Fi: ... Well this story was made by me, Mel (or Freak Artist) and Rach.
Mel: YAR! I'm back! And in case you are wondering, (probably not) Yes, I am the same Mel from Me, Mel and the Akatsuki! And I am sorry if you are waiting for that to be updated...I seem to have lost the book *dodges flaming pitchforks.* For this one, we all wrote our perspectives on our own, then we wrote the "Everyone's POV" parts together.
Fi: It's mainly me :D. It was my idea after all!
Mel: Yeah...Anywhoo, I went through and edited it so there were no grammatical errors-
Rach: And to add an element of random.
Mel: ...that too. You'll probably be able to tell what I did :D
Rach: Who's doing the disclaimer?
Mel: I'll do it.
%Disclaimer: WE DO NOT OWN!!!!!! If anyone is silly enough to report us for copyright infringement, I am going to come around to your house and gouge your eyes out with a rusty spork. %
Rach: that was rather...violent.
Mel: I always am :D. And also, this is Fanfiction for God's sake! The disclaimers are irrelevant!
Fi: ...
Rach: ...
Mel: What?
Fi: ...never mind...Can we start now?
Mel: Sure. I'll get the llamas to pull the title in. *leaves*
Rach: Llamas?
Fi: What?
*They leave as three Llamas pull the name in*

Lost in Atmos

Chapter one: Arrivals and tuna smells.

It was a Saturday. Three friends went on with their normal business, unaware that the weirdest thing would take place that day.

Fi's Perspective: Fi was in bed. Her iPod touch in her hand and phone in the other; they are her pride and joy. Fi was unaware that she had left her computer on last night and she forgot to sign out of msn.

*ding ding*

Fi was woken up by the annoying msn alert noise. She mumbled to herself as she woke. I must have forgotten to turn off my computer before I went to bed she thought to herself. The msn noise went off again.

'I'm coming!' she grumbled as she sat up. Her brown hair was all fluffy from her pillow. As she sat down she saw that Mel and Rach had added her to their conversation. She also saw that one the Storm Hawks episodes was open.

Mel Says: Fi are you there?

Rach Says: Did you forget to turn off your computer…again?

Fi Says: Yes, and I was actually having a fantastic dream but thanks to you guys I woke up :(

Rach Says: You're welcome

Mel Says: It's your own fault for not turning your computer off

Fi Says: I hate you guys

After she said that she closed the conversation and opened the Storm Hawks episode she had been watching, unaware that her next move will change her life forever.

Fi pressed the play button at the same second Mel and Rach sent her a message. They all heard an ear piercing crack. Everything stared spinning around them. It got faster and faster. It felt like a vortex. Everything spined so fast that the colours blended into one; green. Then the vortex started slowing down in speed and stopped spinning.

She made our where she was. She was in the middle of the sky, just realizing who that Mel and Rach were beside her. They saw clouds that lay 200m below them. They were falling towards them. They all screamed at the top of their lungs, Fi being the loudest as she always is.


Fi face planted into something hard.

Rach's Perspective: Rachel was working as usual Saturday. She was serving her customers. It was 11:58 am, and she logged onto msn by her computer. Oh look, it's Mel and Fi, she thought. She started to talk to them. It was 11:59:30 am. All of a sudden the screen went black. Shit! She thought, great another black out. Suddenly it went green with what looked like stars. Umm! She started to call her boss on the phone. Ring Ri-. Suddenly the green background appeared around her and swamped her into greenness. She looked down and screamed. 'AHH! SHIT I'M GOING TO DIE. I NEVER GOT TO SAY GOODBYE TO ANYONE!!!' She shouted, because no one heard her. Suddenly, she noticed that her two best friends had magically appeared either side of her, and on top of that, they were plummeting to their (most likely) unpleasant deaths.

She felt like she had been turned into human road kill.

Mel's Perspective: Mel was sitting at home, preparing to leave for an anime convention. She was all dressed up in her awesome Akatsuki outfit ((A/N Yes I do really own one! I cosplay as Deidara :3)) and was waiting for her mother to finish getting ready so they could get up and go! While she was waiting, she decided to go on msn, seeing as she had nothing else to do.

'Hmm….Fi and Rach are on.' She thought, her © Children-scaring grin spreading over her face 'BOTHERING TIME!!! Ku ku ku ku…' The rabid Deidara fangirl chatted to the other two for a while, before opening up Naruto and reading the parts where Dei-Dei was totally pwning Gaara.

'Hmm…I wonder if the others have discovered the joy of Naruto…' she thought, before opening up the conversation to send the link.

Several things happened at once.

1. There was an eardrum-busting crack

2. It seemed like she had been thrown into a blender filled with mint and avocado (that also smelled of tuna for some unexplainable reason)


Then, everything stopped spinning; she was no longer in a blender.

And best of all, her cloak was back to normal.

'Ahh…this isn't so...' she noticed that she and her two other friends were now plummeting towards what looked like overinflated marshmallows.

"OOHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!" She shrieked like a retarded lemur on crack as they fell through the sky.


He face was slammed into something VERY hard.

"Ahh craaaaaap. My head…" Mel moaned, sitting up in a dramatic fashion.

Everyone's POV: 'SON OF A…!' yelled Fi. The three of them stood up looking at each other.

'What's going on?' asked Rach.

'I have no clue!' replied Mel. Fi put her hand over her face, still waking up and fearing that she had broken her face.

'Are you okay?' asked a male voice.

'Apart from breaking my face and have the biggest headache anyone could possibly imagine, yes I'm…' she stopped as she took her hands away from her face and saw the Mel and Rach stood there staring in the direction of the boy. Fi turned to look at him. It was Aerrow and the Storm Hawks behind him. They were standing on the Condor. Fi felt her jaw drop.

'Are you okay?' asked Aerrow with a slightly worried look on his face.

'Quick, someone pinch me,' requested Mel. Fi slapped her across her face.

'I said pinch!' yelled Mel.

'Not the point, did you feel it?' asked Fi. Mel slapped her back.

'Did you feel it?' Fi gave Mel a threatening look. Mel looked away. Fi ran at her and tackled her to the ground. Fi rolled to the side and stood up and looked at Mel, Mel had an annoyed but stunned look on her face. Fi walked back towards Rach, unaware that Mel was running at her. Mel tackled Fi to the ground and they started wrestling on the ground.

Rach looked at the Storm Hawks. They looked quite stunned from the girls wrestling on the ground.

'Don't worry their best friends, they do this all the time,' Rach reassured them. But that just make them look even more stunned.

'Urgh…,' Rach moaned as she walked to the fighting girls.

'Stop it!' as she hit Fi over the head, and pulled the two to their feet. The 3 of them walked back to the silent Storm Hawks.

'Hi, I'm Mel. This is Rach and Fi,'said Mel as she was pointing at the two.

'Hi,' they both said, the Storm Hawks simply waved. Then they looked at then in confusion. Fi realized she was wearing her sponge bob square pants Pyjamas. Mel was wearing her Akatsuki cloak and Rach was wearing her Coles uniform. Rach blushed, Mel looked smug in her awesome (and very warm) cloak, and Fi freaked.

'Oh my God. What am I going to wear? I can't wear my P.J's around.' Fi said while hyperventilating.

'I love this. We've gone into a Cartoon and all you care is what you're going to wear. Not the fact that we can't get home or anything.'

'It's important to take pride in your appearance!'

'Guys chill, we need to work this out and we can't do that when you're trying to kill each other.'

'Yeah take it somewhere else where,' said Aerrow.

'Nah dude, I wanna see the rumble,' Finn said while grinning. Piper rolled her eyes.

'Hey what's that in your pocket?' Junko asked Fi. Fi looked in side her P.J pocket on her shorts. She pulled out her iPod and Phone.

'yyyyeEEESSSSSS!' said Fi as she jumped with joy.

'What is it?' asked Piper.

'My iPod and my phone,' Fi replied, 'they're like the most important thing to me other than clothes'. Fi had the biggest smile on her face.

'What's an iPod? What's a phone?' Finn asked.
Fi's smile dropped.
Mel face palmed.
Rach looked at the clouds.