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Summary: Breaking Dawn. Edward did not keep his side of the compromise, therefore Renesmee doesn't exist. Will this leave Bella realize her love for another Cullen boy? BxEm. M for Lemons & Language, anything else and I'll warn you.

When Beauty Leaves And The Lion Lies


I walked over the warm sand, allowing it to fill the gaps between my toes, the tiny grains spilling over my feet. I shuddered slightly as the wind breezed through my hair, caressing my face. I lifted my head and lay eyes on one of the most beautiful beings I had ever seen. Edward's perfectly sculpted body facing away from me, his hands swaying at his side, gently grazing the surface of the water with his long, pale fingers. Hesitantly, I stepped into the warm water and walked further out to meet my husband. Wow, that is something I will never get used to.

He turned around to face me, the moonlight enhancing his already radiant, translucent skin. He touched me lightly and I shivered unintentionally. I placed my hand on his arm and leant in to kiss his perfect lips, he backed away slightly, he seemed to have been avoiding me since we got here.

"Bella, love," he began, sighing, "I am truly sorry, but I am unable to keep to my side of the compromise. I understand I made a promise which I cannot keep. I will make this up to you one day, but not while you are still human. I am sorry, Bella," he exited the water with great grace. Many feelings overwhelmed me: anger, fury, love, lust, disappointment, guilt, understanding, confusion. Of course, how could someone so amazing love someone so plain and boring as I?

I headed slowly towards the shore, sitting on the smooth sand scanning it for shells with my fingers. Who was I trying to kid, I would never be able to satisfy anyone as good as Edward. God, I'm so useless. He doesn't want to make love to me, but why should that ruin our relationship? I'll just have to get over it and try and have fun. He only wants to protect me. I stood up and walked towards the grand house, Edward was waiting on the chair in the bedroom.

"I was unsure whether you would want me here, on the bed I mean," Edward explained, "I love you and what I cannot do with you yet makes no difference. You are my Bella and I am your Edward. We belong together: forever and ever." He makes me feel so worthless sometimes and then others he places me on a pedestal and offers the world.

"My Edward," I sighed, he is my Edward and I am his Bella and I love him. I'm pretty sure I do.

I sat on the bed and motioned him over. He was still my husband no matter what; in fact I still need to thank Alice for that beautiful wedding she pulled together, of course I'll do that after I kick her ass for providing me with this skimpy, unnecessary lingerie. I enjoyed the ceremony much more than I thought I would. I loved dancing with Edward and the rest of the Cullen's: my family.

How will Charlie ever forgive me for leaving him, all he asked was for me to say goodbye. And Renee and Phil, oh, I can hardly bear to think about it.

Edward sat beside me, stroking my cheek. I melted at his touch. He kissed me sweetly, and as normally he pulled away far too quickly. I sighed. I pressed my head firmly against the pillow, feeling a sudden burst of anger come from deep within me as I slithered under the covers.

"Edward, you promised me!" I exclaimed, "I kept to my side on the deal, I allowed you to buy me a stupid, expensive, fast car, let you pay my tuition money and I married you!" After all I did to please him could he not do the only two to please me, how selfish is he!?

"Bella, love, I understand why you're so angry. You have a right to be disappointed, but I don't want to hurt you. I agreed we would try - not that we would - and this is as close to trying as I want to get," he responded holding me closer. A few salty tears escaped the corners of my eyes. I clutched on to him.

"Okay, I get it," I mumbled through sobs. It was a lie. I really didn't understand.

"Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, I love you more than anything in this entire universe and don't let this or anything else for that matter change what you think. I love you and although you deserve better, I want you. I will make love to you, but not until you have been changed. I care for you too much to put you in that sort of danger. I don't want to hurt you," Edward whispered softly in my ear as he cradled me against his bare chest, humming my lullabye.

My cell phone began to ring,

"You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling
Clumsy cause I'm falling in love
You got me slipping, tumbling, sinking, fumbling
Clumsy cause I'm falling in love"

Emmett has changed my ringtone yet again! I will get him for this. I glanced at the screen on my phone: Emmett Cullen calling. He better be prepared for the mind-tormenting ear-hurting rant of the century. I slid it open and held it to my ear.

"Like a virgin! Touched for the very first time! Like a vir-" I cut him off. Now was not the time to mess with me - first my ringtone and now unknowingly hurting my feelings.


"Hey, calm down little sis, I found the ringtone very appropriate and I like Fergie! As for your second question, it's 11am, I don't class that as morning - more midday... hang on a second... what do you mean: it did not happen?" he didn't sound like he knew, maybe I should cut him some slack.

"Oh, Emm, I'm so sorry. I'm just a little cranky. You could call it sexual tension, I guess. And that song... I hate it! You could have at least found a good remix!" I joked. I've never been funny. Ever.

"Wait, but he promised you that you would, that bastard! If you want me and the rest of the family to kick his ass we would do it happily!" Emmett said, I could tell by his voice he was grinning.

"Since it's 11am I suppose I should get up," I replied, looking towards the curtains. They were open, the sun shining down at me. Wow, it was later than I thought. "Goodbye Emmett, tell the family that I miss them and love them."

"What about me!?" He exclaimed, fake shock smothering his gruff voice.

"I miss you and I love you big brother," I smiled, "Bye!"

"See you soon! We love you too, my offer still stands," Emmett yelled. I slid the phone down. He was loud, I could hear a faint ringing in my ears. I light smell of eggs wafted through the air as I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, dear, sleep well?" Edward asked politely, smiling his crooked smile which I love so much. I nodded, accepting the plate of eggs as he handed it to me. "We're going hiking today and then you're going snorkeling - I'll watch from the beach so I don't scare the fish away," he announced. I nodded again, I think he could tell I was still annoyed with him. The joys of a honeymoon without sex: so far - none. I detest hiking and Edward knows it. I hate snorkeling too, I always swallow the water and it burns my throat slightly. The only thing I wanted to do was to enjoy my husband physically, but he wouldn't let me or didn't want to.

After 14 days of Edward's idea of fun, I'd had enough and I was really thinking about accepting Emmett's offer. I was sick of pretending to enjoy this honeymoon. Alice thinks I'm a bad actress, well, I think I did rather well this fortnight.

"Edward, I think I want to go home now," I spoke quietly.

"Of course, Bella, we shall start packing in the morning and I'll book the flights as soon as possible," Edward smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I sighed internally, relieved, I was getting back to the other Cullen's sooner than I thought. I smiled back at Edward and thanked him, as to not raise suspicion. I feel as though if I stay here much longer, our love won't be able to survive my extreme frustration. Everything is easier with the other Cullen's around.

I woke up after hearing a noise. I rolled over in the bed to discover that Edward was not there: he must have gone hunting. I rolled back into my original place and looked at the clock. 12:57am. I felt lonely and cold, I needed a laugh. I was going to call someone who could always cheer me up; Emmett. I can't, he will be with Rosalie. I suppose I could text him. So I did. He called me back within seconds. Just as I suspected, he made me happier than I had been on this bland honeymoon in our hour long conversation. I sighed as he hung up and fell back asleep. At least I will see him at the airport.