Bleeding Love.

Summary. . . . . . . . . . A brother wakes up alone and in a strange place, running the halls he searches for his sibling and for answers, following noises he hears; but does he really want to meet who is making them?

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"What the hell? Bobby what's going on?" Dean asked as Sam continued to thrash about on the bed.

"I don't know son, it could be the fever, but it doesn't appear to be that high. Vision maybe? Nightmare?"

"He hasn't had a vision since yellow eyes died, so it can't be that! Nightmare maybe, he suffers from them a lot, but I've never seen he react like this before. Do you think something supernatural is going on here?"

"I can't see how, the whole place is demon proof. . . . . . . . . ."

"But what if it wasn't a demon, there's a hell of a lot more things out there, could something else have entered here and be doing this?"

"I'll rechecked the wards, lets hope they're all intact. As you say there are a hell of a lot of things out there, if one got through it'll be a bitch to figure out which one. Just incase it is just the fever though, try and lower his temperature." Bobby turned to leave stopping at the door to the iron room as Sam let out yet another traumatized plea.

"Jess, please."

Both men exchanged a look before turning their attention back towards Sam, both men's eyes widening as they watched Sam's body respond in a way they both new would shame him if he ever found out they had witnessed it. They watched as he fought and battled against a sensation that was unwanted by him; watched as tears flowed as he lost the battle and his body released; watched as he curled up on the bed, defeat and embarrassment seeming to flow from his body; watched as the tears intensified. Finally after several minutes had passed Dean found the courage to speak up.

"Bobby? What the hell just happened? Did he . . . . . . . . .? Did I . . . . . . . . . .? Did we . . . . . . . . . . .?" He paused and took a shaky breath before trying again. "Did we just witness what I think we just witnessed?"

Bobby pulled off his well worn ball cap, running a hand through his hair he stalled for time, his mind still numb from what he had just seen. "I think so." He eventually answered, saddened by what his words implied. He watched as Dean's shoulders slumped for a moment before he righted the barriers he always kept erected, a determination to get to the bottom of this, to save Sam from this hell reigniting within the older sibling.

"We have work to do! This is no nightmare, something is in there with Sam, and if it's no demon we need to find out what it is. If we don't we're gonna lose my brother, and that's something I can't allow to happen. As it is, if that cry of Jess' name is anything to go by, we're gonna have a hard time getting Sam back from this. You trawl through the books, I'm gonna get Sam's laptop and work down here, I want to be here incase this happens again."

"Dean, the laptop wont work in here."

"Fine then I'll work outside of this room, but I'm not leaving the basement. Sam's gonna need me near." He waited for Bobby to go and retrieve Sam's laptop for him before he turned back towards where Sam lay curled up into the smallest ball possible on the cot. Running a hand through his sweat soaked locks, he was dismayed when his brother unconsciously tried to pull away from the comfort. Persisting regardless, Dean also began whispering words he hoped Sam could here, reassurances that everything would be okay, that they were working on finding out what was wrong, that this would all stop soon. But the reassurances fell on deaf ears, Sam's broken mind failing to hear.


He tried to stay as still as possible, tried to prevent himself from moving even an inch, unwilling to wake the thing that was lying next to him, unwilling to risk what had just happened from happening again. He tried to still the shaking that coursed throughout his body, worried that even that slight movement would awaken her, but shock was setting in, and adding to the cold that was seeping into his naked body, causing the shaking to turn into trembling, and the steady flow of tears to increase. He turned fearful eyes her way as she moved next to him, the soft swell of her breast rubbing against his side, causing a reaction within him yet again. It felt so real, so familiar, so Jessica; but he knew that it couldn't be, that this was just some sort of a horrific dream. Yet he still so desperately wanted it to be her. He looked at her face, remembering back to when he had spent many a sleepless night after a nightmare had struck, lying in a similar position, staring at her whilst she slept, taking comfort in her presence, her heat gradually chasing away the chills that always took hold of him. Could this really be her? But would she have done what she had just done? A fresh course of tears trailed down his cheeks as he realized this couldn't be her, Jess would have never hurt him the way she had just done so.

He stiffened as she stretched beside him, her delicate frame arching pushing her most intimate parts against him, as she awakened from her slumber. She smiled as she opened her eyes, looking so very much like Jessica that Sam found himself once again doubting himself, found himself once again believing that this in fact could be her. He watched as her face fell as she witnessed the tears that fell silently from his expressive eyes, her body moving so that she lay more upon him then beside him, the heat of her resting against his groin, his organ once again responding to each little shift of her weight. Reaching out with a cold hand she brushed at the wetness that coated his stubbled cheeks, and lowered her mouth to his own, her lips this time warm and inviting; so inviting that he found himself unable to stop as her kisses intensified, found himself once again believing that all he had wished for had come true, that Jess was alive. But as that cold hand moved further down his body, and his protests of no were once again ignored, he found the will to turn away from her mouth.

As her hand pushed between their bodies, roughly gripping him, and starting to arouse him once again, it's ministrations painful and brutal; Sam began to fight once again, the fog that had been clouding his judgment lifting slightly and allowing him to see her in her true light, allowing him to see just what he was dealing with. He battled with all the strength he could muster to push her away, all the while speaking words he hoped would banish her for a time and prevent his body from being used once again. Realizing what he was doing though, Jess struck, her punch hard and well aimed stunning Sam into silence as his head bounced viciously off the floor with it's force. Unwilling to allow Sam time to recover she attacked his mouth with vigor once again, preventing the words he so desperately needed to speak from being released. As her body once more impaled itself upon his, the familiarity once again returning, confusing Sam once more, he gave in and allowed her to bring him to release, the tears that had been falling, stilling as his mind began to give up, allowing the thoughts that this was the real Jess to take over, his heart once more bleeding love for her.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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