The next day Chris walked Ryu to school. Chris did everything to hide the fact that he liked Ryu. But Ryu already knew so he thought it was cute. When they were by the gate Ryu couldn't help but to smile. He leaned in and hugged Chris.

"Thanks. And you don't need to hide it." He said and Chris looked shocked.

"I'm I that obivious?" Ryu laughed.

"No, but you can't lie to a mind reader." He said and walked away.

'I'm so screwed.' Chris thought and went to Kuma's. 'Wait how come I didn't notice? I can read minds too.' He just shook his head and started to work. Suddenly a guy walked in and Chris looked at him. He was waring all black. 'Darklighter.' Chris keept his eyes on him all the time and when Hayato and the others walked in Chris sent Ryu a look. 'Darklighter in the right corner. I'm not sure I be able to get out of this one.' He thought and Ryu looked at him. When Chris didn't get an answer it hit him. Ryu's blocking everyone out. He sighed.

"Kuma, can I take my lunch brake? I need to talk to Cole about something." Kuma looked at him.

"Is it about-"

"Yeah, so can I?" Kuma nodded. Chris took his stuff and walked to the door. He turned to look at Kuma. "Thanks for everything you have done for me." He said and Kuma nodded.

"Chris you know I'm here if you ever need to talk." Chris just smiled and headed out. He saw the darklighter follow him and he walked into an ally and got to Ryu's warehouse. He turned around and looked at the darklighter.

"You have a sweet boss, but you really should have done what your mom told you." His crossbow apeard in his hand. Chris jumped out of the way for the first arrow. Chris sent the darklighter flying into a wall. The darklighter smirked and two more apeard. They all shot at the sametime but he flipped out off the way. He could hear people running and he sent the two new darklighters into a wall. He was outnumberd but he wouldn't let an innicent get hurt. He didn't notice the arrow that was flying agenst him.

"CHRIS!" He heard Ryu yell and felt himself being pushed away. He looked up to see the arrow hit Ryu in the cheat.

"RYU!" He yelled and ran over. He looked at the others. "Hayato get that arrow out of him. I will take care of them." He said and nodded agenst the darklighters. Suddenly Cole shimmered in and everyone looked at him in shock. "COLE! BEHIND YOU!" Chris yelled and Cole turned around and shot eneryballs at all three of them. He vanqushed two but missed the third one. Chris stood up and sent the guy into a wall. "Cole, I will take care of him get that arrow out of Ryu." Cole stood still and looked at Chris.

"Chris, you haven't used your powers in weeks and-"

"I'm the son of a charmed one for godsake. I do this on dayly bases." He said frose the darklighter. He unfroze his head. "Who sent you?" He asked and the darklighter laughed.
"Like I would tell a witch." Chris took the crossbow.

"Thought so." He said and shot the guy and then ran to Ryu. Cole had taken out the arrow.

"Chris call Leo, he's dying."

"No use, he wont come. And Wyatt won't listen to me. Aunt Pagie is on her honnymoon." Cole looked at him.

"What about Henry?"

"Hasn't learned yet." They all looked at Chris.

"Chris what's going on?"

"Ryu's dying that's what's going on." Chris said without taken his eyes of him. "No, this can't happen. Not again." He mumbled and he felt the tears roll down his checks. "Ryu I love you." He whispered only so that Ryu and Cole heard. Cole looked at him wide eyed but Ryu just smiled. Chris felt wormth from his body go to the hands. He looked at them and saw that they glew. He hurried and sat them over Ryu's wound. It heald and Ryu looked shocked.

"You heald me. B-but how?"

"Love was the trigger." He whispered and Ryu smiled. Chris looked at Cole.

"Get him out of here will you?" Cole nodded. He took a hold of Ryu's arm and shimmered away. Chris stood up and looked at some shocked friends. He took out some powder from his pocket and blew it in there faces.

"You will forget about all this you saw today. You will forget about me." He said to Hayato and his friends. He looked at Kuma. "You will forget about everything you saw today and you will forget that I met Hayato and the others in you shop." He said and they looked around, confused.

"What are we doing here?" Hayato asked and then he saw Chris. "Who are you?" Chris looked at him.

"Who are you? You dragged me out here but you don't know who I am? That's just great. Sorry Kuma but can I take the rest of the day of. I'm not felling well." Kuma nodded and Chris walked away from there. When he was sure no one saw he orbed to Cole's apartment.

When he got there he saw Ryu on the couch.

"What did you do?" Cole asked as he walked into the room.

"Memory dust." He said and looked at Ryu. "Sadly Hayato and the others wont remember me. But I still have my job at Kuma's." Ryu nodded and sat up.

"What was that arrow? I felt like some kinda poison was running threw me."

"Well that's because the arrow is poisoness. But darklighters are after whitelighters. You saved my life." Ryu smiled and kissed him.

"We can't have you dying now can we?" Chris laughed and kissed him too.

Two weeks later Chris still worked in Kuma's and had an eye out for Ryu. He had to tell him something. It was kinda big news. He was pregnant. How would he tell everyone that he was pregnant? He sighed and called Ryu.

"Muchi muchi?"

"Ryu, where are you now?"

"With Hayato and the others. Why?"

"I need to talk to you it's important. Please so don't be home to late now."

"Okay." OMG! Is he going to brake up with me? Chris heard him think.

"No, I'm not. It's something else okay."

"Okay." Chris smiled and hung up.

This was going to be hard but he couldn't hide it from Ryu. All day Chris tought of different ways to tell Ryu. When he finally got home he saw that both Cole and Ryu were there. Ryu was slightly panicing. He swollowed and walked over to them.

"I'm home." He said and both of them jumped.

"Hi." Ryu said and kissed him. Chris smiled and sat down.

"First of all I need to go home more often. If not they will think I'm kidnapped or something." Ryu nodded and saw Chris swollow so he got a little scared.

"And to the thing that was important." Chris said and looked down at his hands. "I'm pregnant." Both Ryu and Cole gasped and Chris wanted to run of and hide forever.

"You're pregnant?" Ryu asked and Chris nodded.

'Wait was that happiness in his voice?' Ryu stood up and hugged him.

"I'm going to be a daddy?" Chris nodded and Ryu kissed him.

"Y-you're not going to yell or something?" Ryu shook his head.

"No, I'm to happy to yell. I'm going to have a baby with guy I love." Cole smiled at the two of them.

"But shouldn't you two get married first? I mean, children before marrige?" He said and Ryu and Chris looked at each other.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell will you marry me?" Ryu asked and Chris smiled.

"Of course." He said and kissed him. They then turned to Cole.

"Cole will you be our vitness?" Cole nodded and they started to fix things for a wedding in vegas. Ryu and Chris went of to buy rings and tuxes. When they got back Cole had his own tuxes and they orbed/shimmered to vegas. Where Ryu and Chris got married.