Chris was in his room when a Elder orb in. Chris looked up and smiled.

"Casandra." He said and she smiled back. She was Chris's favorite Elder. She has always been nice to him.

"Chris we think it's time for you to get a new charge." Chris's eyes went wide. This was too soon. He couldn't. Not after what happened. Casandra sighed. "Chris, we need you for this one. He's new at his powers and Wyatt has to much he can hadle right now." Chris sighed. "You will be able to see Cole more often." Chris looked up at her.

"My new charge is in Japan?" Casandra nodded.

"His name is Odagari Ryu and he goes in Kurogin High School. He goes his third year so he's 18." Chris nodded and Casandra added. "I talked to Cole and he will help you. He already got you a job at a Ramen store near his apartment." Chris nodded.

"When should I start?"

"Now?" Chris nodded and said goodbye before orbing out. He orbed into Cole's apartment. He loved it. It was way to big for one guy but that was Cole. Always having extra room.

"Cole?" He asked and Cole walked out of the kitchen with a smile.

"Chris." He said and a big guy walked after him. "Kuma, this is Chris. Chris this is Kuma your boss." Chris smiled and bowed a little. Kuma smiled and walked over.

"Cole as told me alot about you. I think you're his favorite nephew." Kuma whispered the last part and Chris shrugged.

"Maybe, when can I start?" He asked and was a little shocked that he talked in japanese but didn't show it.

"We can go now if you want. I usaully don't have that many costumers around this time." Chris nodded and looked at Cole who smiled.

"Good luck." Chris smiled and left with Kuma. When they got there a woman with two ponytails and glasses looked at Kuma.

"Kuma." She said and smiled.

"Yankumi. Did your new class ditch again?" Yankumi nodded sadly. She saw Chris who was trying to not be seen.

"Who's he?" Kuma smiled and brought Chris in front of Yankumi.

"This is Chris Halliwell, Cole's nephew. He will be helping me. Chris this is Yamaguchi Kumiko, she was my homeroom teacher when I went to high school. But you can call her Yankumi." Chris nodded and smiled. He felt like he could trust this girl.

"So your a teacher?" Yankumi nodded and smiled back. "Wow, I would think you went to college." He said and Yankumi blushed. Kuma looked shocked at the complement.

"Where do you go to school?" She asked and Chris sighed sadly.

"I don't." He said and Kuma sighed.

"Chris why don't you go to the kitchen and do the dishes." Chris nodded and Kuma looked at Yankumi. "Cole told me that he dropped out and moved in with him when his best friend was killed in a car accident a couple months ago." Yankumi gasped and Chris sighed. The store was small so Chris could hear him. Suddenly he heard people coming in.

"Kuma-san." One of them said and then he heard Yankumi.

"Umera." He sighed. He was sure he wasn't up to this. His phone rang and he anwerd while still doing the dishes.

"Wy, what's up?"

"Chris where are you?"

"At work. Got to go." He said and hung up. Kuma poped in.

"Chris who was that?"

"A friend. They have been calling me ever since the accident. Making sure I'm okay." Kuma smiled sadly.

"Can you vip the tables?" Chris nodded and walked out to the tables. He saw that only Yankumi and five high schoolers was there. Yankumi smiled sadly at him. Chris ignored her and wiped the emety tables. He could fell Kuma's eyes on his back the intere time. His phone rang again but he just clicked it and went back to wiping. Suddenly a guy walked in and smiled at Kuma.

"I see you has some newbies." He said and pointed at Chris who looked up at the man. He had a buisness suit on but he didn't have the buisness man look. So he was deffently a bad guy. Kuma looked a little scared but Chris shook his head and went back to work. When he wiped the table by the high schoolers he saw them looking at him. In fact he could feel everyones eyes on him. Even the new guy's. He tired to ignore them but it was kinda hard. The new guy walked up to him and pulled a chair to the table he just wiped. He whispered something only Chris and the high schoolers heard.

"You have a nice ass kid." chris just simply ignored his coment but the others couldn't. A brown haird guy who looked like the leader of the gang whispered something to the little guy beside him. Chris looked at Yankumi with a smile. She blushed and looked out the window. Chris shook his head and went to wash the dishes again. An hour later Kuma told him to deliver some orders and when he came out again he saw that the high schoolers were gone and so was Yankumi. He saw the weird guy was still there. He took the food and the adresses and walked out of the store. He came to a club called Frentzen and could see that it was club owned by thugs. He went in and the guys there looked at him.

"You orderd Ramen." He said and they nodded. A guy walked up to him and took the food and paid for it. But when Chris was about to leave someone grabed a hold of his arm.

"Here. If you ever need a better job." He said and handed a buisness card to him. Chris just smiled and left. When he was away from the club he threw the card away.

"If I wanted to work in a club I could just work at P3." He mumbled and he walked into someone. "Oh Gomenasi, I didn't see you." He said and when he stood up straight he saw the high schoolers from the shop. He had walked into the leader. They looked at him and saw where he was coming from.

"I shouldn't go near that club if I were you. They are a bunch of thugs." One of them said. He was kinda tall. As tall as Wyatt when Chris came to think of it.

"Well, I had to deliver." He said and they looked at him.

"Let me geuss. They gave you a buisness card saying that if you need a better job." Another said and he was shorter than everyone else. Chris just nodded.

"Don't even think about it. They are just a bunch of trouble."

Trouble? I can handlr trouble. Chris thought but he had no emotion in his face.

"I wasn't." He said and they nodded.

"I'm Hayato." The leader said and Chris looked at the hand.

"Chris." He said without taking the hand. Hayato raised his eyebrow.

"Too good for guys like us?" He asked and Chris looked at him.

"No just I'm not looking for knew friends." He said and the guy from the store walked over.

"There you're cutey. Why don't we have some fun?" Chris pushed his hand away. He started to walk but the guy took a hold of him.

"Aww, come on." Chris turned around and glared at the man.

"Let go and you wont get hurt." He said and the guy laughed.

"Like a little cutey like you could harm anyone." Chris smirked.

"You shouldn't underrestemt people." He said and the guy just laughed it of.

"Oh come on." He said and pulled Chris closed. Chris put the deliverybox on on the ground and punched the guy in the face. He was sure he broke the guy's nose. The guy stabbled back abit and Chris smiled.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover." He said and picked up the deliverybox. When he was about to start walking again the high schoolers called for him.

"Oi Chris, are you okay?" Hayato asked and Chris shrugged.

"Nothing I can't handle." He said and left.