/_Title: Reversed World._/

*Summary:* Amu is a girl with mysterious powers, working for Easter.
Ikuto works for another company and one day he gets a new mission. To capture Amu. He never failed a single mission. Will it be the first to fail when he realizes he's falling in love with her?

*Rating: *T.

*Genres: *Romance & General

*Characters: *Amu & Ikuto & Others...

*Note: *I do not own Shugo Chara! In any way.


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*Chapter 2. *


It was again one of those dark, silent nights in town. There was not a single light on and the town looked abandoned once again. It had been like that for a couple of years now. It all started when a mysterious person appeared in town, always coming out at night. That's why they called the person 'The Demon of the Night'. No one ever survived, after discovering what the 'Demon' looked like. 'The Demon of the Night' always wore a disguise. All the villagers figured it was, because the demon was one of them; hiding it's true identity... it didn't take long before the villagers began to accuse each other and started having fights. They all tried to find out who the demon was and some really did find out. Only they were always found dead somewhere in the gutter; deep cuts covering their bodies. Like today, a man was found in a dark alleyway, lying on the ground; dead. Cuts that looked like the work of a big cat covered his body and glass shards were shattered across the ground. They assumed the man had found out about the real identity of 'The Demon of the Night'. And now everyone said the demon looked like a cat....

Most people left the town when it started to get like this. The demon appeared and shortly after that, Easter took over town. Soon, everyone was too afraid to leave their houses at night, because that's the time the demon comes out. They all turned off their lights and hid somewhere in their houses; some barraging their windows and doors.

There was one company, the rival of Easter, that tried to bring Easter down for good. Their secret weapon? The one they all called the 'Black Cat'....


There was a strong wind, blowing every small thing in its path away. Two shadows moved rapidly across the 'abandoned' town.

Jumping from roof to roof, she felt her heart hammering in her chest.
She breathed fast and heavily as she kept running and jumping. Tonight would be different... because right now, she was her would-be-self.
The person that was strong, fast and confident. The person that could throw her emotions aside at every moment necessary...

'Are you alright?' She heard a voice in her head say.

"I'm fine," she said, panting, to the voice inside her head.

Suddenly, rain fell down upon them. The rain soon poured through her clothes, making her shiver. But she couldn't stop now. He wasn't going to catch her!

She heard his fast footsteps coming closer. She jumped from a roof to another roof and then once again. Only the second time it went wrong...

She slipped on the roof that was wet from the rain as she jumped, causing her to lose balance during the jump.

'Damn, I have to make it!' she yelled inside her head, seeing the other roof a meter in front of her.

'Just a little bit further...'

'I'm not gonna' make it!'

Just after shutting her eyes tightly, two strong arms were wrapped around her and she felt herself moving fast through the air; her hair blowing wildly in the strong wind that whistled loudly in her ears. One second, the strong wind was surrounding her in the air, the other moment she hit the stones; sliding with her whole body across the whole roof,
before coming to a stop.

She slowly opened her eyes, a frown on her face, because of the bruises covering her pained body. She gasped at what she saw....

It was him... The guy who saved her last night... Only now.. With cat ears and a tail?

He looked at her with a smirk across his face.

"I got you now..." His husky voice whispered.

His midnight blue eyes pierced into hers...

When she snapped out of the trance she was in, she quickly shoved him off her and stood up; looking around her to find a way to escape. But it was a dead end...

"There's no way out. Give it up. It's over now..." He said with his casual deep voice. She turned around to face him again and saw he was standing back on his feet; his dark blue hair shuffling in the wind and the cat ears on his head standing straight up. His tail was curling and moving as he took a step forward, a big claw appeared and was surrounding his hand as he slowly made his way over to her. He froze, though, when he saw she was smirking.

"What's so funny?" He growled.

"You are... since you think you can defeat me..." She said teasingly, a confident smile on her face.

She watched him taking a step forward, a glimpse of nervousness in her eyes. Lucky for her, the black cap she was wearing was pulled over across her face; only showing her chin and mouth.

"Hmm..." He murmured, lowering his head to inspect her closely.

"What are you doing?!" She said quickly. A little too quickly. She promised herself to keep calm, but that seemed to be a promise that she couldn't keep.

Then he suddenly threw his head back and laughed.

She twitched, trying to calm down. Again, she failed...

"Stop laughing you jerk! I'm not nervous!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

He immediately stopped, wincing slightly in pain, his hands covering his ears to keep him from becoming deaf.

She couldn't help but grin when she saw that. 'Sensitive ears, huh?'

He gave her a low growl. "What are you trying to do? Make me deaf?!"

She giggled. "Not really, but if you do become deaf then that would be some sort of a bonus to me."

He narrowed his eyes, glaring at her.

"Whatever... Anyway, I never said I laughed because you are nervous. So I guess that means you are nervous, huh? Aw, how cute.."

She growled. "Oh yeah? Why were you laughing then?!"

"Simple. It's because you're a girl," he said with a smirk.

Her eyes widened a little. Damn... another one that found out... she let out a sigh.

"When I caught you just a minute ago, I already had the idea that you were a girl. I mean, no guy is that light and-"

He suddenly stopped talking; his eyes went big and his jaw opened a little. She'd suddenly removed her cape, tossing it aside, the cape blowing away in the air, because of the strong wind.

He gazed at the girl standing before him. She wore black, high heels boots with black stockings underneath them; reaching to two inches above her knees. A very short, and in his opinion a very sexy black skirt.
A tight, black tank top that showed off her perfectly toned curves. And what he thought was the most attractive part of her were the cute, black cat ears on her head and the black tail coming from behind her.
He'd never known someone beside himself could do a character transformation like that.

She smiled to herself. 'Good. He doesn't recognize me from before. Not that it matters... he has to die anyway....' She thought.

"Before you die... I want to ask you... why are you here?" She asked, no demanded from him.

"I'm going to die? You're hilarious... "

"Just answer my damn question!" she yelled angrily.

"I'm here to capture you," he sneered.

"Capture me? And then you call me hilarious..." She laughed.

He scowled at her. That girl was really annoying.

"And why do you want to 'capture' me?" She said, ignoring the look he gave her.

"It's none of your business," he spat at her. Actually, he didn't know himself. But come on... like he would tell her that.

"You don't know, do you?"

Damn, could she read his mind or what? He gave her another glare, before taking a step forward again; thinking of the day he got his mission.

/* Flashback */

He opened the door and walked inside, closing it behind him again. It was very light in the room; the curtains were wide open, letting the bright sunlight enter. He looked at the man sitting in the chair behind his desk.

"You wanted to see me?" He said.

The man in the chair smiled at him.

"Indeed. I'm glad you came. Only I was expecting you yesterday. Anyway, I have a new mission for you... Tsukiyomi Ikuto..."

"What is it?" Ikuto said with a bored tone, ignoring his comment. He couldn't make it yesterday, because he had to save that girl. But he wasn't planning on telling him that.

The man simply ignored his rudeness. "There's someone I need you to capture and then bring the person here."

"Can't you ask someone else? That sounds like a job everyone here could do..."

The man smiled once again. "It's no ordinary person, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. I need you for it. You're the only one who could, I know you've never failed a single mission."

Ikuto smirked. "And I won't fail this one either," he said with a confident tone.

The man gave him a nod, handing Ikuto a piece of paper. Ikuto took it without looking at it and walked out the room.

When he was outside he finally looked at the piece of paper in his hands; there was a photograph attached to it.

It wasn't a very clear photograph, but it looked like the one he had to capture was a guy with a disguise on - a black cape with a cap - covering the person's face...

Then he read the note. His eyes immediately went to the last sentence written on the note.

'Don't fail me Tsukiyomi Ikuto... if you succeed we can finally bring Easter down..."

He walked home as he wondered how the person on the photograph was related to bringing down Easter...

/* End of flashback */

He snapped out of his thoughts when she suddenly asked him a question.

"How did you know where I was?"

He didn't answer her question. He just gazed at her.

A small smile played on her lips. It was actually kind of ironic. The guy who had saved her yesterday; the same guy standing before her now, but then with cat ears and a tail like herself. The guy who said it was too dangerous for her at night, because there were a lot of dangerous people working for Easter at that time. He had no idea... that she worked for Easter herself... only she hadn't brought her guardian chara... and without her... she was nothing. Nothing at all...

He ignored the smile on her face and took a step in her direction.

"I have no time for this. They're waiting for me to bring you to them," he said.

"I see... I think I know who you mean by them..."

"How?" He questioned her, confusion in his voice.

"Isn't it obvious? Easter only has one rival--" She immediately stopped talking when she realized what she had just said. Damn... she had just told him she worked for Easter!

His eyes widened a little in surprise. Then he smirked.

"I see... I should have known... "

She smiled. "It doesn't matter that you know. You'll be dead within one hour anyway..."

He smirked evilly. "Do you really need so much time to kill me?"

"We'll see..." She said, taking a fighting stance. "You know... the company you're working for isn't any better then Easter is..."

He frowned. "Yeah right... don't say such nonsense, kid.."

"I'm not a kid!" she immediately yelled at him.

For a second he thought she seemed more familiar then he already thought she was... did he know her or something? But he just shrugged it off and also took a fighting stance.

"Sure thing... beautiful..." His seductive voice gave her chills...

"Don't call me that!" Urgh... come on... don't let him get to you...

Then she charged forward. She dashed at him and swung her leg in his direction; trying to kick him to the side. His hand became a big cat claw and easily blocked her attack. She frowned and did a back flip to get away from him.

She lowered her fighting stance as she looked at him. For a moment she felt a bit sad. She'd rather have his arms embracing her again, instead of them fighting. Wait. What was she thinking? She was just a murderer.
Emotions were nothing for her...

Her eyes widened when he suddenly vanished. 'Damn, where did he go?'

"Are you looking for me?" A low, husky voice suddenly whispered in her ear. She couldn't help but blush a little.

She let out a shriek when two strong arms were wrapped around her and she was pulled against his chest. She then closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of his body. And let out a very soft 'hmm...'

Wait. What?! Snap out of it!

Her eyes snapped open again when she heard a chuckle behind her. She bit her bottom lip, feeling really embarrassed. Did he hear that?!

"Hm... do you like being in my arms beautiful?" She just knew he was smirking...

"N-no! You p-pervert! And my name isn't beautiful!" She felt like hitting herself for stuttering. What was she doing?! She normally never acted like that!

He laughed, but was mentally cursing. He didn't understand why the heck he was acting like this. He was supposed to capture her; like bringing her to the company he worked for! Not like this! He breathed in and out, trying to maintain his composure.

"Well, what's your name then?"

"It's A--" Her eyes widened. She almost told him her name! If she did that he would have found out she was the girl from yesterday!

"I have no name," she said coldly, sorrow in her eyes. When she was like this, she was strong, but again so alone...

Her mind started to drift off to the past...

/( Amu's POV )/

/* Flashback */

My eyes were filled with fear as the man came closer. He had an evil smirk and a scary face. He suddenly grabbed my mother's hair and tugged it roughly, causing her to scream from fear and pain.

My eyes widened when my mother looked at me with those eyes filled with fear. I looked at the ground, clenching my fists. I wanted to help... I really did... but what could I do? I was weak...

'I wish I was stronger! I want to help mom! I want to be able to protect the people I care about! This hurts so much... I want to help!'

My head jerked up when I heard my father shouting at the man. He ran to him and shouted to let go of his wife. Then, the sound of a gunshot filled the dark alley, followed by a loud scream out of my mothers mouth. I looked, unbelieving, at the scenery. My father's eyes went big.
His eyes slowly went to his chest; seeing blood pour through his shirt.
He fell to his knees before hitting the ground entirely. My mother didn't stop screaming and crying.

'No... this isn't happening... why couldn't I save you, daddy?!'

The man was holding his gun in his hand. He had a blank expression on his face. Suddenly he turned his head in my direction. I took a step back; the fear never left my face.

The man smirked an evil smirk as he walked to me; lifting up the arm that was holding the gun and pointing it at me.

He pulled the trigger, causing me to flinch. I felt my body freeze from fear. I couldn't move an inch.

Everything that happened next seemed to take only one second. Before I could do anything, my mother was before me and another gunshot was heard.
It wasn't until my mother tur
ned her head and smiled at me - her eyes filled with pain - that I came back to my senses. My mother hit the ground; blood stains appearing everywhere on her clothes. Her eyes were closed and she didn't move. I ran to her and kneeled down next to her, clamping my hands to her shirt and shaking her body; trying to wake her up. But she wasn't going to wake up. Because she wasn't asleep. She was... she was...

"Mom! Don't leave me too! Please don't go!"

/* End Flashback */

I remembered every single second of it. My father was killed while trying to help my mother and my mother was killed while protecting me...

After my mother was killed I sat down beside her; crying. The man who had wanted to kill me ran away when the sound of police sirens where heard, coming closer.

And I did nothing... I just let him go... the person who just murdered both of my parents...

After that a strange egg suddenly appeared between my knees. And it hatched right away... my guardian chara was born from my desire to be stronger. So I could protect the people around me... but mostly... to avenge my parents' death...

I ran away with the guardian chara before the ambulances and police arrived. I didn't want to go to a foster family or something like that....

But I had no place to go... I didn't have any other relatives left...

That was when a man came to me. He said that he worked for a company named Easter and he could see my guardian chara; which I discovered not everyone could.

He asked me if I had a place to go and what my purpose in life was. I answered him that I didn't and that my purpose was to avenge my parents' death. Why I told him? I honestly don't know...

He offered me a place to stay and his help so I could kill my parents' murderer. In return, I had to work for Easter for the rest of my life...

I agreed....

/( End Amu's POV )/


She looked up, straight into the eyes of Tsukiyomi.

"Ehh... huh?"

"You seemed to be deep in thought," he chuckled.

"Then why did you interrupt?!" she yelled at him.

She hated that guy so much... at least, she thought she did.

He shrugged. "So you prefer that I'd just capture you while you're busy thinking?"

"No! But why would you care?!" she spat at him.

"I don't," he said stubbornly.

She smirked. "Sure you don't..."

Then she sighed. "You know.. You still haven't told me how you've found me.."

He smiled slyly at her. "The company I work for knows everything about you... I know all about your 'big day'... that's why I knew where you'd turn up..."

Suddenly she felt anger boil up inside her.

"Shut up! You or the damn company you work for know nothing about me!"

And with that she charged at him at full speed.... her eyes filled with hatred....


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