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Everything seemed to flash before my eye's as I watched the scene before me play out in slow motion.

Konoha falling.

Sound invading.

People dying.


It was a bloodied battlefield, corpse's all over the place. Pain. Suffering. Love.

That was an emotion I never though I would see again; but here it was to haunt me.

"Sakura!" An urgent voice broke me from my reverie. Tsunade. "Sakura! Go! Do it now!!" She ordered me, pushing me through the chared tree's.

I still remember that day. The day I agreed to the impossible.



I knew something was serious if he was calling me Sakura.

"Yes Naruto?" I asked, worry filling my face as he solemly turned to face me.

He placed something cold and hard in my hand, and I looked down at it with wide eye's, not understanding.

"If the Kyuubi ever gets out of hand..."I shook my head, tears welling in my eye's for the first time in years.

"No...No, no." I whispered, closing my eye's and shaking my eye's. He squeezed my hands.

"Please Sakura. If something bad happens, and I can't stop..." His voice broke. "If I can't control it....calm it enough...to lace this kunai with chakra." He brought our linked hands to his heart.

"Kill me"


I never thought those whispered words would be my demise, that simple promise, is coming back to haunt me.

I watched as Naruto ran forward, such a long distance, to his target 100 ft. away. I ran forward, slowly looking at all the shocked faces of my friends, to the other side; all the shocked faces of my enemy's.

I could see Chouji holding a struggling, sobbing, screaming Ino back from running to me. I saw Neji holding a crying TenTen, Shikamaru turning his head away.

I could see the strong, understanding face of a crying, pregnant Hinata. Forgive me.

I thought of the face of my dead sensei, and prayed he would, also, forgive me.

The world seemed to stop, moving to the beat of my aching heart.

This had happened before. Before Sasuke left.

Naruto on my left.

Sasuke on my right.

Me in the middle; running to save them both from themselve's.

It was different this time. I would run in between them, I would stab Naruto, he would die, along with the Kyuubi, I would die from the blast that is sure to come. Sasuke would die.

Naruto wouldn't want to kill Sasuke, if he was in his right mind. He would want it. That is the only reason why I am here, that only reason why I am killing Naruto, dying myself, to have a chance to save Sasuke. This is the only reason, because this is what Naruto would want me to do.

Or is it?

"Naruto! No!" I screamed in hope of making him stop, but it didnt work, he just went faster.

Sasuke seemed to be running forward, sword ready. It must have been a sight.

The original Team 7 children, orphans, all running to meet the same fate.

Haruno Sakura; running with an engraved kunai.

Uchiha Sasuke; running with his special katana.

Uzumaki Naruto: running with nothing but sheer will and power.

Me and Naruto met up before Sasuke did. Everything went to normal speed when Naruto-the Kyuubi-caught me by the throat, holding me high in the air.

"I am tired of you interfering, girl" Naruto's voice, but totally different. His face rabid, his eye's slitted and blood red.

I didnt struggle, I only touched his arm gently. "Please...Naruto...talk to me" I said, letting the tears drop onto the Kyuubi's arm. He stopped snarling, and his eye's flashed blue, before he tightened his grip and snarled.

"You are foolish, you and your naïve love. It makes me sick" He spat out, crushing my throat slowly and painfully, but never once did I struggle.

"I...am sorry...Naruto..." I chocked out, putting my chakra into the blue and red gem on the kunai. The kunai Naruto put his own chakra into, his own life force, his own love.

"Forgive me...." I said in nothing but a whisper, but I knew everyone could hear. "I...failed" With that I drove the kunai into Naruto's chest, while he cried out in pain.

Red chakra exploded, almost blinding everyone. I could feel my own scream tear through my throat as the deadly life force burned my skin.

I looked down, feeling the pressure leave my neck, but saw the chakra still creating a force around us, and saw a regret, sorrow-filled Naruto. Everything was brighter, but I could see his brillant blue eye's, and beautiful blond hair.

He drew me close in an embrace, and I hugged him back.

"I'm so sorry...Sakura-chan" I gripped him harder, both of us drifting off, as we fell to our knee's.

The red chakra died away, but me and Naruto still held onto each other as we died. I felt the cold rain pelt my skin, as me and Naruto fell to our sides, holding each others hand as we stared at the gray sky.

"I'm...sorry.." Naruto ground out.

"I know..." I said with equal difficulty.

"I..I love you" He said once again, the grip on my hand loosening, but only to grip back harder.

"I..know" I said in a whisper.

"Your...Your not..weak..." He said, and I could hear the blood come out of his mouth.

"I know....I...I feel...the same..." And we both reveled in the silence after the war, both with smile's on our faces.


The earth was silent.