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Ciel Phantomhive liked to play games. He couldn't lose with Sebastian on his side. The demon wouldn't allow him to lose.

This time, however, things were different. Ciel wouldn't have Sebastian on his side to back him up. He would be fighting the very pawn he sacrificed again and again.

Undertaker had taken his leave, giggling like a maniac, which left Ciel alone with the shinigami demon spawn. He turned cold hatred filled eyes to the small boy "Say hello to the devil for me." He whispered before calling for Sebastian.


Sebastian, however, was too preoccupied with Grell to answer his master's call. The red haired shinigami was distraught over his son's death. He wouldn't let Sebastian leave. "—Then Will ordered for me to neutralize you and I just wanted this to work out so~ bad!" He sobbed into Sebastian's vest, finishing his explanation of the events leading up to the birth. "I love you, Sebastian. Oh if you only knew" He rubbed his cheek against the demon's body "I would do it all again if it meant you looking my way."

Disgusted, Sebastian pulled away. "Please refrain from touching me. My job is over, I helped you through labor and delivery and I even went as far as to prepare the funeral. You are —"He shook his head "Excuse me, the young master calls."


"What if it were an order?" Ciel asked himself "Would he have to exchange souls? Perhaps just asking would be best . . ." He brought one hand up to touch the patch over his eye. "I've never wondered about breaking contract before. Never seriously anyway." He stared at the infant which he had placed on the desk. Why further tarnish his already dirty hands?

Sebastian knocked before entering the study. "You called bocchan?"

All conscience thought was driven from Ciel's mind. What was his next move? Where did he go from here? 'Just spit it out' a voice told him, 'It'll be worse if you don't.' Just say it…Just say it…Just say the words "I love you, Sebastian."

To say it was an awkward moment wouldn't be right. The feeling went beyond awkwardness. Sebastian stared down at Ciel. Ciel stared up at Sebastian. Only the baby's soft fusses filled the room. If it weren't for the boy who knows how long the two would have stood there in silence; staring.

Ciel couldn't take it. He turned on the spot, hands clasped behind his back. His face burned with embarrassment. "Y-Yes, Sebastian I won't deny it and I won't repeat it. I know you heard me."

"I did hear you, my lord. I just cannot believe that you are serious. To love a demon is truly a foolish act." Sebastian stepped forward to the desk. The baby stopped fussing to look up at his father "Demons do not love." His eyes narrowed.

"Humans do, Sebastian. Humans love even if it means pain…Even if it's a foolish thing to do." Ciel put his hand over his heart "There are two kinds of people in this world; those who steal and those who are stolen from. The world is not fair but to have your heart and soul stolen by the same person…Sebastian, it's too much."

I love you enough to hate that thing." Ciel spun, pointing to the boy on the desk. He needed to cling to something, he needed to hate or he would lose everything. The past years of his life would be meaningless if he lost sight of the hate.

Love and hate danced together in his heart, violent and passionate until they became as one. "I'm breaking the contract!" Ciel ordered. "Take that soul instead of mine! It is my soul and I have the right to claim it as such! If you don't agree then stay out of my way until I die!"

Sebastian stood at attention, a generic smile plastered on his face. "We think along the same lines, my lord. I hate the thing as much as you; if not more. To call that thing my son would be unthinkable. Nevertheless, taking his soul in place of yours, given the circumstances, I think, can be arranged."

Ciel swallowed the lump in his throat. This couldn't be right; to win without much of a fight? Sebastian had to be pulling his leg…but demons do not lie, Ceil reminded himself. Sebastian was forbidden to lie to him. Or was that different because of the broken contract?

Thought after thought raced through the young Earl's mind. Questions and probably answers until it gave him a headache. "I-I don't…I don't understand." He finally gasped. Sinking down into his chair, he held his head. "Just like that, I get to keep my soul? No, something has to…what are the consequences?"

The demon walked around the desk to kneel before his master. "There doesn't have to be any bad consequences to love." He said before gently placing his lips to Ciel's.

Caught off guard by the sudden advances Ciel gasped. Sebastian took the chance to slip his tongue inside. A kiss like liquid velvet, a taste better than the finest sweet, both human and demon alike were swept away in the sudden surge of emotion.

Ciel pulled back first. In a fit of dry sobs he clutched Sebastian's vest "Wh-why Sebastian? Why did you do that? You said demons can't love."

Sebastian smiled. "Because, when I am around you," He lifted Ciel's gaze up "and I look into those eyes that hold nothing but pain and loss, I feel…different…like I can almost be human. I feel like I can take that pain away." Sebastian wiped away the gentle tears that streamed down Ciel's cheek "…I love you, my lord."

"Sebastian," Ciel smiled through the tears. A true smile, one he hadn't worn in so many years. "When we're alone…call me Ciel."

"Yes, …Ciel."


Grell pushed the hair out of his eyes. It was time to stop crying and start being a parent. First on the to do list: Find his son.

The thought hit him like a ton of bricks. He froze, just out of bed "where's my son?" He asked the empty air. "Where's my son!?" Dashing out into the hallway, ignoring the searing pain in his lower half, he checked room after room with no luck. "Sebastian?! My son!" A fresh wave of tears streamed down his flushed cheeks.

The boy, the master of the house, the baby had to be with him.


Grell kicked open the study door. "He's here! I know it---"Before Grell could set a foot into the room, however, a black gloved hand covered his mouth.

William pulled Grell into the room. "Do not speak. Do not cry. Do not make a scene. Do I make myself clear?"

Grell nodded slowly. His eyes darted from Will to Sebastian to Ciel. And there, in the demon's arms, was his son. The shinigami was helpless to do anything. Will forced him to stand by and watch as Ciel turned away, Sebastian raised the boy up to his lips, and…it was done.


There was nothing left to stay for. William's plan to neutralize Sebastian and regain his dignity had failed. He grabbed Grell by the roots of his hair. Still angry but much more collected, he steered the flamboyant shinigami from the room. It was an easy task considering Grell had no fight left in him.

Sebastian moved the infant's body to another room. When he returned to his master's side it was clear to see he had fed. Everything about him just seemed more solid, more refined. Easier to hold, Ciel decided.

"You're still a thief, Sebastian." The young Phantomhive said, hugging the demon. "You stole my first kiss."

Sebastian lifted the boy up into his arms "My apologies, Ciel. Allow me to return it." Ciel laughed as the velvet lips pressed against his.

It was shaping up to look like no work would be done that day.

-------------------------------------- ---five years later----------------------------------------

Grell pocket blood stained hands. Having just finished a job he stepped out into the crowed street. "Just another report to be submitted" Five steps…ten…fifteen…what was the point…all he could do was count the steps…that was pointless…everything was pointless.

He closed his eyes and sighed. There had been a lot of that in recent months. Uncaring, unseeing, unthinking, Grell bumped into someone. He mumbled a soft 'sorry' before turning to leave.

"Grell Sutcliff?"

He knew that voice. That chilling calm voice. "Ciel Phantomhive." The shinigami turned and stared. He felt hate and sorrow boil in his heart. "Ch, and just how," He motioned to the pregnant belly on the young Earl. "Did that come about?"

Sebastian slipped his arms around Ciel, resting his chin on the young man's shoulder "Well, I am just one hell of a butler."