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Prologue I'm calling chapter 1

A hand slapped over her mouth, Willow felt a scream rip from her throat. Surroundings blurred, dorm room fading into a dark forest. Released, she stumbled back a few steps, nearly tripping on a rock. Where was she? Dark forest, weird demons in cloaks. Probably a demon dimension. At least, that was the only logical conclusion she had.

"Welcome, Willow."

She looked up from the ground, locking eyes with the weird creature before her. "What do you want from me?" She tried very hard to keep a stutter from her voice, and was proud to say she had succeeded.

The man's eyes widened, filled with an emotion she had yet to identify. "Your misery is great. Your cries of grief stretch through the dimensional portals and into even our lands."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." She felt her head tilt from nerves, unable to help herself. "I'll try to keep it down to a quiet cry."

Willow followed his hand with her eyes as it made a square appear out of midair, her friends shown within it. She felt her heart speed up. Xander and Anya were fighting demons. Buffy was being choked by one. Spike, though she didn't care that much, was just getting up off the floor.

"We don't mean to qualm your powers. Quite the opposite. You would make a fine vengeance demon." He almost seemed to be smiling. "Your power is great and quickly growing."

"But... I didn't want any of this! You have to help them!"

Willow listened desperately to his following words, failing to hear anything helpful. "That is no concern of mine."

"But... I don't want to be a demon!" The demon's almost-smile fell, a frown now present. Willow felt shivers crawl up and down her spine, but forced them back. She would at least appear brave.

"That is unfortunate. You would be so powerful, your mortal life changed to immortal. You could even choose what type of revenge you would give."

Willow felt a weird jump in her heart. Anya had been a demon before. She had created that hellish world, but she had also turned a man into a troll even before that. And this guy didn't seem so evil. "I... If I become a demon, could I still help my friends?"

"It is your vengeance cast upon them," the man replied. "They have to accept your offer of having the curse removed and you must forgive them. They must also acknowledge that they are under a curse."

Willow nodded. "Y-yeah, I can do that." I wasn't enough for Oz. I can actually help people in my position now. "Um, about the becoming a demon thing... Could I still live a sorta normal life?"

"Why, yes. I don't see why you would want to, but it is allowed, as long as you carry out your job. If you do not carry out enough vengeance, then you will age much quicker, or have your power revoked. Understood?"

"Yes," she quickly agreed, wanting that square thing to reappear. Green eyes watched with fascination as a gem appeared out of midair. He handed it to her, and it turned out to be a beautiful necklace, not unlike Anya's. The only difference was that it was a brilliant blue, surrounded by gold, and connected to a golden chain. She gasped, feeling the sky rush up to meet her, back hurting as it hit something hard. Surroundings fuzzed, power coursing through her veins. Writhing against the ground, she clawed at her skin.


Xander pushed Anya out of the way, crying out as a demon slugged him. He wished that Buffy would get off the floor and stop kissing Spike. It would be much easier if she were helping him.

"Um, guys?"

Xander looked over his shoulder, relief flooding him as he spotted Willow. His distraction lasted long enough for a demon to knock him to the ground.

"Do you acknowledge that I have extracted vengeance upon you?"

"Duh!" Xander exclaimed. How could he not? Not like he deserved anything this bad for just trying to help, but he needed her to help him, and he'd do what he had to.

"And are you ready for me to undo it?"


A few choice words, and all demons disappeared. He gasped, falling to the ground. Only then did he notice Giles, eyes roaming the room and checking each occupant. Apparently Willow had already helped him with the whole blindness thing. The sound of lips on lips brought all eyes to the kissing enemies.

"Buffy, Spike," Willow tried, voice confident and demanding. Creepy, even. The slayer and vampire actually pulled away to look at the witch. Xander felt admiration towards the red head. "Do you acknowledge that I have extracted vengeance upon you?"

Xander smirked. Finally. He'd had enough watching the two exchange saliva.

"Whatcha talking about? Vengeance on who?"

Xander gaped at Buffy, disbelieving. He looked from Willow's raised brow to Spike's pout.

"This isn't bloody vengeance. It's heaven."

The powerless boy felt his stomach twist when Buffy smiled endearingly at the blond vampire. "Oh, Spike. I know what you mean!" And they were locked at the lips once more.

"This is hopeless," said Anya. "They're clearly going to become orgasm buddies if this continues."

"Worse," said Xander. "They're going to get married and be more than orgasm buddies."

"I have something I think you guys should know."

Gazes landed on Willow, even Spike and Buffy separating to look at the witch.

"I'm a vengeance demon now."

"What?" was pretty much the dominating response.

Buffy got to her feet, eyes furrowed. "Really? You don't look like a demon."

"She is," Anya announced. "She's got the power stone. Xander, this is so unfair! They gave her a chance, but didn't give me a second one! That necklace should be mine! Tell her to give it to me."

Xander sighed. Not another random fight between girls, with him in the middle. "I doubt it even works that way, Ahn. Giles, you're the all-knowing watcher. What do you say?"

Giles was cleaning his glasses. "Willow is still herself. However, her levels of guilt should be lessened. She still has her soul, she still has her personality and brain. She is Willow. And vengeance demons only carry on the will of another. Rarely do they kill."

"So it's fine to hang with her," Buffy translated, leaning into the arms that had wrapped around her. "So Willow can come to the wedding, too!"

"Bloody right she can," Spike agreed. Xander looked away as the vamp leaned down for another kiss, instead looking at Willow. She looked a bit guilty for the turn of events, but not as much as she should have.


Buffy giggled, dragging Spike to her dorm room. A sudden pull, and she found that he had paused. "Spike?" Had he decided to pull quits on her?

His annoyed gaze met hers. "You have t' invite me in, luv."

"Oh! Yeah! Come on in, Spike." She proceeded to tug him in after her, pulling him onto the bed beside her. "Willow's staying at her own house tonight, since her mom is finally home. You know what that means?"

He smirked, crawling on top of her. Hands on either side of her head, lips pressed to her ear, he whispered, "Do you?"


Why did she have to do this, again? Right, because it was her fault. It wasn't fear, but annoyance that filled Willow's form. Being a demon seemed to really hinder her guilt levels. She paused with her hand on the handle, the sound of moaning reaching her ears.

Are they killing each other? No, that was stupid. They were still under the spell, obviously. Bracing herself, Willow entered the room. She felt a hint of guilt at what she saw, however. Spike was most definitely not fighting with Buffy. Not if the way her legs-

Willow cleared her throat, calling their names when that failed. Spike rolled off Buffy, both sitting up and staring at the witch. She was relieved to be mistaken on exactly what they were doing. "Um... can you get a room that's not mine to do this in?"

Buffy was strawberry red. "Willow! You were supposed to be at home!"

"My mom didn't show up." She never does.

"Oh..." Buffy's smile fell. "I'm sorry." She looked at Spike, smile returning. "Let's just sleep now. We'll finish this tomorrow."

"Sure thing, sweets."

Willow wondered that, if she had such a strong conscience as a human, perhaps some of the guilt managed to stay with her.

She'd definitely be making cookies.


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