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Sakura stared at the door Sasuke had just left. She couldnt believe it. He left her; with their child!


"Mikoto." He said, before turning around and walking away.

"Wait, what?" Said a slightly confused Sakura.

Sasuke turned his head just enough to see Sakura out of the corner of his eye, but his bangs blocked his eye's from view.

"Her name is Mikoto."

Then he left.


Sakura fumed as she stared at the door her so-called 'husband' just left. She sighed and looked at the beautiful child in her arms; and smiled softly, Her baby was now sleeping silently, ever-so silently, and she couldnt believe her child could look so much like an angel. 'I guess...Mikoto isn't a bad name for such a beautiful child' Sakura thought.

'But it looks like that's the only influence Sasuke will have on her life'.

Thats when Sakura decided. Not matter what.

She would get Sasuke to fall for Mikoto.

Sasuke couldnt believe it. He couldnt fucking believe it. His child. His child; is an exact copy of his mother. Mikoto Uchiha. 'Except for those eye's.'

Sasuke knew he should have at least asked Sakura how she was doing; but he couldn't be near that child. It was too painful...it made him remember.

He sighed and ran a hand threw his hair. He got up and walked up stairs to his room. He knew he was going to have to make it up to Sakura, but right now he needed someone to clean his room so they could sleep.

He was surprised when he got to his room to find some maids cleaning the bed sheets. They all bowed to him. "Where is Sakura?" Sasuke said in a commanding voice.

"She is sleeping in little Uchiha-san's room tonight." The maid looked at the others before looking down. "She said she didn't want to sleep in here, and she wants all her stuff in there and a new bed tomorrow."

They all bowed and walked out of the room, closing the door and leaving Sasuke alone.


He guessed it wasn't really surprising. She wanted to be near her child and all. That...and she was probably really mad right now.

Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair, deciding he would take care of it tomorrow. As he crawled into bed, he wondered what would happen in the future.

Sasuke woke up to the sun, and felt around to find the source of his morning warmth like he always did. He felt around and felt nothing but cold sheets.

He opened his eye's and noticed that he was alone in the room. He sat up and sighed. He didn't sleep well last night. Those stupid nightmares.

He got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He leaned agaisnt the shower stall and let the hot water pour down his back. He closed his eye's and enjoyed the sensation.


His eye's flew open as he felt the tingling heat run through his body. He was not just imagining Sakura in the shower with him. Not at all.

He shut the shower off and got a towel, drying his body off. He got dressed then walked to his office.

"Uchiha-sama, would you like some breakfast?" One of the maids asked. "A tomato and onigiri."

The maid bowed and left, Sasuke walked into his office and sat down. He went through paperwork as he ate his rice ball; hoping to get everything done so he can spar with his team.

He got almost everything done when his team walked into his office talking-not argueing for once.

"Oh, Sasuke." Suigetsu said, showing surprise like everyone else. Suigetsu looked at Karin and Juugo before looking back at Sasuke. "We didn't know you would be in here today."

Sasuke rose a fine black eyebrow. "You didn't know I would be in my own office?" He said slowly. "Well-" Suigetsu began, before Karin cut him off.

"We figured you would be with Sakura and the baby." Karin looked slightly disgusted, but didn't say anything else. Sasuke froze at the word baby, but then looked down and finished up the stuff he had to do.

"So Sasuke, whats it like being a father to a wonderful Uchiha boy?" Suigetsu said, leaning on his desk.

"It isnt a boy." Sasuke said simply.

"Eh?" Suigestu said, and Karin and Juugo looked at him in shock.

"It isn't male. Its a girl." Sasuke couldn't get the image of the beautiful replica of his mother, in Sakura's arms, out of his head.

"A girl?" Suigetsu said in surprise. "I thought most Uchiha's had males?" He said, sitting down in the chair. Kairn huffed and crossed her arms.

"Its probably the mom" She said in disgust. Sasuke couldn't help but feel his blood boil. "There is nothing wrong with Sakura." He hissed. Karin looked frightened, while Suigetsu stood in front of her with his arms up in surrender.

"Woah man, chill. There's no need to pull out the eyes on us."

Sasuke didn't know what he was talking about. Suddenly he realized that he had his Sharingun on. "Okay, well obviously you are having a bad day, so we are going to leave. Come on Karin."

Suigetsu grabbed Karin's arm and dragged her out of the place, ignoring her protests. Juugo just stared at him in his weird way. Almost like he was looking through him. 'Like Sakura.'

Sasuke mentally slapped himself. Why did he keep thinking about her?

"You love her."

Sasuke looked up at Juugo quickly. Sasuke was trying to figure out what universe the giant lived in. "I can tell you love her."

With that, he left the room.

Love her?

'Love Sakura?'

Sakura wasn't sure what she thought she was doing. But she thought maybe, just maybe, Sasuke could love Mikoto. Just because he couldnt love her doesn't mean he couldnt love Mikoto.

Sakura smiled at her daughter. She felt her heart swell at the sight of her little baby. She knew that the first person to hurt a hair on her head would be dead. Simple as that.

"She's the most beautiful baby in the world Miss Sakura." Aiko said her green eye's filling with awe. Aika nodded, not saying as much, being much quieter. "Yes...yes she is." Sakura smiled, then frowned. "If only her father would feel that way."

"Uchiha-sama is confused Mistriss. I am sure he will come back to loving you and his child soon enough." Aiko said, smiling.

Sakura hoped so.

Sasuke finally decided that he coudn't avoid Sakura anymore. He sat in his office when she came in. Carrying the child.

Sasuke looked up briefly, and wished he didn't look at the blank expression on Sakura's face. "Yes?" Sasuke asked, appearing annoyed.

"If you ever want another child Uchiha." She walked over and stood in front of him, holding out the baby. "You need to get use to this one."

Sasuke looked back down at the staring child, and felt his heart tighten. It was too much of his mother. He was about to push them away, when Sakura sat on his lap. She sat on him.

"Sakura what are you doing?" He glared, to which she glared back. "Why is it so damn hard for you to love a simple child Sasuke." She whispered, though she was still angry. "Your own child."

Sasuke sighed, and looked away. He couldn't....just couldn't. "Please Sasuke." Sakura whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine. He looked down at the child, who was staring up with her dark, almost black, green eye's. Actually...he couldnt really tell if they were black or green; all he knew was that she could penetrate someone's soul with her gaze.

The same gaze of Sakura...and his mother.

"Just try...for me." She lightly kissed the side of his lips, and he automatically moved over for more, but she pulled away. He sighed, knowing there was no way he could get out of this.

She got up, and placed Mikoto gently in his arms, and stood close by, while he held the child awkwardly. She didn't cry like he knew most babies did, she didn't try to slober all over him, like most babies did, she just stared at him, then looked at Sakura.

She made a little sound, and reached out for Sakura. Sasuke didn't know what to do, as she complained and reached out more, and almost started crying. Before Sasuke could even ask Sakura to take the baby, Mikoto was out of his arms, and being shushed in Sakura's welcoming warmth.

"I am going on a mission." Sasuke blurted out, then winced mentally at his lack of tact for telling her.

She stopped her hushing and looked at him, not showing any emotion. "Nani (what)?"

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I am going away on a mission."

After a few moments of silence, she coughed. "How long." He looked up and noticed she was just staring at their child, not even looking at him. "I dont know. A few days, maybe a month."

Sakura nodded, and patted his hand, before turning to walk out of the door, before stopping. "Please come back...I dont want my child to grow up without knowing her father at least exists." She said without looking back, and walked out of his office.

Sasuke decided he would do the mission sooner, then later.

Sakura was tired. Mikoto didn't often cry, but she did eat a lot during the night, and was defiantly a night owl like her father. 'Sasuke'

Sakura hadn't heard back from her 'husband' since he left alittle over a month ago. She was slightly anxious; for some reason she felt something bad was about to happen.

It was a cold nigt, and Sakura made sure to put extra blankets in Mikoto's crib. The baby was now almost 2 and a half months old, and already had little tuffs off black hair with a tint of forest green in it. Weird enough.

'Though you shouldnt be talking. You have pink hair!'

'Shut up!'

She hated her Inner's snide comments.

Sakura had been grabbing something in the kitchen when she heard a strange noise from outside, and a whole bunch of screaming. She ran out the door and saw that half the village was on fire.

Sakura felt panic, and immediately ran up to the baby's room, and saw Aiko and Aika there, watching over her precious child.

Sakura scooped Mikoto up in her arms and watched as people were murdered. Her people. Sakura felt rage over-come her. Innocent children were dying, and there was nothing she could do.

"Go Mistress." Aiko said, taking Mikoto. Sakura looked at her, then Mikoto. As if sensing her distress, she pulled out a few kunai's out of her skirts, and nodded to Sakura. "I will protect little miss with my life Mistress. You need to protect the village."

Sakura hesitated, then nodded. She grabbed the stuff she would need within 5 seconds, and was out there, fighting.

She felt rage over-come her, and she blindly fought and killed everyone coming near her. She didn't noticed the blood dripping off of her, she just knew that she had to protect Mikoto.

She finally stopped after she punched her fist through the last person she saw. She looked towards the sky and noticed the sun rising, giving the sky a blood looking glow. She looked around at all the dead bodies, and all the huts destroyed, and knew that it was fitting.


Sakura felt her heart pound in her chest as she heard a scream from the mansion. She knew, she just knew, that, that was Aiko.


Sakura felt it all happen in slow motion, she ran through the house, up the stairs, and busted into the room. Right when she opened the door, and man in a ninja outfit ran a sword through a hunched over Aiko. She noticed Aika under her, holding something to her chest.

Without thinking, Sakura ran a sword across one man's throat, before stabbing the other through the heart. She pushed them away and grabbed Aiko. She was bleed from the abdomen, and had blood coming out of her mouth.

Sakura knew that the weapons they used where chakra enhanced, and nearly impossible to heal. She felt panic grip her as she looked at her one dear friend since she got here. The green eyed girl smiled at her, her green eye's still shinning.

"Take..c-care of...*cough* my s-sister." She managed to get out.

Aika came over and cried over her sister. Aiko grabbed her hand. "Y-You need to...take care of...M-Mistress, and Princess" Aika did nothing but shake her head 'no', not believing her beloved sister would die.

Her sisters eye's became almost furious. "D-Do it Aika...for me..." Aika sobbed and nodded. Aiko smiled and touched Mikoto's face, while the baby silently cried; as if knowing what was going on.

Mikoto got out of Aika's arms, and scooted herself to Aiko. Aiko touched her. "I..l-love you....Princess..."

Just as the light had been there, Aiko's green eye's went dead, and she fell lifeless to the floor. Aika sobbed, and Sakura stared, stone faced.

Without another thought, she picked up the girl, and carried her down stairs. She carried her into the graveyard people used for their fallen ninjas, and she began digging a hole with a shovel by an oak tree.

Aika was there, holding Mikoto, cyring. People began gathering around, watching as the Otokages wife dug a grave for her servant.

Sakura didn't know how long she had been there, but she finally got it dug, washed up Aiko, put on Sakura's best, white kimono, and layed the women down in the grave. She stared for awhile, before putting the dirt back.

She found a cross, and put Aiko's name on it, and tied Aiko's favorite ribbon on it.

She bowed and felt the coldness of what had happened. She looked around and saw people burring loved ones, children, men, and women alike. She cursed the person who thought they could come into her village, and destroy her already fucked up life!

She felt despair coming over her, when a pair of warm arms embraced her. She didn't have to see the face to know who it was. She hadn't seen him in over a month, but she still remembered his smell, his feel, and simply him.

She felt the tears come, and she didn't stop them. She turned around and dug her face in his chest, sobbing for the people who died today. Sasuke held her tight.

He didn't whisper comforting things in her ear, he didn't attempt to stop her crying. But strangly...she found that just having him simply hold her was enough. She didn't care that everyone was watching them, she didn't care that she was supposed to hate him. She simply. Didn't. Care.

Sasuke took her to his-their-room and laid her down on the bed, pulling her shoes off, and taking his off, and laying down next to her, under the covers. He wrapped his arms around her, and let her cry herself to sleep.

He too, found comfort and solace in sleep.

Sakura fed her baby in a haze, not exaclty realizing what she was doing; just doing. Sasuke had been taking care of the village, and constantly giving her affection. She knew it was to apologize for not being there when she needed him.

Though she couldnt figure out why he cared. Or if he did at all.

Sasuke was feeling tired, frustrated, and overly worked. He knew as Otokage that this was his duty, but he couldn't help but feel anxious, knowing that Sakura was suffering in the other room.

She hadn't coped too well with all the death around her; especially her female servant. He knew she cared for Aiko, but he couldnt understand why she appeared so numb over it.

Aiko sister, Aika, worked extra hard taking care of Sakura and Mikoto, and Sasuke knew it was because of her older sisters love for the two of them. She was even coming out of her shell and becoming a leader.

Sasuke knew he had to get Sakura out of the mansion for alittle while. He knew of a town not far away that had a nice restaurant he could take her too.

He didn't bother saying he didnt care for her, cause he knew he did. He didn't love her, but he cared for her.

He made the arrangements, and now all he had to do was find someone, since Aika was going to go to Konoha to deliver something for Sakura, to watch Mikoto.

Sadly...he knew of only one choice.

"Hell no." Both Sakura and Karin said, glaring at eachother.

Sasuke sighed. At least he got a reaction from Sakura. "I will not have this bitch taking care of my child Sasuke." Sakura said determinedly.

Karin scoffed. "I wouldnt want to hold the ugly rat even if Sasuke begged me to." She said with a huff.

Sasuke glared at her. "I am not begging Karin. I'm ordering." Karin looked alittle paler then normal, but nodded. "Juugo and Suigestu will be here will be safer this way Sakura."

Sasuke hoped that saying she was safer would encourage Sakura to go. Sakura sighed, and looked at his team, before looking at Sasuke.

"As long as she's exaclty the way she was when I left." She mumbled, before walking out of the room to get Mikoto.

Sasuke hoped his plan would work.

"I can stay if you want Miss Sakura." Aika said softly.

Sakura shook her head no as she packed her stuff. "Sasuke's right, Mikoto will be much safer with his team."

Aika nodded and left the room. 'I still dont understand why we're leaving in the first place.' She thought, agitated.

Sasuke came in the room. "Are you done?" He asked, slighlty impatient. Sakura glared and nodded. She picked up her backpack and walked out of the door. Aika gave her Mikoto as she made her way to the living room.

She kissed Mikoto many times,and gave lots of directions to Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu.

"Now, call me the moment something goes wrong. Understand?" They all nodded,a nd Sakura gave one last kiss to Mikoto's head, before following Sasuke out.


The run up there was silent, as both of them focused on where they were going, and were deep in thought.

Sasuke once again hoped he could say the right thing, and that he didn't mess this completely up.

Sakura didn't know what Sasuke wanted out of this, or her, but she hoped it all ended well, so they could get back home to their daughter.

Sakura decided it was probably the nicest restaurant she had ever been too. Everything was dim lighted, and just glowed with romance.

A waitress took them to a secluded corner, as Sasuke stared at Sakura.

She looked beautiful in the green, halter dress. It came down to her knees, and ruffled out, making a 'v' in the front and back.

Sasuke was looking handsome in some nice traditional robes. They ate, drank, and even laughed alittle. The food was wonderful, and the wine even better .When they left, Sakura felt lighter then she had in a long time.

Sasuke brought her to a small lake, and they laid on the shore and looked at the stars.

"We use to do this when we were a team." Sakura said quietly, and Sasuke felt his body stiffen. "Me, you, and Naruto. All watching the stars." She laughed quietly. "That was when life couldnt get any better.

"Maybe for you." Sasuke said, and instantly regretted it. He felt a soft hand on his own, and turned to look at a worried Sakura. "When are you going to let your past go? When are you going to stop hiding from me?"

Sasuke stared at her shinning green eye's, before sighing and closing his. "I dont know."

It was only a moment before he felt Sakura's weight baring down on his own, and soft lips covering his in a chaste kiss.

Sakura pulled away and looked down at Sasuke; wishing once again she could take the pain away. Sasuke pulled her down and kissed her again, this time more passionate.

When he rolled over on top of her, Sakura pushed him away and closed her eye's. "I'm sorry Sasuke, but I can't."

She felt the cold air hit her, and at first she though Sasuke was mad, when he pulled her up and kissed her forehead. "I know."

They went back to a hotel, got change and slept the few hours till dawn, and went back home.

The run back was more peaceful, and it was more of a companionship filled silence, then an awkward one.

But once they got into the mansion, all hell broke loose.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" Sakura screamed, taking her crying baby from Karin. Karin glared at Sakura, and put her hands on her hips.

"What was I suppose to do? It was cyring ALL NIGHT!" Karin said, raising her voice.

"That doesnt mean you hang the 3 month old BABY upside DOWN!" Sakura yelled back.

"Oi, calm down. Sakura I am sure Karin didn't mean it. She isn't the most talented with kids." Sasuke said with a glare to Karin. At this moment a sleepy Suigetsu and Juugo walked downstairs.

Sakura gaped at Sasuke, then glared. "Your taking her side!" Sakura said, pointing at a smirking Karin. "She could have killed YOUR daughter and your taking her side?" Sakura was beyond outraged. She was ready to murder.

"Sakura, I-"

"No, dont worry Sasuke. I get it." Sakura said calmly. "I just want to let you know that until you love the beautiful, amazing child you have; you might as well find a new wife. Cause I'm not having anymore kids."

With that she walked off with a now calmed Mikoto.

Sasuke didn't know what to say. He felt his heart way him down; the same heart he though he had killed.

Karin humphed and sat down on the couch. "I dont see why she's so upset. I didn't the best I could with the hideous beast."

Sasuke was so furious he didnt the only thing he could think of. He back-handed her.

Karin, Juugo, and Suigestu all gasped at the furious Sasuke. He glared down at Karin. "Don't you ever talk about Sakura, or Mikoto like that again."

He turned around and walked away, before looking back. "Your lucky I didn't kill you for making my wife so upset." With that said, he stormed up the stairs and to his room.

Suigestu patted Karin on the shoulder, and Juugo shook his head. Suigestu sighed and plopped down on the couch.

"The fool doesn't know he's in love." Suigestu said.

And Karin didn't say a word.

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