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Annabeth's POV

I didn't have any classes for an hour, so I was walking back to my cabin to look at the laptop Daedalus gave me. Before I knew it an hour had gone by and I was late for archery class. I got there and for some odd reason class hadn't started yer. Everyone was there, but Chiron wasn't there yet.

After 10 minutes of waiting for Chiron to show up, we were all getting really worried. As if on cue, Chiron trotted up to us with a girl on his back. The girl looked about fourteen, with long glowing brown hair, she had chocolate brown eyes, and she had a light tan. I couldn't tell how tall she was while she was sitting on Chiron's back.

"Sorry I'm late. But as you can tell we have a new camper her name is Chloe." Chiron climbed off of Chiron's back. She was at least an inch shorter than me.
"Hi," Chloe said shyly. I heard some of the guys catch their breath behind me.
"Chloe will be staying in the Hermes cabin for now," Chiron said.
"Why?" one of the guys spoke up. "She's obviously a daughter of Aphrodite."
"Be that as it may, we do not know for sure, Mr. Miller," Chiron said. Oh, of course David said that to Chloe.

Class started after that. I tried to say hi to Chloe but she was surrounded by guys at the moment. Oh well, I'll catch her later. Archery went by in a blur. Next thing I knew I was in the sword arena working on fighting techniques with Chloe.

"Hi, I'm Annabeth. Daughter of Athena." I said.
"Hi, I'm Chloe. But I'm sure you knew that by now," Chloe said.
I smiled, "Yeah, you were in archery with me and the guys were all over you."
She laughed, "Not the kind of welcome I was expecting."
I laughed too, "That's how they are here."

The rest of the day was really boring. I got to know Chloe better though. She grew up in Colorado with all those mountains, so she was a real outdoorsy person. Chloe said her favorite part about Camp Half-Blood is that it never rains her. "It's always so sunny," she said. She grew up with her mother so obviously Aphrodite was out. Now I was thinking hard on who her father could be.

"What is your mother like, Chloe?" I asked, trying to figure out the mystery.
"Well she's working on making metal figures for gardens and stuff like that. Her job before that was a mail person because she loved to give messages to people. Every night she would drink a glass of wine. It's her favorite drink." Chloe replied. "Oh, and she hated flying. I don't know why but she does. She also hates the ocean that's why we live in Colorado."
Man her mom was into a lot of things! But Zeus and Poseidon were out because she hated flying and the ocean. How am I going to figure this out now?
"Wow, your mom likes a lot of things the Greek Gods do," I said. "Yeah, she is very multi-talented," she replied. "I noticed." I was deep in thought now.

The next morning I went to breakfast I did the routine. Get some food, give the gods my offering, look at the Poseidon table. (Force of habit.) Wait a minute, it was occupied! I could hardly contain my excitement, but I did the best I could until breakfast was over. My hands were shaking from my excitement.

Percy got up to leave and I snuck up behind him. I quickly jumped and put my hands over his eyes.
"Wise Girl, is that you?" he asked. I loved the nickname he gave me.
"Of course, Seaweed Brain." I replied as I freed his eyes. I wanted to tell him that I missed him a ton but that wasn't like me. Instead I asked, "How was the school year?"
"Terrible," he said. "My math teacher was a real witch."
"WHAT?" I practically screamed.
"Whoa, chill Annabeth. You know how math hates me." he smiled at me.
"Oh," I said. My face was red I'm sure. I was the daughter of Athena, I should have known that. Trying to change the subject I said, "There's a new camper."
"Really? Who?" he asked.
"Her name's Chloe. But I can't figure out who her godly father is. Her mom could relate to any of the gods except Zeus and Poseidon."
"Why is that?" Percy asked, clearly interested now.
"Her mom hates the ocean and hates to fly."
"Well Chloe's mom is off my good list." he smiled when he said it.
I playfully punched him in the arm. "Of course she is, Seaweed Brain."

I was walking to the sword arena with Percy when I noticed Chloe in front of us. I thought I should introduce Percy to Chloe.

"Chloe!" I yelled. Percy look at me quizzically but didn't day anything. Chloe turned around and I ran to catch up to her. Percy followed right behind me.
"Hey, Chloe." I said. "I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Percy."
Percy stared at her for a minute before saying, "Hi."
Chloe giggled, "Nice to meet you," she said to Percy.
I couldn't stand it anymore. Percy and Chloe were staring at each other. Percy with a look of admiration and Chloe with an angel like grin.
"OK," I said. "We have to get to sword-fighting, Percy."
"What?" he said breaking out of his trance. "Oh, right."
I no longer liked Chloe. She has taken Percy from me and that is not okay. I felt jealous at how Percy looked at Chloe. He never looks at me like that.
I must have looked irritated because Percy asked, "What's wrong?" He looked at me with concern.
"Nothing," I said angrily.
"OK, if you say so." He knew that something was wrong but he also knew not to push it to hard.
We were working hard on our practice sword fight, when the cursed Chloe walks up to Percy.
"Mind if I cut in?" she asked.
"No, not at all," I muttered darkly as I walked away.

I went to sit on a bench across the room so I could cool down a bit. I stared angrily at Percy and Chloe fighting each other. At least Percy is winning, I thought. I was still mad at him though. How could he like her? I should have never introduced him to her. Just then Percy knocked Chloe's sword out of her hand. Percy had just officially beaten Chloe. I didn't care though.

He walked over to me with a triumphant smile. Him smiling made me want to smile back but I refused the temptation, instead I glared at him. When he saw my expression his smile disappeared, and a concerned look took it's place.
"Annabeth, are you alright?" he asked.
"I'm fine," I mumbled. Chloe was walking this way, so I said, "Have fun with your friend." Percy looked confused.

I ran to my cabin and locked the door. I sat on my bed and cried my eyes out. About an hour later there was a light knock at my door.
"Who is it?" I asked just loud enough for who ever it was to hear.
"Go away!" I yelled. "I don't want to see you!"
"Annabeth, please let me in," he said.
"Fine," he said. "I'll just stay out here until you come out."
I knew he meant it but I couldn't bring myself to go and talk to him. Instead I sat in my cabin. That's when the conch horn blew. I suddenly realized there was a window in my cabin. So I climbed out the window and headed toward the dining pavilion.

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