I groaned as I started to wake up. My eyes were blurry, my whole body ached and I felt awful. When my eyes finally focusd, I saw Eva, Julie and all the other pokemon around me. As I looked around the room I realized that I was in the pokemon center. Eva hugged me "oh im so glad your alright, I was worried I was going to lose you, that hyper beam really did a number on you" she said. Right, that's what happened, I was knocked out by that hyper beam.

Seeing that I was ok now everyone relaxed abit. I looked down, I had just evoled and lost to a salamence, I had never lost a battle before. It felt like I let Eva and everyone else down when I lost. My eyes widened suddenly, what happened to that milotic. I turned to Draco "hey, is milotic alright" I asked. He nodded with a smile "yes he is, I must say you are an awesome battler espeon" he complimented.

I looked down again "I lost, I had just evolved but I still lost, how am i awesome at battling" I asked. Draco looked at me like I was nuts "how can you say that, you just evolved, most pokemon need time to adjust to their new bodies, but to you battled like you have been an espeon for a while" he explained. I sighed "but still, I lost, I let Eva and everyone else down" I said again. This time Draco sighed "you didn't let anyone down, trust me" he replied.

Yawning, I decided to get some more sleep, afterall, I needed my strength if I wanted to battle and train more. I don't know how long I was out but when I woke up I felt alot better. Looking out the window I saw that it was really early in the morning, the sun not quite ready to make an apperence but showing some rays. I was the only one in the room then, so I took advantage of the silence to think about somethings. As I was pondering on how to become stronger, I never noticed my teammate, houndour watching me form a crack in the door.

Houndours POV

I watched as espeon thought, I was so glad she was ok. I never saw the battle but I heard from Draco telling the other pokemon about what happened at the lake. I must say, espeon looked more beautiful now then before. You see, I kinda maybe have a crush on her......ok, I really really like her. Ever since I joined Eva and got to know the fox pokmeon there was always something about her that attracted me towrads her.

I wanted her as a mate so bad, but I somehow knew it would never happen, she was far too good for him, so he thought. Becoming brave, I walked though the door into espeon's room, causing the psychic pokemon too look towards me. She smiled at me, that smile made my heart melt everytime "hey houndour, what are you doing up so early" she asked. I grinned "I could ask you the same thing" I replied.

She giggled abit, that made my morning being able to make her laugh a little and smile. I jumped up on the bed and sat beside her "so how are you feeling" I asked her. She turned to me "I am feeling much better, but......I let everyone down when I lost yesterday" she replied, sadly. I was shocked "how can you think that, you haven't let anyone down" I countered. A tear rolled down her face, I had never seen her so vulnerable before.

She then spoke "I hardly injured salamence yesterday and all it took was two attacks from him to defeat me, I am weak" she said, more tears falling down. This was the first I have ever seen her cry and I hated it "you are not weak espeon, don't ever call yourself weak" I turned her head away from me "please espeon, please don't think of yourself as weak, when you do it hurts me so much" I said.

She was not expecting me to say that "what do you mean" she asked. I sighed, well, it was now or never "I love you espeon, I love you so much, and when you call yourself names like weak it hurts me, more than you will ever know" I finally said, my voice cracking abit. Her eyes widened "di-did you just say you loved me" she asked. I nodded "yes, I love you with all my heart and I don't care if you feel the same, I just neede to tell you" I replied.

Espeon was saying anything so I took that as a rejection, that didn't surprize me. What she did next however did, she kissed me, causing me to fall off of the bed in shock. Espeon was laughing now "you look so cute down there with a confused look on your face" she told me. I wasn't sure what just happened "why did you kiss me" I asked. She looked at me "why do you think silly, I love you aswell" she replied.

It took a while for those words to sink in and when they did, my brain shut down. Did espeon just say that she returns my feelings "so then will you be my mate" I asked, stupidly as I jumped back onto the bed. She cuddled up beside me "yes houndour, I will be your mate" she replied. I felt so happy at that moment, my whole body went numb. Just then Eva walked into the room and saw us cuddled up together.

She smiled "so this is where you went off to houndour, are you cheering espeon up" she asked. I just nuzzled my new mate with her nuzzling back. Eva got the hint and her smiled widened "you too make a cute pair" she said. I couldn't agree more with her. All of the pokemon congradulated me and espeon "bout time you two got together" breloom said.

I have never felt so happy in my whole life and I would protect my new mate with my life. Espeon turned towards me "well, do you want to make things official" she said, with a glint of naughtyness. I knew what she ment by that and my face heated up, well, as much as it could for a fire type. I nodded, also getting turned on by the situation. Her grinned only got wider "when our trainers are alseep, then we will" she said.

Knowing what was going to happen made me all hyper and energetic. Finally, night had come. As our humans were getting ready for bed me and espeon were deciding where to mate. First, we needed to sneak out of the pokemon center which would be easy since Julie and Eva left the windows open for night. Next, we were going to head into the forest near the pokemon center. It was a good thing Eva let us stay out of our balls tonight.

I walked up to espeon as our humans slept "you ready" I asked her. She got up and nodded "yes I am, lets go" she replied and we both jumped out the window. Espeon was infront of me, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. I surpressed a groan as I felt myself getting hard at the sight. I didn't know how much longer I could last, I wanted her right there and then. She must have been thinking the same thing cause she just stopped.

Espeon turned to me "this is far enough, besides, I can see that your not able to last much longer" she said, pointing at my erect cock. I blushed brightly "well, lets fix that then" she said again and walked over to me, swaying her hips as she walked. I gulped, feeling my cock pulse like crazy. She then bend down and took me all in her mouth, making me howl in pleasure.

This was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt in my whole life. Espeon was bobbing her head up and down while her tounge flicked the tip of my cock. After a few minutes of this I could not take it any longer and with a loud howl, I came. She gulped down every last bit of my cum "mmm, you taste amazing" she said, licking her lips. I grinned "now, its my turn" I said, pushing her lightly to the ground.

Espeon giggled at the action, already wet from sucking me off. I took in her wonderful scent. Without waiting, I stuck my muzzle into her pussy and started to lick and nibble. This earned many moans form the psychic fox beneth me. As I ate her out, my dick became hard again and I started to buck my hips. I could feel that my lover was about to cum, I wanted to taste her so bad so I started licking even faster "god that feels so good" she moaned out.

With one long moan, she came all over my face and the ground. However, I kept licking her pussy, earning another orgasm form her within minutes. I cleaned it all up, even the stuff on the ground "you also taste really good my love" I replied. I knew what was coming next and we were both ready for it. I positioned myself infront of her entrance and thrusted into her. She hissed out in pain, this was her first time.

I waited till she got used to me and then I continued. My dick felt so right being inside of her tight and hot pussy. I kept punding into her, earning many moans and grunts from the pokemon underneath me. Hearing her scream out my name just made me harder, if that was possible. I picked up speed as I felt her walls tighten around my cock. I felt myself about to release soon aswell "do you want me to cum in you" I asked her.

I knew that if I did she would then be carrying our pups and I wasn't sure if she wanted that. She licked my nuzzle and nodded "yes, I want to have your pups" she replied. I smiled and with one final thrust, I released into her. She came a second later, both of us yelling eachothers names out. My seed shot through her in many short streams. I pulled out of her a few minutes later as we both caught our breaths.

She nuzzled me "I love you houndour" she said "I love you too, my love" I replied, nuzzling her back. By the time we got back to the pokemon center, we were both exaughsted. Curling up together by Eva's bed, we both fell into a deep and peacful sleep.

And there is teh seventh chapter, that was my first lemon so please be nice