Disclaimer: Rugrats was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Paul Germain. I own nothing.

Author's note: I never thought my first fic on here would be a Rugrats one but I stumbled across this the other day when cleaning out my room. Oh, the memories. Originally written when I was about 10 but I did rewrite a few parts after finding it. Set after The Rugrats Movie but before Rugrats in Paris (so Kimi isn't around yet).

Big Brothers and Cooties

It was a warm Saturday afternoon.

The Rugrats were playing in the Pickles' backyard with Dil when Angelica came along.

"So, what'cha doin', you dumb babies?"

"We're just playin' with Dil," said Tommy.

"Well, you can't! Unless you want to give him… Big Brother Germs!"

"W-What're they, Angelica?" asked Chuckie nervously.

"Well, Finster, when big brothers play with little baby brothers, they give them itty bitty bugs. And the bugs, they crawl all over you, and make you really sick, and give you boo-boos and… and... Big Brother Cooties!"

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!" screamed Chuckie, diving under a blanket.

Angelica snickered and strolled away calmly, her job done for another day.

"Gee, Tommy," said Lil, "I guess you can't play with Dil no more."

"Yeah, too bad," added Phil, tossing a bucket of sand onto Lil's dress.

"Don't throw sand on me, Phillip!"

"Well don't stand where I throw my sand, Lillian!"

Tommy stared at Dil with a worried look on his face.


That night, Dil wouldn't stop crying.

"Oh, I think the mushy carrots weren't cooked properly," said Didi.

"Let's see what Lipshitz has to say," said Stu, grabbing a copy of by Dr Lipshitz's latest book, Baby Blues.

"Wow, Tommy," said Chuckie, who was spending the night at the Pickles' house. "Your mummy said Dil ated carrots and gotted sick."

"Maybe," Tommy replied uneasily, "Or maybe Dil's got big brother cooties like Angelica said! We gots to do something! C'mon Chuckie!"

"At night?!" asked Chuckie, his eyes as wide as saucers as he squeezed the blankie against his chest. "I dunno—"

Tommy dragged his friend out of the cot.


"When I getsed sick," said Tommy, "Mummy gives me cough syrup. So maybe Dil needs cootie syrup!"

In the living room, Stu turned on the TV. "Reptar Syrups, now available for any ailment."

"Even for cooties?" giggled a small girl.

"Even for cooties," said the man.

Stu smiled. "That dinosaur can sell anything huh," he murmured to himself.


"Chuckie! The TB has cootie syrup!" exclaimed Tommy. "We gots to give some to Dil!"

"How, Tommy?"

"I gots an idea. Follow me!"

Tommy and Chuckie crawled past Stu's legs to find some crayons.

"The cootie syrups just gots pictures of Reptar on them," Tommy explained. "If we draw some, we'll be able to give it to Dil."

Tommy began to draw and Chuckie followed his lead.


"What are you two doing out here?" asked Didi. "Stu, Tommy and Chuckie got out of bed!"

"Huh?" Stu looked away from the TV blankly. Didi sighed, scooping the babies up in her arms and placing them back in the cot as Dil started to cry yet again.

As soon as Didi was gone, Tommy took the pictures they'd drawn out of his diaper. "C'mon Chuckie! We gots a mission!"

Chuckie sighed.


Tommy and Chuckie crawled into Dil's room. Didi was asleep in a chair in the corner.

Dil drifted awake. "Tom-my!" he gurgled.

"Here you go, Dil."

Dil grabbed the Reptar Syrup from Tommy and began to chew it up. Bits of paper fluttered to the ground. He laughed softly and went back to sleep.

"Sleep tight, Dilly," Tommy whispered, as he and Chuckie made their way back into their cot.


The next day, Dil showed no signs of his restless night.

"Well, you seem a lot better this morning, Dil," said Didi happily, as she rubbed her eyes. "Doesn't he, Stu?"

Stu was fast asleep at the kitchen table with his face in a bowl of cereal. Dil giggled.

Tommy turned to his friends and grinned. "Another job well done!" he said.