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Author's note: It's short but there's more on the way. This is my first Devil May Cry story and I'm just testing the waters.

Sexy Fight I

Well wasn't this a nice little surprise. Maybe this job wouldn't be so bad, Dante thought. The Dante-look-alike had probably thought he would do something to his pretty little girlfriend. Dante had only been checking if she was a demon. No hard feelings when the feisty brat jammed his feet into his face.

He could have easily avoided that attack but the minute the shout got his attention and he looked up to see the image of young Sparta come at him, he was taken aback.

Geez, old man, how many kids did you pop in two thousand years? If you ask me...you liked humans a little too much.

Perhaps because the expression in the kid's boyish face reminded the devil hunter of himself, Dante decided to mess around with him, check out his mettle. And the kid had it in spades but he was too brash and careless.

Was I ever that stupid?

Dante liked to think he had matured…somewhat. Couldn't be helped really, he was past thirty. Even Lady was a little less trigger-happy these days. Just a little. She was past thirty too.

Dante thought he might actually have some fun with this and normally he wouldn't be conscious that early in the morning. The girl was no demon, the stiff dude below shouting orders was a mutated human. But the kid, Dante sensed, was different. Not like the others. He certainly had a sturdy pair of legs. Tore up the giant face of Sparda as if he were mowing the lawn.

Funny, but Dante barely noticed getting shot at. Too used to it by now and his reflexes were practically automatic. He did recall being in midair, minding his own business, when those long, shapely legs came after him from below, spread wide as an eagle's wings until the boy's crotch jammed into his stomach and his thighs wrapped around his waist firmly. Kid had an iron hold. Unfortunately, this sweet and sensual young man, who had a kinky way of battling his mortal opponents, didn't want to actually do anything sexual. Yet. At least not consciously. So Dante played along (let the kid have his fun) and shot at his face with Ivory.

What another lovely surprise when the kid opened his rosy lips and in a split second clamped his teeth around the pale barrel in the hottest parry Dante had ever seen. Ah, Dante wanted to kiss him then, but instead he shot him again with Ebony—when one of those amazing legs curled over his arm to curtail the attack, giving the extra bonus of grinding the kid's plush ass just above Dante 's dick.

Hadn't that been perfectly charming; the two round muscles, firm and perky in their wonderfully tight denim jeans against Dante's accursed leather vest and all those buckles—why the hell did he put so much shit on? Sure it looked cool but it obviously had a catch. A nice, thin linen shirt would have done very nicely just then. Or maybe nothing at all. Yeah, completely naked sweet ass rubbing on his completely naked torso. Fucking. Yes. But maybe later.

After that sexy ass move, the kid wanted to take his turn passing the bullets, but in order to do that he had to release the arm holding Ivory. He proceeded in his clever and innocently sensual way to restrain Dante by wrapping his other yummy leg around that arm. And now, as they fell back down, with him sitting on the older man and Dante's hands between the kid's thighs, gravity thought to make the fight even more delicious when the devil hunter's forearms were pressed against the rough fabric over the groin on top of him while the kid was pulled down against him.

Thank you, gravity. Even though you're just a theory, you will always be the sure hand that guided mine well.

Unfortunately gravity was a quick fucker and the moment was gone before the second was over. The kid propelled himself off of Dante and took his shot.

After that, Dante had not looked at the delectable kid the same way again. He had thrown Dante around as if the robust devil hunter weighed as little as a sack of grain, which had been quite fun; and listening to that cocky talk about being taken down a notch was rather cute. He half expected another sexy move and indulged the kid for quite some time until the brat punched him like crazy with that insane arm of his, which had pissed Dante off to the point he had almost triggered. Dante had to restrain himself from getting too rough. It was not his intention to harm the kid.

Then the little runt had pinned the legendary handsome son of Sparda to his father's statue with his own sword—caught him completely by surprise.

But after the initial irritation of having been shown up by a punk, Dante had to reason with his mature adult logic that it had been entirely his own fault for underestimating the young knight and the kid was not to blame.

Much to Dante's misfortune he wasn't there to play with children and business was a bitch that beckoned in the worst of times. Ah, no, that wouldn't be fair; if it wasn't for that bitch of a job he wouldn't have had that sexy fight with that sexy kid in the first place.

True, Dante was a womanizer and proud of it. Twenty years since pubes and still rolling. But he had, had the occasional guy that took his fancy. He liked the pretty ones, so the kid, robust and cocky, was a new thing. A novel thing that revved up his libido like it was new gear.

He had told the kid he would see him around. Of course he was hoping for another sexy fight.