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Chapter 1

The Hero Leaves and The Father is Born

Standing a top a large mountain, over looking a ruined village a blond, seventeen year old stands, watches a busy parade for a raven haired teen walks down the road villagers cheering for his return.

"Stupid villagers," the blond mutters turning away from the sight before him, "I save the village from complete destruction several times and he gets the credit when several witness confirmed it was me," he mutters clenching his fist, "He betrays the village for power and in the process betrays Orochimaru, killing him." The blond starts to walk away as two toads with gray hairs appear.

"Naru-chan," the female toad says sadly as the blond looks at the women, the marks on his face taking the form of thick whiskers, "Everything is ready."

"Thanks Ma," the man says sadly.

"But are you sure about this Naruto," the male toad ask looking towards the celebrating village, "You might end up somewhere where you can't use chakra like you do here."

"I am awake of that Pa," Naruto responds as he walks up to the two toads his crimson Haori flapping lightly in the wind, "But after all that's happened I realize I have no real place here anymore."

"That's not true Naru-chan," Ma try's to argue, "You have you friends…"

"That blame me for the attack on Konoha," Naruto counters with his eyes showing betrayal and sadness, "and once teme entered the village Sakura was all over him again."

Ma looks away as Pa jumps up on the blonds shoulder, "I know it all hurts now Naruto, but…" the toad tries to tell him.

"I tried," Naruto says weakly as he slumps, "But they won't even look my way, and I heard the council is trying to have me executed for bring this all down on the village."

"But Naru-chan," Ma toad tries to come up with a reason for him to stop this madness.

"This is for the best Ma," Naruto interrupts her as he looks back at the village as a faint glow of yellow shines from his wrist a inward curved scar surrounding it, "This is the best for Baa-chan as well," this causes both toads to look at the blond confused, "I have caused her enough trouble as is and I don't want to cause her anymore."

"Seems we can't change your mind," Pa says his eyebrows lower in defeat jumps off to join Ma, "We'll finish preparations and be ready to go by tomorrow."

"Alright," Naruto says calmly as he turns and walks into the forest, "Summon me when you're ready."

Council Meeting Tent

"We must punish him for all these crimes," a pink haired council women shouts angrily, "He has been a plague on us sense he was born."

"Agreed," says another.

"How it is his fault that Pein attacked,"a busty blond woman shouts angrily her hazel eyes showing how pissed off she is, "Pein would have come for the Kyuubi sealed inside him no matter what he did."

"That's the point;" the pink haired women shout back, "Pein came for the soul purpose of the demon child."

"He is human you buzzard," a wild hair brunet women with red marks on her face and slitted eyes, "He has done more for this village then any other."

"Agreed," a man with long black hair and white eyes says calmly as he glares at the pink haired women, "He has saved more live then anyone and is seen as a hero in several countries."

"Ha," another woman shouts as she eyes the man, "I am willing to bet the demon took credit from the Uchiha's for all those times."

"And the witness statements prove other wise," a lazy man in several scars on his face replies calmly, "He is also a member responsible for saving the Kazekage Gaara."

"Those demons always stick together," the pink haired women shouts to counter the argument.

"And what of the testimony of the Priestess Shion," a man in a white coat wearing and sunglasses ask.

"She was put under some spell," another person shouts as the group looks to the person as several shout in agreement.

"She is a priestess fool," a blond man shouts angrily, "He spiritual powers make her completely immune to any type of demonic techniques, and even if the boy was a demon he could not manipulate her."

"This is all irrelevant," the pink haired women shouts as she smirks, "What is the reason Pein came here in the first place?"

"To get the demon," a voice shouts out as the busty blond glares at them.

"Who stopped Pein from killing everyone," the blond man shouts back as the raven haired man next to him answers.

"Naruto," was the reply.

"He saves the village and is the most loyal Nin we have," the wild looking women shouts, "He is also the most powerful nin we have as well."

"Which he should have been limited in his access to power in the first place," shout the pink haired women again, before a knocking is heard.

"Were in a meeting right now," the busty blond shouts at the door to see Naruto standing at the front of the tent, "What are you doing here Naruto?"

"I came to talk to you about something urgent, Baa-chan," Naruto answers as he gets glares from most of the council.

"Can it wait Naruto," the busty blond sighs out weakly.

"Unfortunately it can't Hokage-sama," Naruto tells her getting a stare from the women's hazel eyes and shocked looks from the shinobi in the room.

"Alright then," the busty hokage looks around the tent, "We will take an hour recess."

Several minutes later

"So what do you have that's so important Naruto," the busty blond ask as she taking out a bottle of sake.

"I met my father Tsunade baa-chan," Naruto tells the women causing her to spit out some sake that she has just taken a sip of her sake.

"How," Tsunade ask wide eyed as she looks at the blond.

"It was a fail safe for the seal if I went eight tails," Naruto tells her as he looks at the ground, "If I were to reach eight tails he would appear and told me everything about what happened."

"Everything about what happened," Tsunade says confused as she sits up in her chair, "What do you mean?"

"Pein wasn't the leader of the Akatsuki," Naruto tells her causing her eyes to widen further in disbelief.

"You can't be series Naruto," she shouts as Naruto looks her in the eye.

"The real leader was the man named Tobi," Naruto informs her eyes showing how series he is, "He somehow controlled the Kyuubi and had it attack Konoha all those years ago." Staring in shock Tsunade leans back in her chair, "That's not all baa-chan," he says looking away, "I also believe he has the Sharingan sense only the Sharingan and Mokuton can control a tailed beast."

"This means theirs another Sharingan user out their," Tsunade mutters leaning forward sighing as she reaches for her sake.

"I have away to take Konoha out of the cross hairs of this man," Naruto says getting a look from his mother figure as he sighs, "For me to leave Konoha till returned to full strength."

"You can't be series," The hokage shouts standing as he hand slams the table, "You'd be a sitting…."

"I'll be at Mount Myobokuzanu," Naruto informs her interrupting her, "I'll be safe their and able to train."

"But last time," Tsunade tries to argue.

"This is for the best Hokage-sama," Naruto tells her his eyes showing no hint of amusement at all, "Your slugs should be able contact the toads when need be."

"Their not going to leave a toad here," Tsunade ask curiously as Naruto turns away to leave.

"The last toad left here was killed before he could get me," Naruto tells her as he walks out, "You have a traitor among your advisors."

"Naruto," the blond hokage mutters frowning as he leaves.

Streets of Konoha

'Something's off,' Naruto thinks as he eyes all the people rebuilding the village, 'it's faint but it feels like something is calling to me.' Suddenly a pain shoots through his right wrist.

Tokyo, Japan

'Almost done,' a dark haired women thinks as she shoves several papers and a strange gauntlet into a metal suitcase before grabbing a baby wrapped up in a white blanket, 'got to get it out of here.'

Streets of Konoha

Naruto ducks into an ally grabbing his wrist, 'What is this pain,' he ask himself as the pain starts to grow more intense, 'Its almost overwhelming.'

"Naruto," a voice calls out causing the blond to turn and see a raven haired teen in chuunin attire using crutches to walk, "You alright?"

"I'm fine Shikamure," Naruto tells him standing straight, "Just feeling bad that I didn't get here sooner."

"You can't be everywhere Naruto," Shikamure tells Naruto as he hobbles over, "Come on I am going to go meet the others for something eat."

"I'll catch up," Naruto says as he grasps his wrist behind his back, "I got someone I want to see first." Eyeing the blond, Shikamru nods and hobbles out of the ally as Naruto walks out as well, 'Goodbye Shika.' Naruto mentally mutters as he turns the opposite way and walks away.

Several hours' later standing in a graveyard

'Now I understand why Kakashi sensei is always late,' Naruto mutters eyeing the grave of the fourth hokage. 'You were always my hero,' Naruto thinks as he frowns, 'and yet I was always your son and didn't know it.' Sighing Naruto looks away from the grave, 'I'll be leaving soon, and I might not be coming back again. All to protect this hell hole.' Suddenly the pain returns as a puff of smoke appears in front of the blond.

"It's ready Naruto," Pa mutters sadly as he looks around, "paying your respects before you leave?"

"Just wondering if he would be proud of me," Naruto says sadly as he looks to the small toad, "Well let's go before people realize what I am really planning."

"Alright then," Pa says going through several hand seals before both vanish.

"Goodbye Konoha," Naruto mutters vanishing in a puff of smoke with the old toad.

Tokyo, Japan

Panting the dock haired women comes to a stop looking down the barrels of several cannons and turns to see several women in revealing outfits that look like armor.

'I'm trapped,' the women thinks clutching the infant child in her arms, 'there has to be…' Suddenly the case forces itself open as a red light rains out from within it.

Mount Myobokuzanu

"Its done," Pa mutters as several toads surround Naruto varying in size, "You will only be able to come back if we summon you or you summon us to let us know you're ready." Naruto nods as Pa continues, "We don't know where you'll end up Naruto," Pa informs the blond who just nods again, "Well prepare yourself."

All the toads seem to take a strange stance before slamming their palms into the ground and in a puff of smoke the blond vanish with a yellow light shining on his right wrist uncontrollable.

Tokyo, Japan

A pillar of light shines brightly as a giant earthquake is felt throughout Tokyo as a blond finds himself looking around at the sheer destruction around him.

"What happened here," Naruto ask himself as he raises his right hand to cover his eyes from the setting sun only realize a strange tan gauntlet covers his right arm spreading up his shoulder and covering his entire back down to his waist where it branches off along his hips to the outer side of his legs surround a pair of skin tight black pants till they reach his knees where they look like metal boots that end in clawed toes, "What happened to me?"

"Waaaaa," something cries in the distance as Naruto finds himself turned back to normal and looking off the side of a building to see women in tattered clothes holding and infant in her arms.

"Where am I," the women questions no one as she feels a pain shoot through her right arm, "Ahh it hurts," she screams.

Acting out of instinct Naruto jumps from the building grinding down a old flag pole to lower levels and jumping to the water, "Hey hold on," Naruto shouts as he jumps forward his feet hitting the water and him falling though the surface, 'Crap can't use chakra.' Suddenly the baby's crying reaches his ears again and he swims over to the women with brown hair, "Hey you alright?"

"Who are you," the women ask finding herself eye level with the blond who's crouched down to talk with her.

"Uzimaki Naruto," Naruto replies as he looks her over, "You?"

"I don't know," she mutters as she looks around, "Where are we?"

"I was hoping you could answer that," Naruto tells her looking around and finding a small book just near the surface of the water. "Maybe that has some answers," He suggest as the women looks at him and follows his gaze to the book.

"That's a baby diary," she tells him as he fishes it from the water opening it looking from the book to the infant.

"It's for the baby your holding," Naruto tells her as he reads it, "the babies name is Rihoko Amaha," he tells her as she looks at the child in her arms.

"I'm I her mother," the women ask as Naruto looks up at her.

"Not sure," Naruto tells her walking over to her once more, "Says the Rihoko's mother is a Masane Amaha."

"Masane," the women thinks as tears start to form in her eyes, "Is that me, or someone else?" she ask asks as she starts to breakdown till she feels to arms wrap around her.

"It doesn't matter," Naruto tells her comforting her, "Your all Rihoko's got now, you are Masane Amaha from what I can tell and Rihoko is your daughter."

Masane can only look at him as she feels the tears start to dry and then looks to the infant Rihoko I her arms, "I'm her mother," she tells herself as Naruto gives a small smile as the sound of a chopper enters their ears and he pulls out a kunai to protect the now mother and daughter. "It's alright Naruto," Masane shouts as she places a hand on his hoari, "It's a rescue chopper looking for survivors."

"Chopper, "Naruto questions as Masane can only stare at him before giving a weak laugh as a helicopter comes down to save them.

Six Years Later

"WOW," a dark haired girl in white shirt with a purple spaghetti strap shirt over it and a pink skirt shouts happily as she stares at the tower in the distance. "It's so beautiful," she cries turning to look at women with dark brown hair orange jacket and denim jeans on sleeping her head against a blond man in an orange shirt with crimson haori and black pants.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san wakes up," the girl shouts as the blond just waves her off and the women mutters something unrecognizable. Sighing the girl takes a breath before getting an evil smirk as she walks towards the blond, "Theirs free ramen," she says in a low whisper.

Jumping up and causing the brown haired women to fall face first onto the deck the blond looks around, "Ramen, where?"

"Morning tou-san," the girl says happily crossing her arms behind her back before looking at the women who has managed to get to her feet, "Kaa-san."

"You used the ramen again didn't you Rico," the women questions as she rubs her forehead that has been turned red from the fall.

"Maybe," Rico responds innocently as she leans back and forth wit an innocent like smile.

"You are a bad influence Naruto," the woman tells the blond as he looks towards her.

"What did I do Masane-chan," Naruto ask pouting at the women who just shakes her head, "Well anyways," he says looking towards shore, "Looks like were getting close to land now."

"Seems so," Masane says in agreement as she leans on the railing with Rico following behind her, "Oh a duck."

Naruto can only smile at the two as he gives a relief, 'It's been six years of peace for me since meeting them,' he thinks as he watches Masane reach over the railing for something, 'I have never felt like this before.' He then winces as Masane nearly falls overboard and would have if it hadn't been for the large dog that caught her by the leg. 'Is this what its like to have a family,' he thinks to himself walking over with a smirk on his face.

Listening to Rico lecture her Masane feels something wrap around her shoulders, turning to see a Naruto's hoari wrapped around her shoulders, "Thanks," Masane mutters leaning back into Naruto, her head resting on his shoulder, "You always did know how to treat a lady."

Smiling Naruto wraps his arms around Masane before replying, "Yeah I know," he says sweetly as he kisses her cheek, "But you and Rico are all I have and I won't loose that."

"What about this tou-san," Rico asks pulling a small gem from under her shirt out.

"That's your Rico," Naruto answers releasing Masane and kneeling in front of Rico, "It was my mother's necklace and I gave it to you."

"But," Rico mutters as Masane walks over.

"It's yours Rico," Masane says calmly with a gentle smile, "And maybe one day you'll meet Naruto's mother."

Rico gives a large smile and jumps at her parents arms wrapped around their necks, "Thank you Tou-san," she shouts as the captain can only smile from his wheel house.

Arthur's Notes:

This was my original idea for my Witchblade/Naruto crossover. I had this planned to be the opening of my crossover, but I decided not to have Naruto remember anything to work.

So let me know what you think of it and maybe I'll continue this one and see which one is liked more.