Author's note: The first four chapters came SO easily to me. But I suffered great problems with this last one. I couldn't find a way to make it work. I wanted this to be the best chapter yet…or at least match the others. But I deleted several drafts already. The first four chapters just wrote themselves. This one was a mission (sigh). Hope it doesn't disappoint.

The tone here is a little more serious, still light-hearted though. And perhaps a dab of profundity…

Sexy Fight V

Well that fucking hurt. Grunting, Dante lifted himself up on his elbows and sighed at the kid's bi-polar bullshit. With a decisive growl, Dante shot off the floor, picked his weapons up, and bounded after Nero.

The runt was so getting it.

It wasn't difficult at all, using the trail of scent the boy left behind, Dante was led down the streets of Fortuna towards the corner street that walled the Opera House. There was no light but that of the moon, coming and going as dark clouds sailed over it. The dome-like, gothic structure loomed ominously over him, silvery tendrils of moon-lit clouds above gave it the illusion of moving.

The kid was lurking here, Dante could smell that musky, utterly intoxicating scent subtly lining the night air. Nero smelled like cool sea water and something spicy. Dante wasn't usually into males' scents but Nero's made him yearn to bask in it. And soon he would. Dante was stubbornly decided not to return home until he got what he came for-no turning back now. Pride and all that.

Dante wondered if it had to do with being part demonic. He had certainly felt a sort of magnetism towards his brother, Vergil, though being his twin he hadn't inclined towards anything sexual…at least not in adulthood, because when they were children Dante and Vergil certainly "experimented" frequently—their favorite past time.

"Here, kitty kitty kitty. Come out! I've got some milk for you; warm and fresh!" Dante smirked at his own joke. Lady called them lame but he knew Nero would take it to heart. The kid was proud in an idiotic way.

Hearing a growl behind him, Dante slew around and caught the leg aimed for his head. Nero balanced himself on one leg, then shot off the ground to send another spinning kick at Dante's neck. The devil hunter ducked and let go of the boy, who rolled on the ground and stood back up several feet away from him.

"You just don't give up, do you?"

Dante placed his hands on his hips. Nero had left his weapons back in his bedroom so the only way to settle the score was man to man. Like the sound of that, he thought with a little smirk. "Surrender isn't in my vocabulary, kid." He threw his twin guns and Rebellion on the floor, next to a crumbled fountain.

"And neither in mine," Nero growled and made a dash for him.

Dante had fully expected another headlong attack but the runt had learned. He feinted, twisted out of Dante's intercepting grab, and slugged him on the side under his arm with his demonic fist. Grunting and gasping, the devil hunter slew around and backpedaled.

He coughed a little before giving Nero an impressed smirk. "Not bad," he said before he shot forward, using all his strength to tackle Nero.

They wrestled on the ground strewn with rubble until Nero rolled behind Dante and sat on his back, knees jammed into the man's shoulders.

Dante laughed. "Aw, c'mon kid," he shot over his shoulder.

"What? Think I'm gonna let you go so you can use me like some chick in a strip club you no doubt frequent? I fight demons; I do not dance around a pole wearing vinyl. Fuck off!"

"It's not even like that, kid. Yeah I frequent strip clubs—"

"Oh that's charming. You chase and tackle the ladies until they give in too?"

"Of course not! That's what I mean—you're different."

Dante couldn't see Nero's face but he knew the kid was sneering at that comment. It hadn't come out right. Real smooth, Dante…he berated himself.

"Oh! I see. I get it. Can't get as rough as you want with women so you pick the guy you fought with today to vent your pent up sexual aggression or some sick shit like that, right? You know what, screw you, Dante!"

The devil hunter banged his forehead against the cracked pavement. "Look, that didn't come out right. I meant to say you're not just another conquest. Hell no, Nero. You're on another level. You think I'd go through all this shit for any pole chick?"

"…I cannot believe I'm being compared to the strippers you screwed."

"You started it, kid." Sick of the stupid teenage insecurities the younger man was spouting, Dante heaved his upper body with monstrous strength and threw himself backwards, slamming the kid between him and the ground. After a coughing fit, Nero brought his Devil Bringer around Dante 's neck in a choke hold.

Gasping, Dante continued to explain, "You're the one...thinking yourself another conquest; I never thought you were one…sort of."

"Really…" Nero said sarcastically between gasps.

"You are such a kid."

That worked wonders—Dante was getting the hand of this manipulation thing; no wonder Vergil used to get his kicks off being a verbal bully. Nero's grip slackened as he cried in umbrage, "What did you call me, you old son of a—!"

Dante pushed off his feet and back rolled over Nero, who released him and shot to his feet.

Both fighters stood back up and circled each other; Nero had a deep scowl on his boyish face while Dante smirked at him, thinking it cute how angry the younger man looked.

"Stop playing hard to get, Nero," he drawled, rolling the name off his tongue sensually. "You seemed to be enjoying my attention back in your room."

Nero gritted his teeth angrily and responded rigidly, "So. What. It doesn't mean I want to go all the way with you; not tonight, not anytime soon. If you can't take no for an answer, guess I'll just have to beat it into you." With that Nero charged.

Dante ran towards him and ducked from a high kick. Nero swung his other leg around, but Dante caught it. In an attempt to repeat his earlier move, the kid tried propelling into the air to land a hit on Dante's head, but the devil hunter was prepared for it this time and before Nero could act, he grabbed the younger man's thigh and brought it around his waist along with the other leg. Dante held Nero under the knees as the young man sat on his crotch much like that morning.

It was a dangerous move, giving Nero an advantage. So, as soon as he secured Nero around himself, he ran against the craggy entryway wall and slammed the kid as hard as he could, making him cry out in pain. Dante grunted too, feeling the strong, lean body crushed against his own torso, almost melting into it.

He looked at Nero's scrunched up face as he hissed, clutching at Dante's shoulders instinctively. Even though it had been a painful attack, Dante couldn't help thinking Nero looked sexy as hell beneath the moon light, against a broken wall with his thighs tight around Dante's midriff, a frown creased between his closed eyes, long eyelashes brushing his smooth cheeks, and his rosy parted lips revealing softly gritted teeth from where throaty gasps were emitted.

Dante was instantly hard. How does this kid fucking do that?

Seriously, he felt like a teenager again, getting turned on by the slightest provocation that might imply to something sexual. But when was Nero not sexual? When he fought, when he mocked someone, even when he was in pain or distress. The kid looked fuckable no matter what he was doing.

Dante pressed closer and with a freed hand pinned Nero's demonic arm against the wall. He looked at the kid closely. "Does it really matter to you that much?"

Nero blinked his eyes open, apparently unsure of how to answer that. Dante felt the boy's thighs shift against his sides and he pressed even closer against Nero's body to keep him from budging.

"Yeah, okay. My first time is a big deal," Nero murmured bashfully, and in the bright light of the full moon Dante's demonic sight could see as clear as day the bright rosy splotches spread across Nero's cheeks. "It's probably nothing to a guy like you, right? You think I'm stupid…"

Adjusting their positions by lifting Nero up a little higher and wrapping an arm around his waist, Dante replied softly, "No. It's a big deal. Most guys won't admit it but…I'm not pussy enough to hide it. I know the first time is important." He leaned in close to Nero's ear and whispered, "That's why I want to be your first."

He could feel Nero's heart beat quicken against his own chest.

"Let me take you here, right here, nothing around us but moonlight and dust. This place is a fitting scene for us, don't you think?"

Dante drew his head back to see Nero's reaction. The mask was gone and Dante saw a young man, wide eyes, insecure but fascinated with something new right in front of him.

"I…" Nero stammered.

Dante new the kid wouldn't be able to say anything coherent, too young and stupid to know how to put his feelings into words, but he knew what Nero wanted to say. Dante kissed him again; neither slow, like their first kiss, nor violent like their second. It was deep, sloppy and passionate and it made Dante excited and giddy. He pressed even further against the exquisite body trapped against him and the wall.

He grinded his hips against Nero's and heard a delicious moan vibrate through his mouth. He released the kid's mouth so they could both catch their breath, gasping into each other's heated faces, then he cleaved his lips, tongue and teeth to Nero's snow-white neck. It was young; smooth and svelte, and Dante was intoxicated by it, licking and biting to his heart's content as if he were a wolf at his meal.

"You are so fucking hot," he growled into the silky flesh, sucking at the pulsing jugular, which caused Nero to cry out in pleasure. "Your voice is sexy as hell. Let me hear more." Dante kissed the boy's mouth again before looking into his eyes meaningfully. "Don't you dare fucking hold back, Nero. I want to hear everything I do to you."

"Wha…? Pervert old man."

Nero never looked better. His lips were cherry red and swollen, parted as he panted heavily, dark blotches of crimson specked his white skin, and his eyes glistened bright and dark with lust. Dante wanted more than anything that moment to rip the kid's clothes off and fuck him raw, but he expertly controlled his urges. Nero wasn't a girl, but that was precisely the reason why Dante had to be twice as careful with his first time. Males could be hurt more deeply, and not just physically. Men were actually more emotional than women when put in the more vulnerable position—too much pride and insecurity.

Nero wanted his first time to be special, and Dante would grant his wish.

"Hey, I got an idea. It'll make you more comfortable," he muttered gently, stepping back and placing Nero on his feet. The kid slumped back against the wall, legs probably made into gelatin.

"What is it?" Nero asked softly, almost in a moan. Dante would never get tired of enjoying that sound.

Pressing both hands against the wall beside Nero's head he grinned devilishly. "You top first. I'll show you not to act like such a pansy about it. So no complaining after I'm finished with you."

Throwing back his head he laughed heartily at the look on Nero's face. The kid gaped at him, face almost resembling a vivid red plum. "Aw, don't look like that. What, you think I'm too much of a man to take a dick? Well start erasing all that conditioned bullshit from your head. What does it matter how you receive pleasure from someone who cares about you? I told you this isn't about conquest, didn't I?"

There was a contemplative frown on Nero's surprised countenance, before the kid said, "I…so it doesn't make you less of a man…that's what you're saying?"

Dante nodded and answered sagaciously, "It's okay to let go. Even when you're with a woman. No it doesn't make you more or less of a man, it's not about gender or dominance or weakness. Showing your vulnerable side to your lover isn't being weak. It's a show of trust. You trust me, Nero?"

Blue eyes roamed invisible trails of thought before they looked up into his, a small smile finally gracing Nero's face, lighting up his boyish beauty and making him look very young and charming.

He should smile like that more often, Dante thought.

"Okay," Nero said, then smirked mischievously, his tough-guy glare back but without the antagonistic edge. "I'm going first, old man. You better not back down when push comes to shove."

Grinning, Dante twisted around playfully and slapped his own behind. "Oh there will be pushing and shoving alright." With that, he pulled Nero close to him for another kiss while his hands began to undo the buttons of his trousers.

He could feel Nero's nervous energy simmering beneath his trembling body, and it made him feel torn between excitement and wanting to calm the boy down. To be honest, being the "topper" was more worrisome for a guy, especially doing it with another man. Women were experts in faking orgasms and falsely stroking egos, but males let you know to your face if you're incompetent.

And anyone who looked at Dante would say the same, that he was not the kind of guy to bullshit you.

"Relax," he told Nero gently. "Believe me…I've been impaled many times before by worse than a dick—nothing you do now can possibly be worse."

"Gee, that does boost up my confidence," Nero answered wryly.

"What I mean, kid, is that you don't need to worry about what I think. This is good; gain experience, practice your technique, all without worrying your performance might be terrible."

"Seriously. You are not helping me want to do this…I'm getting turned off."

"…I'll shut up."


Dante chuckled and kissed Nero on his lips again while removing the coat off the kid's shoulders. He unzipped the red, sleeveless hoodie slowly, running his knuckles against the soft skin as he did.

Nero finally mustered up the guts to unbuckle Dante's belt with shaky hands. Since this was Dante's first time dealing with a virgin male, he had initially thought being more honest would help, but if Nero's words were any indication, it wasn't that different from an untouched female; either way, youths would always be too nervous to listen to an honest opinion in their first sexual experience so Dante would have to call upon all his suave moves he had used on women before—with the slight contingency that he'd have to keep Nero's male pride in mind.

Actually…it wasn't that different from the pride of some really insecure women. No, sex with a fresh boy wasn't so different. Dante had screwed a few guys before—all had known they were either gay or bi. He hadn't needed to be careful with them.

Dante helped Nero undo his own red coat and threw it along with Nero's on the floor. Both garments were already dirty and sweaty from the day's battles. Then he grabbed Nero's shoulders and pushed him down until he lay on the pale, broken ground.

Nero, white hair spread underneath, glowing in the moonlight like a halo, looked at him with confusion and deeply notable trepidation. "Wait," he said, voice unsure, "I thought you said—"

Dante silenced him with a swift, chaste kiss. "Relax. I'm only going to help you get more comfortable."

Nero's scowl only deepened at that. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see," Dante answered mysteriously before traveling down his shirtless body. His pale skin was illumined under the moon's light and his trousers already low on his hips, enticing Dante's desire further. He took his time licking and touching Nero, lingering in places the boy reacted strongly to. Slowly, Nero let go of any uncertainties and fears, and eventually was shamelessly writhing and moaning under Dante's ministrations with relinquished want.

Once Nero was comfortable expressing his sexual needs, Dante began pulling his pants and boots off. Nero tensed again, but the kid already had a taste of the pleasure Dante could grant and was now easier to butter up.

Dante moved back up the boy, kissing his lips, then his neck before moving up to his cheeks, temples, and ears. Nero groaned loudly as Dante stuck his tongue in a lobe. Ah, another weak spot. Dante smirked while playing with Nero's ear even as he took the kid's demonic arm and brought it up to his face. He then released the ear and began doing what he had done earlier to Nero's arm. He licked the crevices, wiggling his tongue and causing Nero to cry out and buck his hips wildly.

Dante could feel the raw, demonic power surging beneath the fascinatingly soft, blue radiant skin—much like a cat's belly. The red hard hide covering it was clearly only to protect the massive yet vulnerable power manifested in the kid's arm. Nero probably never had that part of his flesh touched before.

Meantime he trailed his other hand up Nero's thigh and took hold of his member firmly.


"Liking this already, are you?" Dante slithered down further until he faced the kid's crotch. Though he had actually done something like this only once before it wasn't exactly his tank of beer. But he'd do it for Nero. In an attempt to make the kid melt enough to lose all inhibitions, he started to pleasure Nero's member with his mouth.

…not bad. Salty, strong, very much bearable. Being a man, Dante new exactly what he liked done to himself and so mimicked everything he'd ever seen the girls at Love Planet do to him.

The one time before was an experiment, and one he vowed never to try again, but damn it if Nero made him rethink all that. Dante placed the kid's beautiful, white legs over his shoulders and dug in like a hungry dog on a slab of…meat. Nero arched his back, eagerly, and no doubt unwittingly, spreading his thighs as he threw his pretty white head back and released exquisitely sensuous moans and throaty pleads for more.

Yup. Dante didn't mind doing this more often for the kid. Nero was thick, had a good length, and pale. And, though Dante planned to never tell this to the young man unless he wanted to be castrated, Nero had oddly enough the most girlish balls he'd ever seen; pale, pinkish and with little hair. Dante laughed, rumbling pleasurable vibrations over Nero's velvety flesh.

"Aah—ngh! Do that again!"

Dante did so, rumbling thickly. Nero's hips were thrusting too violently and Dante had to force them harshly against the floor—probably giving the kid bruises. Hands roamed and pulled at his hair demandingly. Dante moaned, loving the harsh yanks. His scalp was an erogenous place for Dante; he loved it when his lovers played with his hair and pulled with animalistic aggression.

Suddenly he stopped. It was time. Dante sat up and removed his own trousers before unbuckling his black leather shirt, though he decided to leave it over his shoulders. He crawled up and straddled Nero. He'd done this a few times before and new it was a bit problematic without the right preparatory equipment. Luckily…Dante always had lubricated condoms on his person. Never knew when it might happen; at a diner eating a pizza, after a mission…or during one. Had to be prepared for the most likely.

"Alright kid, now that I got your attention…or rather at attention, you need to do this."

Nero looked up at him, eyes glazed with desire. His white chest and shoulders were speckled with bright red flush. From the pocket of his coat beside them he took a packet of condoms and ripped one from the set. "It hurts more for a guy than a girl, so you need to prepare me carefully. Only kind of lube we have is our own spit and juices—use whatever's in stock, then put this on yourself. You ever did it before?"

Nero's eyes flashed with clarity and Dante sensed some nervousness back in him. Shaking his head, Nero sighed looking at the condom in the older man's hand. "What do I do? I mean I have a good idea but…I don't want to mess up."

Dante smirked down at him. "Kid you impaled me with my own broad sword against my father's statue the other day, can't do worse than that."

Nero laughed, some of the tension lifting much to Dante's satisfaction. He took Nero's human hand and guided it towards his member. "I made you nice and wet, just slick you fingers with your precum and stretch me out."

While Nero did as he was told, Dante spit in his own hand and stuck his moist finger into his own tight entry. It felt kind of nice, though he knew it was ten times better with someone else's hand. When Dante stuck a second digit, Nero muttered shyly, "Okay…"

He had to snicker at that. Cute. As. Hell. Leaning down to nuzzle the kid's cheek, Dante murmured slyly, "Now you stick it in, princess."

Nero's frightened eyes suddenly blazed with defiance-just what Dante wanted. So easy. Curling his lips in vexation (and still managing to look hot) Nero slipped a finger inside Dante's tight heat and, much to the devil hunter's slight surprise and delight, moaned.

"You liking it more than I am, kid," he said, laughing.

"Shut up, you skanky old man."

Dante suppressed a groan from the pleasant pressure as Nero wiggled his long digit inside him and, with a frown, replied to that flagrant affront to his stylishly badass person. "I am not old…maybe skanky."

Nero glared up at him, lips pursed, though he looked more amused than irritated. "If you're not an old man, than I'm not a kid."

"Uh…yes you are. Now shut the hell up and stick another one in."

"How long do I have to do this?"

Dante smirked. "Patience is a virtue."

"Never worked for me."

"Neither with me, really. Alright since the princess is so eager, let's try something else." Dante removed all hands from himself and guided Nero's towards his own crotch, then put the tip of the wrapped condom between his teeth and ripped it open. "Put this on. You need to know how."

Nero took the rubber in his unsteady hand. Dante helped him put it on himself, rolling it down nearly to the base. Then, he lifted himself up on his knees and held Nero steady as he slowly sat on him. Dante moaned loudly, the pressure was both intensely pleasurable and delightfully painful. Nero cried out, bucking his hips with youthful impatience and selfishness.

"Hold your damn horses, kid," he grunted, panting harshly as he gently slid down Nero's wet flesh. "I may be half demon but you don't want to forget yourself when you're with your girl, do you? Practice some fucking restraint, idiot."

"S-sorry—Ungh. So tight. Please!"

Dante gasped, and with a final thrust downward, impaled himself fully on that sublime shaft, swelling inside him. Dante knew how to shift and where to aim Nero's organ; he rolled his hips in circular motion, and with a grin noticed how Nero's eyes rolled up, mouth agape.

"Like that?"

"Oh fuck, Dante, isso good!"

"No surprise there," he said, voice a little strained. He would have loved to start jumping happily on the kid's lap but, being the sexual arts sensei for the evening, he had to let the kid find his own way. Leaning back on his hands he instructed, "Sit up."

Dante had never tried this position with another guy before…or from the receiving end, but it was one of his favorite so the kid might like it.

Nero sat up, grabbing Dante's hips to steady himself, and leaned over more comfortably for better access. It was all intuition; some things didn't need to be said.

"Now do what feels right." He watched the skittish youth gulp anxiously and winked in encouragement.

Nero began thrusting, gradually picking up tempo, and soon the kid had his eyes closed, ramming in, breathing raggedly and moaning incoherent sentences as he let himself go.

This wasn't Dante's favorite thing to do with a guy to be sure—usually he topped. The excitement of using all that sexual power to pleasure his beautiful lovers was half of where he got his kicks; the other half was watching them come undone. His first time had also been with a guy, a school friend back when he lived with his mother, and both had girlfriends but decided to experiment on each other before embarrassing themselves with their female sweethearts. So Dante knew exactly what he enjoyed with a male partner. And he also knew first timers needed to try everything before they decided what position they preferred and what kind of things stimulated them more than others.

It was still a pleasurable experience and Dante allowed himself to enjoy it, even if the kid wasn't exactly trying to aim anywhere. Chuckling, he tried rousing the kid from his momentary high. "Hey, Nero. We boys have sweet spots too; be great if you tried hitting it."

Nero slowed down, sweat glistening on his forehead and full cheeks painted dark red. "S-sorry…got carried away."

"Yeah, happens to all of us. But let me warn you, most women aren't so honest. They'll fake orgasms and shit. You're never going to know whether you're good or not screwing them, so take this opportunity to practice some restraint will ya. You're lucky I'm half impervious to pain and half liking it. It would be wise to ask the girl if she likes it, instead of losing yourself in your own little world."

"…Okay. But I don't want to talk about girls right now, Dante."

"Fair enough. Then I'd like some attention, please."

Nero grinned foxily. "You're asking for my cock, babe?"

Dante slapped him upside the head.


"Don't be a wise-ass. By the end of the night you'll be begging me to fuck you into the ground."

Nero shifted positions, straightening his back to get better access. Again, all instinct now that the kid shed off most of his timidity. After several more thrusts Dante felt an amazing electric burst from inside, pooling up in the pit of his stomach. He had forgotten how good that felt.

Hissing with delight, he gasped, "That's it right there." He leaned back on the palm of his hands, propping up on his knees and let Nero direct their rhythm and pace. It wasn't too bad for the little boy's first time. Clumsy as hell and Dante had to direct him a few more times towards his prostrate, but it was hot nevertheless, and soon Dante growled his orgasm, spurting onto his own abdomen.

Now they had some more lube.

Nero was once again lost in his personal ocean of bliss and oblivion. Dante sat back and watched the kid, slowly but surly growing hard again, even so soon after his climax. Nero was such a sweet, fuckable hottie. His ivory skin glowed in the moonlight, chest now completely flushed crimson, his cheeks were two globes of luminescent rose; his mouth was slack in a gentle O shape, red lips a pair of wet, shimmering swollen flesh from which emitted titillating gasps and slow, sensual moans in that strong, youthful tenor that always made Dante hot. His white hair was plastered over his sweaty brow, a small crease of concentration and pleasure marring its otherwise perfect skin, and a small strand curled against his cheek while another clung to the side of his neck. His head was thrown back in abandon.

Dante had seen the kid do and say some pretty arousing things during the day, but that had got to be the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

It wasn't long before Nero cried his release, stopping tensely inside Dante with but a few random spasms. His knees, Dante felt, trembled and as expected the kid collapsed over Dante, head resting on his shoulder as he tried to regain his breath.

"Well that was fun," Dante chimed.

Lifting his head Nero looked at him with the worst fearful scowl he had seen on the kid's countenance yet. "Was I really bad?"

Dante winked and with a confident smile answered, "Hell no. You were pretty good for a first timer. And that face doesn't suit you. Where's the cocky hellion that had his teeth bared at me all day?"

Nero glared at him (Ah. He's back). "…I just drilled a guy with terrible stubble, a rock hard ass and probably weighs more than me…what do you think?"

Dante couldn't help but guffaw at the snarky brat's choice of words. He had no idea how Nero could pull off a combination of hard-ass, cute and innocent, and devilish sexiness all at once. But he did. And it continued to incite Dante's interest.

He flipped them over, feeling the tightness grow between his legs. Nero had been pretty good for his first time, but he had a lot to learn. And Dante still wanted some mind-blowing fucking.

"My turn, sweetie."

"Oh, it's sweetie now? You serious?"

"What? You had your dick rammed up my ass and I can't use endearments?"

"Hell no."

"Cold, kid. Guess I haven't warmed you up to me completely yet." Dante dove down and went straight for Nero's nipples, no questions asked.

"W-wait! Already? I just finished!"

"No worries, kiddo, we got all night."

"We don't! Kyrie…"

"We do. She's asleep. And I thought we agreed not to mention girls while we screw each other."

"Hah!" Nero hissed and arched off the ground as Dante sucked the pert little nub until it was raw red.

Even Nero's nipples were a charming sight, the pink ring around them hairless and small. Nero had a great body, lean and graceful, toned just right from years of fighting; not overly ripped from gym. Kid was like Dante, his only work out was training with his sword and fighting demons. So his young, still a little pubescent body was naturally hard and soft in all the right areas, with the slightest traces of baby fat left as the last of his teenage years were pealed off to reveal a fully grown man. But even so, the svelte neck, the elegant shape of his long legs, his perfectly marked lips and long lashes gave him a softer, rather girlish, appeal that was probably what made Dante so easily aroused by just his looks.

Dante worked the other nipple with his fingers, and traced a trail of saliva down the slimly swollen chest, smooth as fucking silk. Had to be the demonic DNA that made his blood so clean and pure, and his skin so luminous.

He planted sweet kisses down the center of the warm torso, between his ribs all the way to his belly button. The flesh there was softer and hot beneath his lips. Again, this attested to the fact that Nero only got his athleticism in marital arts and actual combat, because places like the bottom of his abdomen only grew hard with trained, focused work outs that neither one of them bothered with. They didn't need any of that shit.

And it was just as well because Dante liked this naturally and genuinely strong body better than a gym-perfected one. He bit the soft skin covering petty traces of fat, then stuck his tongue into the navel and heard a soft, low cry from above. And here's another one, Dante remarked to himself with an inner grin. The crevices of his demonic arm, his ears, his jugular and navel.

Dante wanted to know more about Nero's body before the night was over. He decided to take his time and have a grand-tour. The next place Nero had a fairly strong reaction to was his waist, just the right amount of pressure against his lower sides made his breath get caught in his throat. Dante continued downward, not bothering to touch the stiffening member. He straightened up a bit and pulled Nero's leg up to his face.

When Dante licked the back of the kid's knee, the whole body beneath him suddenly jerked severely and Nero let out an odd sound between a gasp, a moan and a giggle.

Not only erogenous but ticklish here. Probably because he kick-boxed and used his legs quite a lot in battle. Interesting…and adorable. Dante played with that spot for a bit, causing Nero to burst into a tittering fit while trying to shake Dante's grip off his leg.

"Stop that!"

"Interesting spot here, kid."

"Yeah well…cut it out. It feels weird."

Grinning, Dante bit the skin lightly rousing a sharp yelp from the younger man.


"I'm getting there, wait a minute."

"Not funny—hah!"

Dante licked up the long limb, towards its inner thigh, close to Nero's crotch, while he squeezed his sensitive knee. Gripping both ankles, he lifted Nero's legs up high and spread them as far as he could. The kid responded with an embarrassed shout which Dante ignored. He had told him he didn't want to hear any complaints—fair's fair.

Sitting back, Dante examined the juncture between Nero's legs. His pale manhood was once again thick and glistening gloriously, curved upwards, balls a pretty pink (hah, wait tell he told the kid) and the snow-white curls right at the base of his erection all made it one of the finest looking crotch areas Dante had ever seen, and that was leaving aside the pink, puckered hole right below, stretched and promising.

Nero began squirming uncomfortably and mumbled, "Damn dirty old man, cut it out." An arm rested on the ground near his head while the other had his hand across his mouth as he bit a finger in both excitement and embarrassment at Dante's silent study of his most private areas.

Dante felt his own dick suddenly grow tight, as if the blood in it would burst any moment. Fuck the kid made him go crazy.

He crouched down and without warning licked Nero's entrance.

"Oooh, fuck!"

This, Dante had done before aplenty. Boys and girls. Everyone loved a good tongue bath.

Here comes lesson number two, kid.

Dante dove as if digging into a strawberry sundae…maybe not as sweet but the kid's natural taste made his dick swell like a long hot hair balloon, which strawberries failed to do. Though Dante was sure sticking strawberries in there and plucking them out with his tongue would be a fantastic treat on his personal dessert menu—gotta try it sometime.

He knew what he would hear when he stuck his tongue inside and wiggled it around, but Nero's wanton scream still made his blood boil and head spin. I'm not gonna last much longer. He was amazed at how young and virile he felt, like he was eighteen again. This is what the kid does to me.

Thank you for the job, Lady. Finally one that pays off, you stingy bitch, he thought rather fondly. Wait until he told her all the pretty, steamy details.

Tongue still inside, Dante lathered his fingers with his own cum still slicking his stomach as thoroughly as was possible and inserted a finger as deep as he could. He worked it for several seconds, the kid writhing and bucking wildly beneath his hands.

"Aaagh, Ooh fucking gods, fuck. Dante—nngh—please. More!"

Looks like I found his special little button.

Dante would have liked nothing more than to comply but he knew it would end in disaster no matter how much it seemed like a good idea at the moment. Lubing the kid with saliva and Dante's very semen—oh the foreshadowing!—he stretched the kid as carefully as he could. It was his first time and Dante wanted it to be an unforgettable experience.

Not like his first time…kids did stupid things.

When he felt Nero open up and relax, he slid another finger, thrust them in and out, and with his other hand he tried keeping Nero's hips pinned securely. The kid was going wild. Probably would enjoy bottoming more than Dante…then again it was Dante doing the penetrating, who in their right mind wouldn't want to bottom for him?

After a few seconds of sliding both fingers in and out he made scissoring motions, then put a third digit in, and continued to prepare Nero for another good minute. Meantime he moved back up to plant his lips on Nero's open mouth, sticking his tongue in and giving the hellish brat a mind-numbing face-sucking the kid would probably never get…considering his indubitably prudish girlfriend sure as hell wasn't going to kiss him like this.

Finally Dante thought him ready and sat straight, lifted the boy's hips and nudged his thighs apart as wide as the kid allowed. His thighs quivered and Nero kept subconsciously drawing them a little closer.

"Keep your legs far apart, Nero," he commanded softly and gripped his own throbbing manhood steady in front of the kid's pulsing ring. "This is still gonna hurt a little. Bear with it."

"I'm not a fucking chick, Dante. Seriously, fuck me and shut up."

Glancing up Dante replied patronizingly, "We're gonna need to work on that mouth of yours, brat." Before Nero could retort with some smart-ass comment, Dante shoved his tip in, steady and slow, and once Nero tensed and hissed, he stopped, waiting. "Tell me when you're ready."

He didn't use a condom this time-he only did so before because of the bit of lube it had. Neither he or Nero could be infected by anything, and Nero was wet enough. It took a little while. More than with a virgin girl, mainly because Nero was tighter and less likely to admit to any discomfort. Dante had to thrust a few times in, then all the way out, then start the process again until finally, after a full minute, he was fully sheathed inside Nero's incredible heat.

Dante leaned down and pressed a slow, encouraging kiss on Nero's lips. The younger man had been hissing and grunting in pain all through Dante's entry. Remembering where the prostate was located, he aimed and prodded. Nero released a sharp gasp into Dante mouth, followed by a low, guttural groan as the movements of his hips became less strung and more suave.

"Like that," Dante whispered into the blood-red swollen lips, gasping along with Nero, breaths mingled and heating their already burning faces.

"Y-yeah…ohssogood…D-D-Dante, I want…hah-nngh!"

Dante rammed in a little harder, Nero gasped again, flung his had back and bent his body impossibly like a U. Leaning closer and pressing their heated torsos together, slick and slippery and fucking amazing, Dante nipped at Nero exposed neck, grumbling, "Yeah, babe, what do you want?"

Nero could only gasp a few more times before mustering the dregs of his scattered thoughts and language to say, "Faster…harder…please, fuck me good, fuck me!"

Amazing. To think he was making cocksure, bad boy Nero say those things and moan like was the biggest ego-booster he'd gotten in a long time.

I am a god.

More than happy to grant Nero's request, Dante shifted their hips, with one arm curled around Nero's waist, holding him up by the small of his back, and the other clutched his thigh, digging strong fingers into the trembling flesh, and straightening his back once again, he began to thrust with magnificent speed and power. Nero screamed his lungs out, eyes rolling up behind his sockets, face crimson and veins bulging as he was fucked exquisitely and perfectly against the rough ground. Having been in the same position, Dante knew the kid would have vivid red scrapes across his back, worse than Dante's; but both men healed rapidly.

Dante's sight blurred into dark spots around the edges, only seeing Nero's white radiant form right in front of him. He looked down at where their bodies merged into one and watched as he disappeared into Nero's soft, cushy heat and re-appeared again and again at a pace no normal man would have the stamina to achieve at that point.

Suddenly he heard Nero's shrill cry pierce the night, bending with remarkable acrobatics against Dante's hips, impaling himself further onto the devil hunter. He remained tense just like that, convulsing for a very long time as he released his pearly fluid across his chest. Dante wasn't counting time but it was a good several moments before Nero finally crumbled, breathing heavily as if under an asthma attack.

Long ass freaking orgasm I gave him. I am indeed a fucking sex god.

He leaned in again, smashing their bodies together and kissed Nero. The boy's response was languid and slow, his tongue not bothering to fight for dominance, letting Dante take control of their fused mouths.

He felt it, that fire strung tight in the pit of his belly, growing tenser and fiercer, and hotter until electric sparks suddenly burst from his every pour. He groaned loudly into Nero's mouth, refusing to remain still even in the midst of a brain-shattering orgasm; he thrust, slower but stubbornly, riding out the crushing waves of flaring bliss. "Nero, Nero, Nero," he chanted against the kid's lips.

"Dante," he heard whispered back.

Soon he was spent, but he kept thrusting, sporadically and shallow, barely moved except for the random spasm of hips. Gently, as not to hurt the slightly smaller youth, he lay over Nero, still inside him, flaccid, exhausted and brilliantly sated.

I am going home a happy guy. Some of the best sex of my life. Damn, kid…I could fall for you. Like he'd ever say that shit out loud.

They fell asleep as they were, too tired and content to move.

Dante woke just at the break of dawn, slight slivers of bluish gray tinting the horizon opposite the moon which had yet to disappear behind the gradually brightening sky.

Nero stirred beneath him and Dante finally pulled out, sitting next to him. "Hey sunshine, time to get up. We kind of lost track of time."

Nero moaned something incoherent, rubbing his eyes, before blinking them open, frowning, then shooting up brusquely onto a sitting position.


"Idiot. You just had the best dick in the world shoved deep up your ass, what made you think sitting up like that was a good idea?"

Nero winced and hissed as he shifted on his hunches. He would not be sitting comfortably too soon. Dante was feeling a little painful twinge too, but he had a few experiences in his youth, he knew how to handle it…and what movements to make. He was more concerned with the glowing pride and satiation from the amazing lay he had just had a few hours ago.

"Best dick in the world? Don't applaud yourself just yet, asshole."

"Sure you wanna be using those nicknames right now?"

"Shut up."

Dante reach over for their coats and flung Nero's into his face. "Get dressed. Don't want your girlfriend waking up and finding you missing."

That remark seemed to make Nero grow silent. He remained much that way while he got himself cleaned and dressed. "This is nasty," he mumbled. "Now my clothes are all sticky."

"Not as much as mine," Dante answered, strapping his guns into their holsters and his sword at his back.

Once fully clothed they sat side by side against the crumbled water fountain, watching the sky turn golden.

"I didn't get to do much for you…" Nero said softly, breaking the long silence.

Dante looked over at him and saw the kid's cheeks glowing, his body probably pained but enjoying its first amazing afterglow. Nero's head, however, might not be so comfortable; the kid looked to be thinking back at what they did and looked a little ashamed that he had not been more active.

Dante had rarely met a virgin that was. The kid would someday figure it out and not mind it so much. Ruffling his disheveled pale hair, Dante replied, "Do you want to? Do more for me?"

Nero turned his head away, thinking deeply on what to say, or perhaps what he really wanted.

Dante sighed. "Look, it's okay. We could do this again sometime, if you want to."

"That's the problem," Nero said and looked back at him with a confused visage. "I do want to. And it's weird. I love Kyrie and you're a guy…but I really want to see you again…am I a bad person?"

He stared into the kid's eyes for a long moment. Having started all of this, Dante was responsible for any tormenting dilemma the kid suffered, so he had to select his words diligently. Sighing, he said, "You are the purest and most honorable runt I have ever met, even with all your cocky bullshit. The last person on Earth I'd ever call 'bad' is you."

Nero turned his head away and smiled wistfully.

Dante had not planned on revealing so much but something in him, probably the sight of Nero's gentled expression in the soft glow of first light, compelled his voice. "You know when I first saw you I saw a lot of my brother in you. I thought you'd be a lot more like him. But then…I don't know, the way you looked at my brother's sword…I knew you loved her with everything you got in you. I realized you're nothing like bro. He didn't know love. He wanted power for himself…you want it to protect what you love. And there's nothing wrong with that."

"…you mean like your dad?"

Dante smiled. "The old man? Yeah, that's a shining example right there. Loved humans so much he rebelled against his own kind, sealed away his own power, and invented every tactic in philandering known to man."

"But he loved your mom?"

"Yeah, probably loved one of your ancestors too."

Nero laughed.

"I'll warn you now. You're young, incredibly young, but your demon blood will make you age very slowly, and live much longer than regular humans. Even as she ages, grows wrinkly and gray, you'll look almost the same as now." Dante gave him an intense stare. "You ready for that?"

"Not really. But I guess I'll have to deal with it. But you'll be there, right? As long as I am?"

"You want me to?"

"…I don't know. I love Kyrie. But I feel…I really want to see you again."

"Then you will."

"Isn't that wrong? I'm being selfish and unfair to Kyrie…"

"Maybe. But if you're not selfish then you'd be unfair to yourself and that's just as bad. Selfishness isn't exactly a bad thing, just has a bad reputation. Men mess up; don't know how to deal with their own desires. Look, it's fine to want two people at the same time. Not saying it's easy, but it happens; it's natural. But, for what it's worth, you and me don't exactly make couple of the year. We can still find pleasure, in sex or just companionship but…she'll be the one holding your hand walking down the street, not me."

"…isn't this cheating?"

Dante sighed. "Look, I'm not sugar coating; you're gonna cheat something. It's either her or yourself—your decision. What do you want?"

"I…never lied to her before."

"You don't need to. But don't lie to yourself either. What do you want?" he repeated.

"I want you too."


"…I want to see you again."

Dante smiled, ruffled his hair one last time before standing up. "Then I'll be seeing you," he answered and walked off just like before. He felt those eyes on him, burning with youthful yearning and fondness not yet realized, just like before.

A/N: Longest friggen lemon I have EVER written, and it is my second ever written as well. Hope I did well. A question: did I pass the M rating line? Should I censor a few more parts? I think I did well staying within the boundaries.