New Author A/N

Hey guys! I am now the new owner of dis story! As a fan and reviewer of any previous chaps of dis story, id like to thanx SamanthaRielyFox 4 letting me continue dis wonderfull story. I hope u all visit her new site and wish her any luck on any of the new stories she comes up with. I will certainly b waiting jus like u. I am currently working on another story so I have yet to start dis one but I will try! I hope all u previous fans give me a chance at continuing it with ur guys help. Now I am a big Edward n bella fan so were and how dis story will end? Only time n reviews will tell. Hope 2 tlk 2 all of u soon n please inform any readers of dis story of the new post under the same name. I hav left all the previous chaps up. Please stick with me n review!!! Tanxs guys!!!

Ashlie Christine