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Chapter 2

"Hey Nami" said Taisuke after a long while of silence.

"What?" replied an irritated Nami.

"Erm, can we discuss what we are making for lunch and dinner later?" Taisuke asked while scratching at his head.

Nami stared at Taisuke for a while. He can be surprisingly sensible at times.

"I guess,"

"How about making sushi for lunch? We can catch fishes from the beach and buy the other materials we need from that supermarket at the harbor."

Nami nodded. Taisuke's idea sounds fair enough. Sushi sounds rather nice too but there was something else bugging her. As much as she hates to admit it, she is pretty bad at cooking and she never made sushi before too but her pride won't let her tell it to Taisuke.

"Hey Nami, do you know how to make sushi?"

Taisuke had recalled the days when he was travelling with Yuuta and Nami. If memory serves him right, Nami is pretty bad at cookery.

Nami blushed slightly. Both touched and insulted at the same time. She was touched that Taisuke remembered their past experiences but insulted by his comment that suggested that she was bad at cooking.

"I... had improved over these two years" she lied


Taisuke raised an eyebrow and stared at Nami who was behaving suspiciously.

"Of course you idiot."

"What about dinner?" says Nami quickly diverting the topic.

"I'm not sure, do you have any ideas?" Taisuke replied.


Sushi already sounds complicated enough for Nami. If Taisuke has anymore weird ideas, there would only create more trouble for her when they prepare the meals.

"Aren't we already having that for lunch? Why not something else like mushroom soup or something?"

Nami hesitated for a moment. Mushroom soup doesn't sound half bad to be honest and it doesn't really involve the chopping of ingredients at all which she was especially bad at.

"Let's have that then."

After the topic of the meals came to an end, the wave of silence returned.

Nami was becoming gradually restless since she barely slept a wink earlier but her sense of responsibility won't let her succumb to her fatigue.

Taisuke was the one to break the silence again.

"Hey Nami, are you bored? Let's play a game or say a joke or something."

He didn't receive any reply from Nami but he carried on saying his joke anyway.

"Tachibei-san and Yamamoto-san went to tokyo disneyland together,"

The randomness of the character's name caused Nami to become even more restless. She should have slept before their shift; she was going to collapse into dreamland any moment then.

Seeing Nami's restlessness, Taisuke tried encourage her to listen to the joke.

"Come on Nami, this joke is really funny. Rei told it to me."

Oh, it wasn't Taisuke's joke. That's a relief.

"Tachibei-san and Yamamoto- san saw a sign. It says 'Disneyland, left' so they both went home. Haha, isn't the joke funny?"

Taisuke started laughing at the joke on his own.

Nami wondered how old Kanou's mental age was. Probably 5 years old.

"Can we do something else other than listening to your jokes?" suggested Nami, trying to hide her annoyance at Taisuke in her tone. If she listened to anymore of his jokes, she was probably going to explode."

"Let's play the staring game then."

Nami shook her head. She has a bad feeling about playing any games with Taisuke, especially one involving staring."

"Please, Nami, there's nothing to do around here anyway." Taisuke begged.

Nami thought for a while.

"...All right then,"

Nothing can possibly go wrong...

Taisuke moved to face Nami and stare intensely into her eyes...

Black pupils stared into each other.

Nami was feeling extremely uneasy from Taisuke's stare. What is wrong with her today? Why is she acting so strangely around Taisuke? Just as she wanted to look away, her pride got in her way. She was reluctant to lose to Taisuke but it's painfully hard to maintain her composure as well due to her embarrassment and fatigue.

On the other hand, Taisuke has started to sense Nami's uneasiness. Her face was blushing a really dark shade of pink and she was clenching her fists tightly. It's just a game, there's no need to get so worked up but somehow, her face right now just seems a little cute.

A tight feeling clutched at his chest and soon, he found himself flushing pink as well. The tight feeling on his chest is becoming horribly suffocating and his entire face is burning hot.

Nami was the one who looked away. She couldn't stand looking into Taisuke's eyes any longer.

Taisuke saw Nami look away. It looks like he had won the staring game. He touched his cheeks lightly. They were burning hot. His hands were like ice compared to it.

"Puberty" thought Taisuke.

"Dehydration" thought Nami.

These were their excuses towards their faces blushing.

Soon, Nami went back to face Taisuke, though she looked down and avoided his gaze as much as possible

"Looks like I won Nami." Taisuke grinned.

"Don't get cocky Kanou, I let you win on purpose." retorted Nami, looking up. Her face was still blushing.

He had nearly forgotten how much of a tsundere Nami was, looks like she won't admit defeat that easily.

"Haha, don't be such a sore loser Nami," teased Taisuke.

Oops. wrong move. Nami's ice claws had appeared on her hands. She launched forward to attack...

Taisuke shielded himself using his arms only to realise she was aiming at something else.

There was something moving within the bushes.

A man crawled out and held out both hands meaning that he meant no harm.


"You two are getting along well aren't you?" Rei said. Both Taisuke's and Nami's faces flushed brick red. "I was just out spying on the military. Since I'm back, I will continue where you two left off. You two should go back and rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

Both of them nodded and went back into the house.

"So, erm. See you later." Taisuke says before going into his room.

"Night... I mean, Morning." Nami said in reply. It was already 6am.

Just as they were about to enter their respective rooms, Aoi and Yuuta came and dragged the both of them to the living room.

"Taisuke, Nami- nee, come help us to prepare breakfast." said Yuuta.

"Yeah, you elderly should come help us, I'm okay but Yuuta is extremely unreliable unlike me" added Aoi egoistically.

"Me? Unreliable?" said Yuuta.

"Elderly?" asked Nami.

"No problem, you have to count on your seniors on times like this" said Taisuke cheerfully.

Nami was not that willing to help. She was extremely tired but it seems like she didn't have a choice. Idiot kanou had already decided what to do for her.

Nami turned towards Taisuke.

Frown meets a smile.

Today was definitely going to be a long day.

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