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Feed Me


Teyla was glad to finally be out of the infirmary and back to herself. Although, she had to admit that it was odd not to have her body be the image of a queen anymore. It was odd to be just Teyla again. She would not say that she had enjoyed her time as a wraith-- indeed, it had been a constant struggle not to kill those who followed her simply for being wraith--- but she had gotten used to it; she had grown comfortable in her role as an absolute, unquestioned ruler. She sometimes caught herself about to snap an order at someone; and there had been times where she hadn't caught it. But it was more difficult than one would assume, returning to her normal life as simply one of Sheppard's team, merely a mother to one instead of thousands.

Her team-mates noticed her tension, and John suggested that they spar or something; he thought that maybe he'd be able to "kick her butt" for a change, now that she was so long out of practice. She was grateful for his offer, and soon found herself in the gym, facing off against her team leader with a lazy smile on her face. She was slightly out of practice, yes; but she was sure that she could beat him.

John, it seemed, had become more practiced in the time that she had been out of commission--- an advancement she contributed to Ronon's teaching--- and she was surprised to find him holding his own. But she was still certain that she could beat him; after all, she was the master here; and she had just spent several weeks as a queen! She was the stronger one here.

With those things in mind she continued; and so was quite surprised when he scored a painful hit.

Enraged that he had dared to strike HER--- Teyla, a queen!--- she lunged at him, intensifying her attack until she had backed him into a wall and knocked his weapons away. From the look on his face, she guessed that he was relieving the moment several years ago when he had done this to her; but there was going to be a different ending here.

"Teyla..." he began warningly, thinking that he knew what was coming. But instead of kissing him, as he had done to her so long ago, she dropped her rods, grabbing his throat with one hand and raising the other one to bring down upon his chest--- to feed!

John managed to catch her hand before she thrust it into his chest, and in another surprising show of skill, he used the force of her movements to twist her around and free himself. A second later she felt her head slam into the wall, and everything exploded into a shower of sparks that faded into blackness....

John watched her fall, slightly horrified that he had had to knock her out that way but knowing that he'd had no other options. He could see it in her eyes, something had happened; and he had a feeling were she not unconscious now one of them would be dead.

Breathing heavily, his hands shaking, he fumbled in his bag for his radio, and hooked it on his ear.

"Sheppard to infirmary," he said. "There's something wrong with Teyla..."


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