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Home Sweet Home?

Flora sat at her desk in the box room, where she slept, and reached for her favourite pen.

Dear Diary,

I have have only been here for three days, but already, I feel part of something. Something nice. Something kind. A family, perhaps?

I never really felt like this whilst I lived in St. Mystere. I couldn't make friends because all the villagers thought of me as 'the baron's spoilt daughter' and not just 'Flora' but here I can be Flora, I can just be ME. It makes me sad to think that I was never really content with what my Father had given me and I wished I had spent more time with him, and I wished that it wasn't too late -

- But it is. It was six years ago, so I just have to face it and be happy with what I have, fortunatley, I am -

- I was three days ago...

Oh god - I think I'm going to cry. I hope Luke doesn't come in.

Goodnight xxx