just...nothing," I smiled sheepishly walking a little quicker to the parking lot.

We halted by my car and he helped me buckle Allie into her car seat.

Straightening up, his eyes met mine and he said, "Thanks for coming today."

I smiled at him and replied, "Thanks for inviting us. We had a great time and you have a great family. Especially Rosalie. She really made a hit with Allie."

He snorted a little and said, "You know, that's so funny. She's never been around kids before, that I know of. But if there was ever a kid that could win her over, Sunshine's the one I would bet on."

"Thanks," I said softly. I knew Allie was a great kid, but it always felt good to hear other people say it.

"Hey, would you two like to grab some lunch?" he asked, looking from me to where Allie was sitting in the car.

That was all it took to set off the, "Yes, please, yes, please, yes, please," litany from Allie. I knew when to give in graciously, especially when I wanted it too.

"Are you sure you won't get tired of seeing us?" I asked, smiling into his green eyes again.

He reached his hand out to brush a strand of hair from my cheek, tucking it behind my ear, and said softly, "I really can't see that happening."

His hand lingered against my cheek and I felt again the tingle of electricity where his fingers touched my skin. His eyes moved over my face, lingering on my lips, almost like a caress.

"So, what do you say? Lunch?" his thumb moved to ghost across my lips before he lowered his hand.

What else could I say except, "Okay."

He gave me that crooked smile and said, "Great! I'll follow you home, get a quick shower, and then we'll go somewhere casual. Okay?"

"Sounds wonderful," I responded as I slid into the driver's seat and he closed my door. I glanced at the car clock, seeing that it read ten-thirty-five and said through the open window, "Shall we say, eleven-thirty?"

"Perfect," he said and with another brush of his fingertips across my cheek, he turned and trotted over to his Volvo.

As I backed out of the parking space, a childish voice spoke up from the back seat, "Mommy, is Edward your boyfriend now?"

I laughed a little at the question, since it was the second time in as many days that she had asked. But I was starting to wonder the same thing myself.

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