This is my first pokemon fic, so be nice and enjoy


The Heart of an Eevee

There was once an eevee who lived happily in the wild, she was free, and didn't have a care in the world. She had never thought that she would become someone's pokemon. From stories she's heard from other's, humans are mean and ruthless and only want pokemon to make them more powerful. So from that day on she said she would never become a slave to a human. One day when she was just relaxing she heard a scream that startled her. She got up and ran towards the scream. When she got to the source, she saw a little human girl being attacked by wild pokemon.

Because she was human, eevee was just going to leave her, but instinct told her to save her, and if there was one thing she knew, alway's follow your instinct. So she ran towards the little girl and attacked the wild pokemon sending them scurrying in fear. Eevee was about to head back to the forest when she heard the girl "please don't go" she said. Eevee looked back at the girl to see she was crying "I have no were to go, and you saved me so please stay with me I don't want to be alone" she said.

Other pokemon told her that humans were bad creatures, but looking into the girl's eyes eevee saw only sadness and lonlyness with a little hope. It was then when eevee decided she would stay with the little girl. So eevee had walked back to the little girl and she looked happy. The girl hugged eevee "thanks, I promise i'll take good care of you and let nothing happen to you, I promise" said the girl. Eevee felt like she could trust his human. She looked at eevee "by the way, my name's Eva" the girl said.

It had been a few day's since eevee had been with Eva and everyday that went by eevee trusted Eva more and more. They had decided to stop at a pokemon center in Sangem town to rest. On the way, they met up with an old man "hello young lady, is this eevee your pokemon" he asked and Eva knodded. He looked at eevee "how long have you had her" he asked "this eevee is a girl" Eva asked and he knodded "i've had eevee about 4 day's now, she saved me from a bunch of wild pokemon" she explained.

The old man smiled "im Professer Rowan, and who might you be" he asked. "im Eva" she replied "alright Eva, how about you come with me to my lab" he said and Eva agreed. Eevee studied the professer and like the girl he looked kind and not mean ' maby all those pokemon who said bad stuff about human's had bad trainers ' she thought. As they walked to the lab Professor Rowan explained to Eva that he wanted her to help him with recording pokemon in a pokedex, she agreed and when they reached the lab he gave her five pokeballs.

Eva decided to leave eevee outside it's pokeball, and so they started there journey together as life long partners. As they walked a houndour ran out of the bushes.

Eevee's POV

Eva turned to me "can you help me catch houndour" she asked and I knodded. So I attacked him and he dodged my tackle. He was going to attacked me from behind, but used sand attacked and threw him off guard. While he tried to get the sand out of his eye's, I used quick attacked landing a direct hit. Eva threw a pokeball at the houndour and it wiggled abit, but eventually it stopped. Eva picked up the pokeball "well, we did it eevee, we caught our first pokemon" she said "yeah" I replied.

Eva decided to enter gym battles and take on the pokemon league. The first gym leader was Roark, so Eva wanted to catch a grass or water type, since he uses rock types. So when we came across a mudkip, she asked me to battle since houndour was a fire type. So I used my quick attack and landed the first blow, but the mudkip got back up. It had shot a water gun at me and it was so fast that I didn't have enough time to react and it hit me "eevee" Eva called out worried.

I got back up ready to fight "now, use shadow ball" Eva said and I shot a giant black lump towards mudkip and hit it. IT was a direct hit so I knocked it out "go pokeball" Eva said and threw a pokeball at the mudkip. After a few wiggles, it stopped "yes, we caught a mudkip" she said happily. I walked up Eva and she patted me on the head "good job eevee, I caught two pokemon and its all thanks to you" she said.

It felt good when Eva scratched behind my ears, I guess humans aren't so bad after all. We almost reached Jubilife city when a group of people appered "hand over the eevee" the guy said. Eva picked me up and held on to me "no, go find your own eevee, this one is mine" she said. The man frowned "fine, you leave us no choice" he said and took out a pokeball "go, jolteon" he said and threw the pokeball.

A fox pokemon with spiky yellow and white fur appered "jolteon" it said. Jolteon was one of the 7 eevee evolutions, it was a thunder type. It was about to attack Eva, so I jumped out of her arms and countered with a quick attack. I growled at him "leave us alone" I said to the jolteon. He grinned "im only following orders" he said and hit me with a thunderbolt attack. It hurt like crazy, and I could see the fear in Eva's eyes.

I couldn't let them hurt her so I got back up. However I couldn't move, the thunderbolt had paralized me. Eva ran over to me "eevee, are you ok" she asked with tears rolling down her face as she picked me up. The guy laughed "you really think you could beat me that easily with a weak eevee like that" he said. That got me mad, I was not weak, but I was in too much pain to stand, maby I was weak afterall.

Eva shook her head "no, your wrong, this eevee is the best and is far from weak and I will never let you take her from me" she said. No human I have have been told about had said something that nice. Eva really was special, and I had to protect her. Suddenly, there was a huge roar and a dragonite came flying down "Dracolosse, use dragonbreath" someone said. The Dragonite shot blue flames out of its mouth and at the jolteon.

The jolteon fainted on contact "no, not my jolteon" the guy said. A girl came running out of the bushes and ran towards me and Eva "hey, are you alright" she asked. Eva knodded "im more worried about my eevee, she got injured pretty badily" she said looking down at me. The girl pulled something out of her bag "there, this will help make her feel better, but it might sting a little" she said and sprayed the stuff on me. It did sting, but not nearly as bad as the thunderbolt attack "now, we need to get her to a pokemon center" the girl said again.

Jubilife city was in clear sight "were almost there, oh and by the way, my name is Julie" the girl said. Eva looked down at me again and smiled "don't worry eevee, you'll feel better soon" she said. When we got to a pokemon center, nurse joy took me to a room and healed me. Eva was watching the whole time with a worried expression, I was lucky to have her as a trainer.

Nromal POV

Eva sighed "I really hope eevee's going to be ok" she said. Julie smiled "don't worry about it, im sure she'll be fine" she said. The next morning, eevee was all ready to leave "your eevee has a clean bill of health now" Nurse joy said. Eva smiled "thanks so much" she said and picked up eevee "you ready to start our journey" Eva asked "eevee eve" eevee replied. As they were about to head out, they heard someone calling. They turned around to see Julie "I don't want to be pushy or anything, but could I come with you on your jorney" she asked. Eva smiled "of course you can, right eevee" she said "eevee" she replied happily. So Julie joined Eva's adventure, little do they know that they are in for one heck of a ride.

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