I wrote this story after enjoying (Yeah right!) a gentle game of football for a PSHCEE lesson. ( What that has to do with PSHCEE, I don't know! )

The (Not so) Beautiful Game!

Flora walked to the back of the bus, sat next to Janie, Mel and Luke, then opened her diary...

Dear Diary

Yesterday, my form tutor opened the register, "Oh, children - we have a notice from Ms. Olsen. It says that you need to bring your sports clothes to school tomorrow for PSHCEE." My friend Janie spoke up "Er, Miss? Why do we need our sports clothes for PSHCEE? It's got nothing to do with that lesson." Janie always had to question everything. "Well," Mrs. Wilkinson said "Ms. Olsen wants to do some sport with you because your topic for this term is 'Keeping Fit'."

Alicia immediately saw an opportunity to impress Luke.

"Shouldn't be too hard for you..." she told him. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at her - We were amazed that he still hadn't caught on that she fancied him like mad! I'd told him once, and he'd just gawped at me and said "What? Alicia? No she doesn't! Anyway, I'd never go out with someone like her!" As he finished speaking, I'd thought -

Well, tell her that and put us out of our misery!

The next day, at the start of lesson 2, I went to get changed into my sports clothes. We don't have a fixed sport uniform, so we get to wear what we want. I just wore a pleated skirt and white cotton blouse with my pink pumps. Mel and Janie wore the same sort of clothes as me but Alicia always dressed up.

She was stood there wearing a white tee - shirt, polka dot pink skirt, and sparkly white trainers, her so - called 'friends' wearing plain clothes so they don't overshadow her. She walked over to the mirror . I stood and watched her as she brushed back her shoulder - length golden brown hair, that's when I noticed Ms. Olsen was staring at my pink hair ribbon. She stomped up to me,

"Uh Oh - someones gonna get it!" Mocked Janie.

"Hey, Reinhold - What's this?" she yanked it from my ponytail. "I'll tell you what it is! It's a big fat safety hazard, that's what!!!"

"A hair ribbon?" Mel asked, confusedly.

"Oi! What are you two standing around here for?"

They ran off so quickly that I actually felt a rush off wind go right into my face! I turned back to Ms. Olsen...

"To answer your friend's question, yes, it is a saftey hazard - you or someone else could choke!"

"How could someone else choke?" I asked.

"Shut up! Now get out there, you delinquent!"

In fear of my life, I ran out like there was no tomorrow...

We were stood on the pitch, all lined up, when all the boys came out and lined up with us...

"Hiya, boys! Does any of you have the time?" Ms. Olsen asked, suprisingly calmly.

"Yes," Luke said "It's 21 minutes past 9."

"So why the hell weren't you out 3 minutes ago!?"

That's more like her, I thought to myself.

Then she chose three team leaders - Mel, A boy in my class called Jamie and - guess who - Alicia!

"Erm, Ms. Olsen? Can I pick someone first?" Alicia said, trying to sound cute.

Ms. Olsen told her she could, Alicia imeadiatly flashed a smug look at me, that made me want to slap her. "Okay..." she went on "Luke."

He groaned before walking over to her. At the end of it, Luke was the only boy in a group of girls, who giggled and flirted with him, to the horror of Alicia. I heard her say to her friends "This is ridiculous! They're flirting with MY BOYFRIEND!" Boyfriend!? He's not her boyfriend!!! I don't even know why I'm bothered! She seems to think that I actually fancy my adopted brother! Anyway, Iwas chosen to be on a team with Mel, Janie and My other friend, Bella.

Everytime the ball came near me, I screamed, resulting in numerous giggles and snide remarks from Alicia's team. (More like minions!) I hate football, but it's even worse when she's playing! Eventually, I just got so mad that I actually started being bothered about who wins. I even got so close to the ball that I almost kicked it, but a boy from Jamie's team got there first, then he kicked it to Jamie and said to me "Fetch!"

"Make Me!" I hit back, trying to sound clever, then I realised what I'd just said "Oh god - That's the point!" I went after it, but Luke's team (If I have to call it Alicia's team one more time, I will literally have to kill myself!) scored a goal. Yeah - we lost...

So, anyway - to summarise...

1) I hate evil chavs like Alicia


2) I am losing the will to live!

See Ya xxx