Her arms folded and standing a couple of feet from her resting helicopter, Ada put on a jacket as Alaska's weather was giving her a chill. She made sure to keep her guns in her holsters, as she had no idea why Wesker's accomplices and Ada's friend are together, and wanting to see her. Above her, Ada could hear the distant sound of another helicopter, as her dress and hair blew away, the helicopter began to land a distance from her own. Through squinting her eyes, Ada seen the three figures of Sana, Excella and Leanne, getting off the helicopter and walking towards her, like they were their own trio.

"Ada, I'm glad you came," Sana spoke, going up and hugging her.

"I just want to know why I came, why are you with these two?" Ada asked, throwing a dirty look at Excella and Leanne.

Sana looked down, "I have something to tell you..."

"Go on," Ada said, noticing a look of sorrow in Sana's eyes.

"I'm the spy in the Agency, I'm the one that told Wesker about you giving him viruses that weren't real and bringing the real ones back to us to test... I'm the reason he has your mother and sister kidnapped... I'm the cause of all this."

Slowly looking up, Sana could see Ada's face shrivelling up in anger before a fist landed right in her face, knocking her back onto the snow. Sana's nose bled as Ada stood over here, a look of disgust in her eyes. "You backstabbing bitch... I should of known I can't trust anyone."

"Look Ada, she's sorry okay? But we really need your help!" Leanne said, staring at her intensely.

"And why the hell should I help you?"

"Because we're the only hope you have of making sure your mother and sister survive," Leanne replied, "We want to bring down Wesker!"

Ada shot a look at Excella, "And her? Your in on this too? I don't believe you want to bring him down for a minute."

"Oh trust me," Excella growled, "I do... That bastard has been doing things behind my back. Ever heard of the Lamia virus?"

"I seen the paperwork for it, why?" Ada asked.

"Well it's real, and Wesker has injected it into Leanne and Sana, he was planning to use them for his own personal use, but we have all overthrown him and now we want him dead." Excella abruptly replied.

Ada looked confused, but then she looked over at Sana and seen the blood coming from her nose simply dissapear and heal. Sana stood up and just looked at her, "I'm so sorry Ada, but this is my way of making it up to you... by saving them."

"Right," Ada replied, turning back to Excella and Leanne, "So what do you need me for? You three are powerful yourself"

"Just thought you would want to help," Leanne smiled.

A sudden bang made the four women jump as blood splattered over Ada's face, she looked shocked as she wiped it off and looked up to see a bullet hole lodged into Leanne's forehead as blood spilled out of the wound. Leanne's mouth was wide open as her skin turned pale, she fell back onto the snow, dyeing it red with her blood. Excella's immedieate reacton was to scream, as she dropped to her knees and touched Leanne's cold body. Ada quickly pulled her twin handguns out of her holster and turned around, seeing Jill Valentine stood there, a gun in her hand, and a crew of 8 stood behind her, also armed. Without hesitation, Ada began pulling her triggers, managing to land a bullet in the woman to the left of Jill's throat, killing her in an instant.

"Kill them all!" Jill screamed, shooting back at Ada.

A angry Sana leaped towards Jill's crew, grabbing a man and squashing his chest, causing his lungs to explode inside of him. She grabbed the man next to him and broke his neck in a split second. Turning to her third victim, the woman pulled out a high-powered shotgun and slammed a bullet into Sana's chest in close range, causing her to go flying back hard into a tree.

Still bend down at Leanne, Excella seen Ada dodging bullets and shooting back at Jill's crew. She quickly went through her bag and pulled out an empty syringe, injecting it into Leanne's arm, she began to take a sample of her blood that was bubbling fiercely. Standing up, Excella began pacing backwards as Leanne's eyes shot open and were pure black. A loud growl from her stopped everyone's gunfire, as Ada, Jill and her remaining 4 crew members turned to look at Leanne. Her limbs flopped around and began to distort, her back hunched over and her head began to grow, as did her legs, twisting in halfs around the knee, giving her hind legs. She was now on all fours, her teeth tearing out her mouth that resembled large spikes.

"Oh my god..." Excella gasped, looking on in terror.

Leanne growled as her head twisted 180 degrees around and looked at the frightened Excella stood behind her. She then turned her head back to Jill's crew and pounced at them, landing on one of the women and tearing into her body, ripping the skin off and tearing through her insides.

"GO BACK, GO BACK!" Jill yelled. She began to run through the forests, as her three crew members followed after her, and following after them was the mutated Leanne thrashing through the forest.

"What the hell was that?" Sana asked, running over to Excella. "None of the other creatures looked like that!"

"She's human... The effects would be much worse..."

"Will that happen to me?!"

Ada ran over to the two, "What the hell was that thing?"


Jill sprinted through the forests, hearing the sounds of her fellow comrades screaming and being torn apart. She quickly hid behind a tree, and watched as Leanne pounced right by her. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jill pulled out her phone and dialled. "Jill, how did it go?" Leon's voice asked.

"One of them was injected with something, she mutated Leon. She just massacred my whole crew... I lost her though."

"Did you manage to stop Ada?"

"No, she's still alive..."

Leon growled, "Well, next time you see her, tell her Clare's not."

"Leon... I'm sorry." Jill replied.

"We can't talk about this now, just get out of there alive."


Excella held her head as it pounded hard, "I don't know okay? I didn't know it would take effect like this! I thought it would just give her more power."

"So, how do we stop her?" Ada asked.

"I don't know..."

A faint growl caused the three to turn around and look back at the opening in the forest. Excella quickly ran towards the helicopter, panicking before Ada kicked up, her high heel flying off and hitting Excella hard in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground unconscious. "She is not going anywhere!"

"So, what do we do?!" Sana wondered.

"We kill!"

The mutated Leanne jumped onto the snow, right infront of them. Ada held her guns tight, staring at the monster. Leanne breathed heavily, before her legs began to break and she hit the snow, she began to shake as Ada and Sana looked on shocked, as Leanne tried to straighten out her legs and let out a human scream.

"She's trying to change back..." Sana gasped, "But it's not possible"

Walking up to Leanne, Ada put her foot on the squealing creature and pulled her trigger again and again, bullets smashing into her head as the squeals got lower and lower, they finally stopped. Her legs curled back up into a ball as the hideous creature lay dead in the snow.

"Who else is injected with this?" Ada asked.

"Myself, and that's all I know..."

"Well Sana, you better make sure we find a cure, otherwise, I'll kill you too." Ada said, putting her gun back in her holsters. She walked over and picked up Excella, putting her in the helicopter as she jumped up onto the driver's seat. Sana entered it too, as the helicopter was started up and began to fly up in the air. "Time to get the fourth virus."

"How long do you have left?" Sana asked.

10 hours...


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