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Kagome was walking slowly down the road in the middle of a chilly October night. Walking and enjoying the night's breeze had always been her favorite activity. The village was so calm and peaceful at night so she could hear every sound that the wind and night creatures made. Sometimes she would just close her eyes while walking so she could enjoy the sound more. She sighed. She just loved the nature.

The sound of the church bell made her realized that it was midnight now. I better hurry home then. But she stopped dead in her tracks when she realized her surroundings. She was in the middle of the village cemetery! Ha?? I must be so lost in my thoughts until I didn't realize my feet brought me here! She gulped. Creepy… it's midnight now, in October… Wait a minute. Isn't tonight Halloween night??? Gaaah!!! They said if we stayed in a cemetery right at 12 o'clock on Halloween night, we might meet the dead! No, no! Now is definitely not the time to prove that superstition! Kagome began to run.

But before she was out from the cemetery she saw someone walking slowly toward her. She gulped and took a step back. Please let it be human! Please, please! From the silhouette of the body she could tell he was a man, lean and muscular. When the lamp post's dim light shone on him she gasped. His hair was silver and only one man she knew had that hair color. "Sesshoumaru!" In relief she ran toward him; his beloved boyfriend. A smile began to form on her rosy lips. What is he doing out here at this time of night? Is he looking for me? She snickered; she knew how her boyfriend disliked her night time hobby.

But her smile started to falter and her steps were slowing when she noticed something was strange with her Sesshoumaru. This Sesshoumaru seemed taller and skinnier; and his silver hair was longer. Who? When she was closer the man stopped walking. She was finally able to see his face and she was surprised. This handsome man looked so much like her Sesshoumaru but he was definitely older; in his thirties perhaps. Who is this man? He looks so much like Sesshoumaru. Hm? Sesshoumaru doesn't have any other relatives beside his stepmother and his cute little brother. Whaa?? Don't tell me he's a ghost of his dead relative? Wait, Sesshoumaru's father died when he was young. He said he look just like him. Am I really seeing his dead father here?? She gulped and asked timidly. "Mr. Taisho?"

The man was surprised at first; he stared at her for a long time. But then he blinked, and he slowly smiled and walked towards her carefully.

No one with that kind of smile would be evil. She thought. Kagome then smiled back. "Hi! I'm Kagome Higurashi. Umm… are you Mr. Taisho? Sesshoumaru's father?"

The man frowned.

"I'm Sesshoumaru's… girlfriend." She said shyly. "He said that you looked so much like him. And I think he was right."

The man stared intently at her; and Kagome wondered what he might be thinking right now. After a while he then smiled again. Kagome wanted to sigh; his smile was just so beautiful. Just like Sesshoumaru's, when he decided to smile, which he rarely did.

"Kagome." His voice was so smooth. Kagome instantly loved hearing it.

"Yes, I'm Kagome. Umm… It's nice to meet you Mr. Taisho." She started a conversation nervously. Really what should you say to a dead man???

"The pleasure is all mine, Kagome."

Kagome smiled and so did him, and they started to talk about many things. And when he asked if she loved Sesshoumaru, she answered with her biggest smile, "Yes, I do; as big as the world and as deep as the ocean. That's how much I love him."

Suddenly he hugged her tight.

"Mr. Taisho?" She squeaked nervously. He was surprisingly warm for a dead man.

"And you know how much he loves you too, right?" He whispered.

Kagome smiled in his embrace. "I have no doubt, Mr. Taisho."

"…as high as the sky, and as wide as the universe." She heard him whispered. Kagome was surprised. How come knew the continuation of her secret verse with Sesshoumaru?

"How-" But her question were interrupted by the sound of the church bell. She broke out from his embrace and stood up. "The bell! It's my time to go home now. It's so nice to meet you, Mr. Taisho. Bye!"

She ran quickly and when she was almost out of his earshot she turned her body back and waved toward him. "I hope my Sesshoumaru looks like you when he's older. Your smile is the most beautiful thing, Mr. Taisho." She laughed happily and resumed running.


Mr. Taisho stood in his spot with a pained expression; hearing her laughter fading away. He let out a breath and started walking through the rows of gravestones. And then he stopped at one; staring at the carved letters on the stone.

Here lies Kagome Higurashi,

Beloved granddaughter, daughter, sister, and friend.

May the memories of her live forever inside our heart.

His heart wrenched. He closed his eyes and replayed a particular memory he had of her 15 years ago.

"Sesshoumaru, do you know that if you stay in a cemetery right at 12 o'clock on Halloween night, you can meet the dead?"

He sighed. "Stop believing superstitions, Kagome…"

She pouted. "Why do you say that? I would want us to still be able to see each other even though we're world's separate. Wouldn't you Sesshoumaru?"

Her words haunted him and replayed over and over in his mind since the accident. He crouched down in front of the gravestone; caressing her carved name. It was a simple mistake. The cat was not supposed to be in the middle of the road that day, the truck was not supposed to have a loose brake, I was not supposed to let your hand go! His shoulder slumped down. Kagome, I'm sorry… I miss you… I want to see you again…

He snapped his head up when he suddenly heard the sound of her faint laughter, being carried by the wind.

"…Right at 12 o'clock on Halloween night..."

Sesshoumaru smiled softly.

Until next year then, Kagome…


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Just to make it clear: In this fiction Kags died 15 years ago when she was 18 years old and Sess was 20. Ever since she died, every year at Halloween Sess would meet her spirit at the graveyard. Kags remained the same age, but Sess grew older by each passing year. Kags never realized that she was actually dead, and Sess never had the heart to tell it to her. She thought she and Sess were still alive. So she always concluded that the Sess she met in the graveyard was his dead relative. One day she might think Sess is his dead grandfather.

And of course the superstition here is only made up by me. It's absolutely not true…, or is it?

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