"Sebastian…Sebastian Michaelis." William said in hardly a whisper. He stood from the table and walked to the window, threw it open, and let the cool night air wash over him. The heat wave that they had been enduring for the past two weeks had finally broken.

William mouthed the name again and again, like a bad taste he couldn't get rid of. Having to lower himself to apologize to a demon for one of his own shinigami's actions, nothing disgusted him more. How to get his dignity back? Simple.

William turned from the window and called "Grell! "

He tapped his foot while waiting for the flamboyant shinigami to arrive. Five minutes passed, then ten and just when William was about to yell again the double doors opened.

Dressed in a magnificent red floor length gown, Grell strode across the floor to stand before his superior. "W-wh-what is it this time?" He yawned. "Can't a girl get any shut eye around here? Ahh~ and I was having such a fabulous dream too~." Grell clapped his had together and spun on the spot "My handsome Sebastian and I, dancing to the most romantic music. Alone in a secluded spot, no one to watch us but the distant stars that bathed us in the softest of light." Lost to his fantasy Grell begun to dance around the room. His steps full of wide spins and bows that would make any person stop, stare, and applaud.

William was not impressed. He covered his eyes and sighed. Wondering if this was indeed the right course of action, he reached out and grabbed hold of Grell. "Your dream will become a reality."

Grell tumbled over his own feet "William?"

"Your behavior is ridiculous, Grell! You are an embarrassment to the whole department!" He pushed Grell away from himself "Never the less, I hate that demon more than I hate you--"

Grell whispered a "thanks~" under his breath

"--And I'm assigning you the task of neutralizing him." William finished with a small smirk "I don't care how it's done or what you do. I want it to be made perfectly clear who is the better being."

Yes, punishment for Grell's behavior and a chance to get back at the demon, Sebastian. There was no better solution.

Grell left the dining hall crestfallen. What was he to do? Torn between his love for Sebastian and his want to have his scythe returned, he kept his head down. There was no spring in his step, no self confidence left in his aura.

Then he thought of something. What had he always wanted but could never have? A child.

He would have Sebastian's child.

"William did say he didn't care how it's done." Grell chuckled. The spring back in his step he half ran back to his chamber. This was going to be a painful night but one that was well worth the trouble.