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Chapter 7

Masane's Capture

"So you made a friend the other day," Naruto ask Rico as she walks next to Naruto with a sad smile.

"Yeah," Rico replies sadly as she looks to the ground as she walks next to Naruto. "He was supposed to meet me for the lunch I made," she adds with a frown.

"I'm sure he was just busy with work Rico," Naruto adds as Rico looks to him with a small smile. "Now lets decide what we are going to eat for dinner," Naruto ask as he picks Rico up and searches for a restaurant.

With Masane, Shiori, and Tsunade

"So he's never told about his life before meeting you," Tsunade ask in surprise as she looks at Masane before taking a sip of beer.

"He doesn't like to talk about it much," Masane replies as she lowers her head towards, "He says he doesn't worry Rico or me."

"What's so bad about it," Shiori ask as Tsunade looks away sadness in her eyes.

"Two hundred and eighty nine times was the number of times he was admitted to the hospital with different injuries ranging form broken bones to third degree burns," Tsunade responds causing both Shiori and Masane's eyes to widen, "He has at least broken every bone in his body on several of those occasions."

"How," Masane ask as Tsunade looks to her with her hazel eyes hardening?

"By the people he swore to protect," Tsunade answers as she clenches her fist, "And those are only the injuries we know about."

"What do you mean swore to protect," Shiori ask as Tsunade looks to her before reaching into a bag and pulling out a cloth with a metal plate in the middle.

"He swore to protect to village hidden in the leaves," Tsunade replies placing the headband on the table in front of them revealing the spiraling leaf pattern on the metal plate, "and they ended up hurting him in the worst then anyone."

"What did they do," Shiori ask as Masane stands up walking towards a small device on the counter that decided to go off.

"I only know of the hospital reports because I ran it," Tsunade replies as she looks to Masane who is watching her as she talks on the phone, "But I am sure he's had far worse things happen to him in his life."

"Then I'll have to talk with him about them later," Masane says seriously as she places the phone down. "I just got called into work," Masane tells them looking at the two women, "Tell Naruto and that We'll have a long talk when I get back."

With Naruto

'I feel like something bad is going to happen to me in the future,' Naruto thinks as a shiver goes down his spine as he grabs two bags of steaming ramen as Rico carries one. "Thanks for the Ramen," Naruto says to the man behind the small wooden counter as Rico waves.

"Please come again," the elderly chief shouts as he waves back.

Abandon Warehouse

'This is where they said the x-con was,' Masane thinks as she looks around at the crates around her before feeling the Witchblade causing her to turn and see Nora standing at the factory door. "What do you want," Masane ask as Nora transforms into an orange armored.

"To defeat you and take you to Father," Nora responds as three claws like blades emerge from her right hand as Masane transforms.

With Naruto and the others

"FOODS HERE," Naruto shouts as he places two of the bags down and looks around for someone. "Where's Masane," Naruto ask as he eyes Tsunade.

"She got a call for work," Tsunade replies as Naruto grabs the phone lying on the counter and hits dial.

'She should have been done if…' Naruto starts to think before dropping the phone and grabbing his right wrist as Masane fighting flashes before his eyes.


Masane jumps on a crate trying to strike at Nora.


Masane takes a swing at Nora just to have Nora grab Masane's arm and flips over her before driving several blades into Masane's stomach.

"Now you'll pay for what your little male friend did to Father," Nora mutters into Masane's ear as Masane grits in pain.

"Masane," Naruto mutters as the three girl's crowd around Naruto worried. "Shiori," He says calmly looking towards Shiori "Let's go find Masane and drag her home for dinner."

"I'm sure she's," Tsunade starts before Naruto's cold gaze reaches her hazel eyes, "Then again we don't want her," she looks into the bag before sighing, "RAMEN to get cold."

"Rico mind Tsunade," Naruto tells Rico who nods as she watches Naruto and Shiori leave together.

"Oba-san," Rico mutters getting a look from Tsunade, "Can you read me tou-san's book?"

"Naruto's book," Tsunade questions as Rico holds out a brown notebook.

"He calls it 'The Story of Negato'" Rico tells her grandmother as Tsunade's eyes widen as she takes hold of the book.

With Naruto and Shiori

"What's wrong Naruto," Shiori ask as she watches Naruto turn into an ally and transform and jumps to the top of the buildings followed by Shiori.

"Something's happened to Masane," Naruto replies closing his eyes and focusing on the surrounding area to find Masane with Sage chakra, "I felt it while we were inside."

"What do you mean," Shiori ask curiously standing next to her in her own transformation eyeing Naruto. 'What are you doing,' Shiori ask as Naruto's eyes snap open with a series look on his face.

"I warned Furumizu," Naruto says angrily as he jumps from building to building followed by Shiori, who is loosing ground.

In strange medical building

'Damn it,' Tozawa mutters as he looks around the building wearing white robes. 'Is everyone here a …' he starts thinking before seeing a gurney being wheeled in, "Melony" he says quietly watching Masane being taken further into the building. 'Naruto's going to kill someone,' Tozawa thinks.

Naruto and Shiori

"So where would they take Masane," Naruto ask as he looks to Shiori, who can only stare at Naruto's crimson eyes, "Shiori?"

"Sorry," Shiori mutters as she looks away. "They would need a secure place to hold her since they don't really know the full power of the Witchblade."

"Anywhere come to mind," Naruto ask calmly as his eyes turn to a yellow color.

"A few," Shiori answers as she looks towards the coast, "All of them line the bay and are all..." Shiori tries to explain as she feels herself lifted off the ground as the world around her blurs as she looks to Naruto, whose holding her bridal style. "Do you have a plan?" she asks with a light blush on her face.

"I am going to beat the crap out of everyone involved and then," he starts to explain as Shiori looks at him wide eyed, "I'll shove my blade so far up Furumizu's ass he'll never walk right again."

With Furumizu

"Is something wrong sir," Nora ask as she looks towards the elder man who has started to shiver lightly as he look at a monitor with Masane laying on a table with a blanket over her ending just under her arms.

"I just had a feeling that I'll be regretting crossing Mr. Uzumaki," Furumizu replies calmly.

Back with Naruto and Shiori

"So what now," Shiori ask as she eyes several large building near by as Naruto glares at them before closing his eyes, "Naruto?"

'Masane,' Naruto thinks as the eye f Excalibur starts to shimmer lightly as a pulse of energy is released outward, 'Where are you?'


"Naruto," Masane cries out weakly as several medical personal starts walking around her with equipment that is scanning and prodding the Witchblade.

"Something happening to the Witchblade," a tech shouts towards Nora and Furumizu, "Its starting to…" the tech starts to explain before eye of the Witchblade pulses out frying electronics all around them.

"What's going on," Furumizu shouts into an intercom.

"It's sending out a pulse of energy," the tech shouts as lights shatter at another pulse. "Almost like a signal," the tech explains.

"A distress signal," Nora questions as Furumizu goes wide eyed.

"It's signaling Excalibur," Furumizu shouts getting everyone's attention as they all looked surprised.

Naruto and Shiori

"Found you," Naruto whispers as he charges towards a tower in the distance with Shiori following closely behind.

"Where we going Naruto," Shiori ask as Naruto's covered in a crimson aura a single tail forming from his tail bone as Excalibur becomes a dark blue color and Naruto's hair becomes silver as a bow like blade forms on his left arm. 'That's my,' Shiori thinks as she look forward as several dozen x-con's surround the building.

With Furumizu

"Sir, were surrounded," a girl says coming into the room, "We believe they are from Dohji."

"This is bad," Nora mutters as she and Furumizu both head out of the observation room and with the other personal following shortly, leaving Masane alone tears forming.

'He's coming,' Masane thinks as the door out of her line of sight opens.

"FURUMIZU," Naruto roars as Segawa turns and looks to see a dark armor Naruto dashing past him with a bow blade attached to his left arm and Excalibur on his right.

"What's going on," Furumizu ask as he enters the control room over looking over the I-weapons and the charging Naruto, "What is that?"

"Readings indicate it is Shiori's cloneblade, but Excalibur as well," a women answers looking at a monitor, "Somehow Excalibur must have absorbed part of her blade and made it an extension of his own power."

"This could be bad," Nora comments as an explosion is heard as Furumizu turns to the window to see the guards of his compound on the ground beaten as Naruto glares at him with cold crimson eyes.

"FURUMIZU," Naruto shouts as Shiori appears behind him panting as she looks at the Naruto before her, "I AM COMING FOR MASANE AND YOU WILL NOT BE WALKING AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING."

"Hold on Melony," Tozawa tells Masane as he tries to remove the locks holding her down, "Just gives me a second."

"He's lost," Masane mumbles getting his attention, "Naruto's lost himself to his anger." Suddenly the entire room's shakes as cracks appear in the floor.

'Shit,' Tozawa thinks as he struggles with the straps as his mind drifts to what he was told a few minutes ago.


"Okay," Tozawa mutters into a cell phone as he looks out a window, "How did you know I was in here and who are you?"

"We need you to do a favor to save Masane," a male voice says over the phone, "We'll give you an opening and all you'll have to do is tell Masane…"

End Flashback

"Melony," Tozawa whispers as he leans in near Masane's ear, "If you escape we'll pay you over Two hundred thousand dollars," he finishes as Masane's eyes widen before the restraints start to buckle.

"Where is he," Furumizu shouts as he looks towards the security footage playing through the tower.

"We lost him Father," the women replies as Furumizu's eyes narrow.

"He couldn't have just vanished," he tells her as his eyes widen as at the sight of a wall blowing away on camera to reveal Naruto walking towards Masane's room. 'He knows where she is,' Furumizu thinks calmly as he looks at Shiori following him.

"AHHH," Masane screams as knocks away three cloneblade users panting. 'Is that all of them,' she ask herself mentally as a wall near by is blown away.

"MASANE," Naruto's voice shouts as Naruto comes out of the dust, wide eyed at the sheet covered Masane with her right arm transformed two purple marks on under her eyes.

"Naruto," Masane mutters weakly falling forward into Naruto's arms as Shiori appears behind him.

"Masane," Naruto shouts as Masane sleeps against him.

"She was highly drugged," Tozawa tells them as he walks out of the room, "I guess she just finally passed out."
"Naruto," Shiori mutters placing a hand on his shoulder, "We should get her out of here."

"Your right," Naruto replies as he clenches his fist his armor turning back to its normal color the bow blade disappearing. "But Furumizu will not get away from me next we meet," he tells them as he picks Masane up bridal style, "Plus I don't want anyone seeing her like this."