Author's Note: Part two of the "teasing and touching" prompt. Here's something a little sweeter – a little more "touching." (Inspired by the film, "Something New".)

Love and Tenderness

Maybe it was the way the gentle rays of sunlight peeking through the curtains gave her skin an angelic glow. Maybe it was the adorable little snoring sound she'd make every now and then. Maybe it was the intoxicating scent of her, not her shampoo or her lotion – just her.

Maybe it was all of that and the one thing Owen knew for certain was that he was happy. Purely, blissfully, insanely happy.

And it was all because of her.

It was because he had woken up yet another morning with the woman he loved safely cocooned in his arms. And that was one feeling that would never get old.

Cristina's face was buried within inches of his shirt – her breath tickling his chest through the cotton. Her hair was strewn all over her pillow and his, and Owen inhaled deeply to savor the scent. An ironically flowery aroma for a non-flowery woman. He loved it.

Cristina shivered slightly, moving closer so that she was more secure in his embrace then sandwiched her leg between his to borrow some of his heat. He could feel her freezing toes wiggling against the back of his calf. Owen smiled as he idly rubbed her back; he liked that she needed him – even if it was just to keep from freezing. He knew that she would attribute this fact to his "savior complex"; but he preferred to see it as simply wanting what was best for her.

Owen lifted his head to glance at the clock – there was still some time before their shift started. Owen had always been an early riser – even before the military. He liked to jog while the morning dew still hung from blades of grass and the fog still hovered low in the atmosphere – but he'd choose holding Cristina in his arms over a morning run any day.

Owen gave a slight jolt as he felt two ice-cold hands sneak their way under his shirt and onto his skin. He let a low chuckle of surprise that caused Cristina to stir and mutter something incomprehensible. Owen debated between whether or not he should respond or let her fall back asleep. Figuring that Cristina would want to take a shower before going to work, he decided to slowly ease her awake.

Owen removed his hand from around her waist and tenderly traced the bridge of her nose with his fingertip. His index finger then whispered across her soft lips, outlining them. Her lips parted as she sighed. He followed the subtle shape of her jaw, gently brushing away her hair so that her neck was bared. With the backs of his fingers, he grazed the porcelain skin – he could see the slight flutter of her pulse as Cristina tilted her head more to give him better access.

He laughed quietly as he abided by her unspoken wishes. Shifting closer, he left a trail a light kisses down the same path that his fingers had taken. Cristina's hand automatically went to the side of his head, encouraging him by running her fingers through his already tousled hair.

"Mmm…" Cristina responded contently. When Owen reached the strap of her camisole, he paused, causing Cristina to immediately moan in frustration. "Don't stop," she mumbled with her eyes still closed – though it was more from pleasure than from grogginess.

When Owen didn't move fast enough for her liking, Cristina rolled onto her back and pulled Owen on top of her. "More," she whispered, imploring him to continue his administrations on her body.

Smiling, Owen braced his weight by placing his hands on either side of her so as not to crush her. His legs were still tangled with hers, and his knee was between her thighs. The covers fell to his waist as he hovered over her.

Continuing where he had left off, Owen began another trail of kisses: starting from the side of her neck, along the curve of her shoulder, back towards the center via her collar bone, and down her chest until he reached the fabric of her top. Gathering the thin material at the waist, Owen tugged upwards; and with a little help from Cristina, he removed the only piece of clothing separating him from her breasts.

Cristina stretched her arms above her head to present them to him, wordlessly begging him to take her aching nipples into his mouth. But Owen had other ideas.

He kissed his way between her breasts, all the way down to the elastic waistline of her sweatpants. Cristina immediately lifted her hips off the bed, and Owen quickly pulled down her pants and panties before getting back to the task at hand. Kneeling upright, he lifted one of her legs and cupped her foot in his hand. Pressing his lips to the inside of her ankle, he traveled up her leg along her inner calf and thigh – first one, then the other.

By now, Cristina was wide awake. "Please, Owen," Cristina breathed.

Not one to say no when asked so nicely, Owen resumed his previous position and focused his attention back on her breasts. He circled one nipple with his tongue as he pinched the other between his thumb and index finger. As Cristina arched against him in response, she could feel his erection straining against his boxer briefs. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed against him, knowing that he could feel the heat of her through the fabric. Owen groaned, causing warm air to blow across her nipple.

Attuned to her growing sense of urgency, Owen licked and nibbled his way down just short of her throbbing core. After placing her slender legs over his broad shoulder, Owen lowered his head and just took a moment to breathe in the musky scent of her sex.

Cristina quivered in anticipation as she waited.

And waited…

Would he lavish her with his tongue? Would he tease her with his fingers?

She waited to find out – her breath caught in her throat as every nerve end tingled in desire.

He did both.

Owen flicked her sensitive little nub with his highly skilled tongue while he carefully inserted two fingers into her slick entrance, stretching her in a way that nearly sent her over the edge.

Cristina moaned in ecstasy, writhing against him. She tightly clutched the sheets in her hands as though to stay somewhat grounded in this plane of existence.

A familiar pressure started building deep inside of her as Cristina moved her hips against his hand. Every thought flew from her mind – only to be replaced by pure sensation.

His fingers. His tongue. They robbed her of words. She could vaguely hear the sound of his heavy breathing as she made inarticulate noises of pleasure and encouragement.

Owen refused to let up. Licking and thrusting at a moderate but persistent pace, he was determined to drive her closer and closer off the brink of sanity. His free hand brushed past her taut stomach and squeezed her breast.

That was it. She was a goner. With a final buck against him, Cristina came and came and came. And Owen rode out the waves with her, keeping his fingers inside of her and feeling the walls clench around him.

When Cristina finally came back down to earth, she could see Owen watching her with a satisfied grin. His eyes were drinking in the sight of her, and she could feel his gaze upon her skin – it was almost as if he was mentally caressing her.

He looked at her as though he still couldn't quite believe that fate had been so kind to him in bringing them together. That there was no way that the love and happiness he felt for her could be anything other than a dream.

Cristina blushed – not from self-consciousness but from a reciprocated sense of wonder and gratitude.

And then she answered his unspoken declaration.

"I love you, too."