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Softly Snowing
~ Why Prejudice? ~

Sometimes when one is little, older people can do hurtful things for seemingly no reason. At times, it seems like they become a person that one doesn't even know, or know what to do about. As children, people tend not to show these sides of themselves to you, other times that is the only side that they show, a side that really isn't themselves, but it is a shield placed over their hearts.

Kamoku Hana was equivalent to a four year old in age and had not been shown the animosity that one could show another human being, as being the only girl in the family; she ended up being rather sheltered from the outside world, rarely getting to venture outside the doors of her house. The same though could be said of her brother Hito, but for a completely different reason.

Hito was twins with Shirezu, who were the middle children, supposedly identical from birth except for one slight problem. Hito happened to have a hunger that his parents, not knowing about the signs of a person having reiatsu, could explain. He thus had happened to have an illness, one that doctors had said wasn't there, but their parents had believed to be.

Hana also had a hunger, but her parents had brushed this off as a silly mimicking of her brother for attention, or because she was so young, she didn't understand what mimicking was. However, due to the fact that the family was one of those that actually had meals, she had no problem satisfying her hunger.

Her days were spent inside with Hito, the sound of the outside pouring into her ears. The few times she had gone out, she had gotten a scratched knee, or some other injury, so Shirezu and his twin, along with their eldest brother Nashini, were to keep a close eye on her to make sure that she didn't wander off.

Hito, due to his parents insisting he was ill, developed a very sleepy personality, and thus had little energy to move about. That, or his reiatsu was starved from not getting enough food. But this was really something that no one really knew about. A few of the neighborhood children would stop in and visit though, as they were friends of her older siblings.

One day, when no one came to visit, Hana saw something that she never saw before, white flakes coming down from the sky. "Hito… what is that?"

"That… that is snow falling," the boy mummery from his trance, suddenly rubbing her light colored hair.

"But snow is very cold and is filled with blankets upon blankets of whiteness," the girl suddenly stated. "And mother and father say I shouldn't touch it. How am I not to touch it if it is falling. It can't be snow."

"Then call it something else… think of a name for it," the boy stated. "If it doesn't have the name snow and doesn't look like the snow you know, then name it something else."

"Bunny flies. It looks like flies that are soft and fluffy like bunnies," the girl stated in her childish way, as children are supposed to do, causing her brother to smirk at her and raise an eyebrow. "Since it isn't snow, may I go out in it?"

"Sure…" the boy stated, a smile on his face as she stepped out. He felt that no harm could come to her if he kept his eyes open. However, the sleep came to him when he would rather it not, and the next thing he knew was that Shirezu was shaking his twin awake.

"Your getting covered in snow Hito, where is Hana?" the older boy suddenly asked.

"Hana… she was…" the boy glanced around, shock coming onto his face. "She… I was watching her… honest…"

"Nashini is supposed to stay with the two of you when I'm not here for this very reason! You can't stay awake!" the other boy muttered, hurrying off to find their young sister.


Hana had wandered off as she had wanted to explore, and when Hito fell asleep, this was the best time to do so. She figured she could get back to their small house if she kept in mind landmarks. As soon as she found the snow about six inches deep, she realized she should be heading back, however, the landmarks she had seen were covered by snow, but bunny flies eventually became snow.

Thus, she began to wander, her feet hurting from walking so much, her body becoming cold and numb, while her stomach began to roar with hunger. Eventually she found her way into a sheltered alley way. "Snow is no fun… it is no wonder that mother and father don't let me out in it."

"Of course it is no fun," came a voice near by, causing her to turn to also see a boy around the age of four that had also taken refuge in the alleyway, at least for the brief amount of time it would take him to eat the meal he had on him. His head was covered with… what she thought was snow. "Snow is cold, it is wet… but it is home."

"How can you call snow home?" the girl startled. "And why do you have snow on your head… isn't that cold."

"Baka…" the boy turned two teal eyes towards her. "I don't have snow on my head, I have hair."

"But it is so white," the girl muttered, reaching out to touch it, finding it soft, but also that the boy had pulled away as she touched it.

"I didn't give you permission to touch me," he muttered, glaring at her.

"Oh… well you didn't answer my other question, how is snow like home?" the girl suddenly asked.

"Because… I can't really explain it, except I died on an ice plain. That is probably why my hair is as white as it is," the boy suddenly commented.

Hana wanted to reach out and touch his hair again, her child like curiosity getting the better of her, she reached out, only to have the boy suddenly grab her hand. "I told you… I didn't give you permission to touch me."

"I didn't give you permission to touch me," the girl suddenly stated, making a pouting face as the boy let go of her hand.

"You invaded my privacy first," the boy muttered, taking a bit of one of the buns he had with him. "So that gives me the right to stop you. Why are you out and about right now?"

"I got lost," she stated, he stomach suddenly let out a growling sound. This caused him to suddenly turn an eye on her, stopping as he bit down. He chewed the food and swallowed, then picked up one of the buns and handed it to her, a look of indignity on her face.

"Ahh… thank you," Hana muttered as she took the bun and bit into it. "This is good."

"Granny is the best there is when it comes to making food," the boy started to smile, the stopped. "And anyways… she would tan my hide if she found out I didn't give you any. So… you have reiatsu like bed wetter Momo and me?"

"What's reiatsu and how do you know you have it?" the girl continued to chew.

"Because you get hungry," the boy stated.

"So that is what my brother has… and me too," the Hana muttered as she took another bite into the bun. "Is the disease contagious?"

"Disease? Baka!" the boy had an irritated look on his face. "Reiatsu isn't a disease or sickness. It's … if one has reiatsu, one has the ability to become a shingami."

"Do you want to become a shingami," she had to ask.

"No… being a shingami is stupid," the boy stated. However, something in his eyes made Hana think he was lying.

"What is your name?" the girl suddenly asked.

"None of your business," the boy stated, shoving a whole bun in his mouth very rudely.

"I want to go home," Hana suddenly bemoaned. "I was very bad to wander off."

"Where do you live?" the boy suddenly asked.

"I don't know," came the sigh.

"Baka… you can't stay out in the snow like this," the boy stated suddenly standing up, and holding out his hand. She grabbed it and he pulled her up, only to have him let go of her hand like an electric shock ran through it. He wiped it off on his clothing, then grabbed the sleeve of her clothing and began to gently tug.

"What are you doing?" the girl suddenly asked.

"Taking you to granny and Hinamori, as I am sure they will help you find your home," the boy suddenly stated, tugging her behind him, trying to use his body as a buffer against the snow.

"The bunny flies are falling faster," the girl suddenly stated.

"Baka… snow is snow, changing the name doesn't change that," the boy suddenly stated.

"What the hell are you doing with my sister?" came a voice that was familiar to both.

The boy's whole body tensed and the word shit came out of his mouth as he suddenly turned to glance at the boy who was running over with his friends. He let go of Hana's sleeve and suddenly found a fist making contact with his eye and he felt himself falling into the snow.

"Nashini… he was trying to help me!" the girl protested, only to have the older boy twist her arm. That was when something unexpected happened, and Toshiro lunged at the boy, only to be knocked back again. Bruising could already be seen on Hana's arm, due to how rough the other boy was on him.

Shirezu though came running up and grabbed Hana away from him. "What happened to her arm?"

"The little brat happened," the boy suddenly stated, throwing a nice kick him in the ribs. A few more kicks came, then he turned away. "I don't have time to deal with him today, let's go."

Hana found herself being carried away by the younger of the two brothers, she glanced over his shoulder, only to see that the boy had disappeared.


Hita wrapped her arm up when she got home and gave her a lecture about wandering away like that. Hana then told him about him not really being sick, which caused him to look at her in shock as she explained reiatsu to him, "Who told you that Hana?"

"The white haired boy," came her reply.

"The one who hurt you?" the boy sighed.

"He didn't hurt me, Nashini did," the girl suddenly stated. "Why did Nashini hurt him like that, he didn't do anything except help me."

"What exactly did this boy do to help you?" Hita asked calmly.

"He gave me a bun to eat because I was hungry, then he was going to take me to his granny so that she could help me find my way home," the girl stated.

"It is best you didn't go with Hitsugaya Toshiro," the boy suddenly stated.

"But why… he around my age isn't he," the girl suddenly became confused.

"No one around her likes him. You saw his hair and eyes, and how unusual they were color wise. People think of him as a jinx. Mother and father even have blamed us being the way we are on him. People want him gone from here, but they don't have the heart to chase him away, due to his grandmother and Hinamori Momo,"

"That is cruel," the girl sighed. "And that isn't right either… he's done nothing wrong."

"No… but sometimes grown ups do things they shouldn't do just because people think they're different."

"Kind of like you?" she suddenly asked.

"Uhh… I think it is time you lie down for your nap," the boy stammered out, shoeing his young sister away.

Author's note – I am a fan of Toshiro paired with the following; Karin, Lilinette (due to some of the things currently going on in the Manga), Yuzu and well written OCs. I don't like Momo, Rangiku, Rukia, and quite a few others as I see it as pedophilism. Yachiru is up in the air as I am having a problem determining her equivalent age.

Anyways, what inspired this fanfic is all the fanfics that have OCs that are supposed to be Toshiro's childhood friend, when he was never able to make friends easily, and all the ones pairing him with someone in the academy in his same year, as he was the youngest to graduate, making him the oldest.

Hana's crush on in this fanfic is going to be a childish crush, which is appropriate for the age. Because of this, don't expect them to actually get together in this fanfic… I mean, four to seven year olds having a serious romantic fling? I don't think so, and that is the age that they'll be equivalently in this fanfic.

As for names, Kamoku means shyness, Hana flower, Nashini without and Hitashirezu hidden. Thus, Hana's name means basically, shy flower, Nashini's without shyness and the twins mean hidden shyness. Thanks goes to AkuMa HiKaRi… as she asked me if I am such a good writer and like good Toshiro x Pairings why I haven't written one yet. Don't know when I'll update, as I have multiple fanfic projects.