The argument had been running strong for days; it had even escalated into minor skirmishes at times. Ever since Inu no Taisho had been resurrected and proclaimed his desires for Kagome, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had been angry. It had turned out that Sesshoumaru had desired Kagome as well and was bidding his time to woe her. Inuyasha, previously a potential suitor, turned out to merely view Kagome as a sister and wanted to protect her from these two males (even if they were family) and of course any other male around: Koga.

"Enough of this, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha," Inupapa barked out. After two days of constantly being double-teamed even the Great and Terrible Inu no Taisho was tired. "We need to settle this. The miko will make a fine mate and I intend to have her. Nothing either of you do will deter me."

"Then how do you expect to settle this, father, when both of us desire her?"

Inupapa must be older than he thought or the power expended from being resurrected had taken more of a toll on him then he thought. His eldest was barely winded and still immaculate. Even his youngest was holding his own despite his half-blood.

"We'll both mate with her!" Inu no Taisho smiled rakishly. "We'll both acquire the delicious miko for our own."

"And you expect her to go along with this plan? Humans do not have more than one mate," Sesshoumaru pointed out, his brows furrowing slightly in doubt.

"Not to mention that Kagome would freak," Inuyasha pointed out with sadistic glee. It'd be nice to see her angry at someone else for a change.

"Nonsense! We'll drown her in our combined testosterone! She won't stand a chance with both of us courting her," Inupapa cackled his eyes dancing in delight.

Inuyasha had to hand it to his old man he certainly was confident. He highly doubted that this cockamamy plan would work though. Kagome wasn't like your average woman but he did know that she wouldn't want more than one mate. He'd seen her world and knew that such a thing wasn't acceptable and Kagome wasn't about to go against the way she was raised not matter how oddly it seemed at times to him. Her mom was traditional and certainly wouldn't allow such a match, and how would she ever introduce her two husbands to her friends? Simple; she couldn't without big issues arising.

Biting his tongue he tuned out listening to his father outline his plan for seducing Kagome along with Sesshoumaru's help. Glancing off to the side his eyes widened slightly when they locked with blue ones. Looking back at Inu no Taisho and Sesshoumaru he pitied them. Kagome had heard every word and was pissed. He didn't know why they thought this was a good idea but someone was going to pay and he was glad it wasn't going to be him.

A/N: requested by… I forget who, but it was a good idea! Basically the request was to point out the flaw of her mating Inupapa and Sesshoumaru when she's a traditional girl and her mother simply accepting her breaking the law and tradition. It was something like: "I want to see one about how Inupapa is suddenly resurrected and falls for Kagome right away, Sesshoumaru suddenly wants her but then Inuyasha suddenly realizes he only feels like she's a sister. And they misuse Inu no Taisho's title as his name or call him 'Inupapa'. And Kagome and her mother just accept it."

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