Softly Snowing
~ Self Promise ~

"Look, to be honest, you aren't a very strong person. If you want to say something, no matter how negative or cruel it is, come back when you've more courage to stand up for yourself. Start with that brother of yours." This was what Toshiro choose to say to Hana, but as some time passed, she forgot exactly what he said and came up with her own saying.

"If you have something to say to me, you need to have the courage to ask. It doesn't matter how much you want to be friends with me, unless you can stand up to your brother, he's going to keep bullying you and we can't be friends." While the meaning in truth was similar, the meaning in truth changed in her mind.

"I promise myself... I'll become a stronger person. I'll eventually be able to approach him." Hana stated. She kept having a smile on her face and every so often she would see Toshiro around, but mostly he kept to himself, staying away from the other children. She also played with the other females more, playing tag.

However, one day Nashini came upon her having messed up her kimono due to tripping from running around. He stormed over, causing her friends to scatter and run away. Stepping over, he yanked her off the ground. "Mother and father are expecting you to be marriageable. This kind of behavior is unbecoming."

"I'm still a child." Hana stated firmly, her lips pushing together. "That means I can still play for awhile, until it is time for me to be married off."

"Your image that you present starts now." The boy stated firmly.

"If you don't let me go, I'll tell Shirezu or our parents." Hana stated, a pout forming on her face. Reluctantly, the boy let her go. It continued like that for some time and he stopped doing or saying things to her and focused more on bullying Hita as the one twin turned out to be an easy target. However, even then he was cautious as he never knew when the twins would switch.

Thus, Hana finally decided to go and see Toshiro. Truth was, it took some time, four or five years. But she was ready then to ask him to be her friend. She walked the long distance to his home which was on the outskirts of the village they lived in. She then looked around for him. Instead of finding hin, she found an old lady who sat in the sunlight.

"Are you looking for Momo-chan? She isn't due to visit for a few days." The woman smiled.

"Actually, I was looking for Hitsugaya Toshiro." Hana frowned.

"Toshiro? My little Toshiro?" The woman smiled. "Gomen. He headed off to join the academy not that long ago. A few days, a few weeks. Not quite sure as at this age I tend to lose track of the time."

"You mean the shinigami academy?" Hana tilted her head, rather surprised at this. "I wonder if I would be able to join."

"Well... you have to have spiritual pressure to join." The grandmother stated.

"Well, I do. It shouldn't be that hard. I'll ask my parents." The small girls said quite positively.

"Do you even know what you would be getting into if you were to become a shinigami?" The granny frowned at this. "Take time to think about it."

"But Toshiro's already gone away, hasn't he?" Hana frowned at this. "He's my age, isn't he?"

"Toshiro is an exception to the rule. You are normally supposed to be a lot older before you can join." The granny stated. "Take the time to think about it. It would have been nice though, if he had known that he had a friend around here."

At that, Hana sat for awhile, thinking about everything, but then came to the conclusion that she too would join someday. At that, she stood up. "Have a good day granny! I really do plan on joining the academy." She then sped off.

Author's note – I forgot to actually add this in. Anyways, just because this is marked complete doesn't mean that I am actually finished with this fanfic doesn't mean the story is. I actually have two sequels, in mind, each going a different direction.
Softly Snowing II – This one would follow Hana as she went through the academy, a long time after Toshiro did and how she has the goal of ending up in the same division as him.
Blowing Blizard – This one would focus on Hita instead and have him leave soon after Toshiro graduates and Toshiro becomes fukutaicho under Isshin as per my fanfic Admiration.