Bleeding Love.

Summary. . . . . . . . . . A brother wakes up alone and in a strange place, running the halls he searches for his sibling and for answers, following noises he hears; but does he really want to meet who is making them?

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A.N. . . . . . . . . So I know I have a couple of other unfinished fics out there but this plot just wouldn't leave me be. So here's chapter 1 of Bleeding Love, it's a teaser of sorts, the next chapters will be longer, if you like this one. Oh and be warned this fic will get dark so check out the warnings before later chapters. Thanks as always for reading, Peanut x

He felt as though he had been running for days, as he ran blindly down endless corridors, his bare feet slapping noisily across the chilled tiles of the floor, his voice echoing back to him from vast empty spaces, his eyes searching every darkened shadow and room in an attempt to find another soul living within, his lungs burning with exhaustion, his throat hoarse from overuse, his body and hair damp and sweaty. As he reached another set of stairs, he hastily raced up them, his legs and arms pumping madly, pushing him to go that little bit further, his mind egging him on his quest to find answers, to find people, to find his brother; but as he reached the top and barged through yet another doorway, allowing it to crash noisily against the wall, the sound deafening in the silent halls, all he was faced with was yet another seemingly endless corridor, yet more empty rooms, and an unnerving realization that he was here alone.

He dropped to the floor as the crushing weight of reality overwhelmed him, his knees drawing tightly to his chest, his arms wrapping protectively around them, his head falling to rest heavily upon them, his eyes trained upon a spot of the pristine white walls, wetness slowly ebbing it's way across lashes to fall down stubble covered cheeks, before dripping off his jaw to be captured and curtailed by the rough, white cotton of his t-shirt. He sat unmoving as his breathing slowly began to return to normal, before he swiped angrily at the tears flowing down his face, now was not the time for this, he had to figure out where he was, he to figure out where his brother was, he had to figure out what went wrong, he had to figure out how he got here; but the oppressive gloom this place created seemed to seep within his very pores, and no matter how hard he tried not to, he couldn't help the melancholy that engulfed him, crushing around him like some invisible boa constrictor, and plying his mind with thought's; thought's of failure, and loneliness, and death, and try as he might he couldn't shake them, allowing them to take further hold of him and drag him even further into their clutches, until he no longer thought, or felt anything.

He had no idea how long he'd sat there again before he began to hear things again, these episodes getting longer and longer, time having no meaning in this place. At first he dismissed the barely there sounds as figments of his imagination, but as they grew in strength he lifted his head and listened more closely, someone was here, they were on another level but someone was definitely here, opening and closing doors as though searching for someone. Hope soared briefly within him, it had to be his brother, only to fall as he realized he really didn't know. Surely his sibling would have answered his calls, so the question was, who was out there? And were they good or bad? Using the walls for support he pushed his leaden limbs up, cramped muscles protesting the move, and pins and needles prickling his skin, causing him to falter and moan. He pushed through the pain though as the need to find this other person increased, a heavy heart hoping it was his brother. The need to be reassured that everything would be okay, that there was a reason for all this, growing.

He made his way back to the stairwell, the discomfort he had been feeling dispersing the more he reused his limbs. Pushing open the door, he stopped and listened intently trying to figure out whether he should go up or down; another door slamming shut above him making the option all the more easier. With just a hint of trepidation he started to climb, his feet moving all the more quicker as he was sure he heard his name being bellowed, the tone muffled, disguising who was shouting. He hesitated as he reached the next level, his hunter mind kicking in, preventing him from rushing blindly into something he would regret; but curiosity and a need to see another human being battled against caution, defeating it and pushing it back down. Opening the door, he stepped out into yet another endless corridor, turning to his left as he heard a door open and close. He started to run, the panic that this person would leave before he got there, causing him forget all his training and push onwards into the unknown.

As a door reopened further up the hall and a figure stepped out, he faltered, his feet back peddling frantically, catching upon themselves to send him crashing to his backside on the floor. A look of confusion and fear registered upon his face as he finally recognized the figure who was now moving towards him. He started to scuttle backwards in an attempt to get away, but the figure was faster, capturing him, it's legs straddling either side of his body, it's own body settling upon his groin, it's arms pushing him down before it's hands began to stroke his cheeks. He tried to move, tried to throw it off, but all power seemed to have left him, leaving him powerless to do anything as it moved it's face down, words falling from it's mouth, before it crushed it's lips against his own.

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