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Behind the Scenes of Darkest Before Dawn with Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, and Akatsuki Child


"Hey there!" Annabeth said. "It's Annabeth here with Percy and AC, and we're here to take you behind the scenes of Darkest Before Dawn!"

"Why are we doing this again?" Percy sighed.

"Because AC said so, idiot!" Annabeth replied, hitting him on the arm.

"Ouch! Why'd you hit me?!"

"'Cause you're being stupid!"

"Both of you stop it!" I intervened. I took a deep breath. "Now, tell them why we're doing this exactly."

"Okay…" Percy sighed. "We're doing this because AC feels that this story was way too serious…"

"…when in fact it was a pretty hilarious process." I finished for him. "So, let's get started!"

Day One

"The first day was the hardest," I said.

"Yeah," Annabeth agreed. "Everyone was really nervous and it was kind of awkward."

"You know what? Awkward is an awkward word," Percy randomly said.



"Er…okay…" I said. "That's…nice…Anyways, we had to call in some people and not everyone was friends –cough cough—Rachel…Annabeth…"

"Hey, in the end, it made the story more believable." Annabeth glared.

"PERCY!" I yelled.

"WHAT?!" He yelled back.

"Nothing, just making sure you're still with us. You're kind of quiet today…do some talking!"

"Like what?"

"Tell them why Nico wasn't in this fic!"

"Fine! So, Nico wasn't in this fic because…well…first off, he wasn't available. He was with his dad, and—"

"Secondly, AC didn't think of Nico until half-way through the story," Annabeth finished smugly.

I glared at her. "Yeah?! Well…you're a fictional character!"

She gasped. "Take that back!"


"Can we just get on with this?!" Percy yelled exasperated.

I sighed. "He's right. I have an idea! Let's bring in Grover! He's awesome!"

"Did someone say my name?" Grover asked, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

"Grover!" Annabeth and I yelled.

"'Sup, G-man?" Percy asked and they pumped fists.

"Nothin' much…so why am I here?"

"You're going to answer some questions!" I said. "Question one: what was it like being back with Annabeth and Percy?"

"It was awesome! It brought back a lot of memories…though most of them were memories of us almost getting killed…"

……Awkward silence……

"Riiiight…Next question! In the scene where you and Annabeth are at Percy's apartment and the two of them are about to fight, viewers wanted to know if you were actually nervous, or if it was just good acting?"

"Well…it was partly acting, but it was mostly real. Man, when those two get in a room with Rachel, you can't NOT be nervous."

Annabeth and Percy glared at him. Grover laughed nervously.

"Hey you're right!" I exclaimed. "Last question: Are you and the tree nymphs on better terms yet?"

"No, and I don't think things will ever be the same." He said sadly.

"Oh, well, that's too bad. Thanks for joining us! Now go get some enchiladas from the food court or something."

"Yes, ma'am!" Grover said and ran off.

"I've never seen him run that fast…" Annabeth said while squinting her eyes at his shrinking form.

"Annabeth! It's time to ask you questions!"

"Right. Bring it on!"

"Question one: You are basically the main character in this story and you had a big role…how do you feel about that?"

"I was nervous. I was always wondering if I was doing the right thing, or if I was saying my lines right."

"Interesting…question two: What was your favorite scene?"

"Oh, uh…" Her face turned red.

"I think we know," I said with a sly smile. I glanced at Percy and his face was red too and he was shifting his feet nervously.

"I'm going to go get some water," He mumbled.

"You do that. Just be here when it's your turn to answer questions! Alright, question three: Off set, did you and Ben get along pretty well?"

"Yeah, for the most part. We didn't talk that much, but when we did he was really nice."

"Was Percy jealous?"

"Hades, yes!"

"Was not!" Percy yelled, returning from his trip.

"You totally were, and you know it."

"Alright, lovebirds, break it up. It's time for Percy's interview! Question one: was it fun being a spy?"

"Duh. I got to climb a tree and be all James Bond-like. I was awesome."

"You wish you were awesome!" Annabeth shouted.

"Question two: In real life would you ever knock Ben's lights out or anything of the sort?"




"Nothing…question three: how did you feel about not being the center of attention for once?"

"Oh it was—hey!"

--giggles from the peanut gallery—

Day Two

"What was unique about day two?" Some random person asked.

"Well, it was more important than unique because that's when we went to New York from San Francisco, and New York was the main setting." I answered.

"And that's it?"

"No! Of course not!"

"Then what else happened?!"

"That was when Annabeth got mad at Rachel, and then her and Percy almost got in a fight!"

"Would you just let it go!" Percy shouted, throwing his hands up.

"Excuse me, viewers, while I "let it go." I said.

---Screen blacks out and there is a beeping noise---

---Suddenly, the camera gets back on and you see Percy and my back at a tilted angle---

"What the –beep—is your problem?! I'm trying to –beep—work here!" I yelled.

"What the –beep—is my problem?! What the –beep—is your problem?! You're being a total –beep—right now!"

"It's my movie/fic! I can –beep—throw you the –beep—out of here! Grow the –beep—up!"

---Screen blacks out again and then focuses on me---

"Sorry about that," I apologized. "I had to take care of a problem. Now let's talk about Percy's apartment! PERCY!"

"What do you want now?!" He yelled, aggravated.

"Tell them about your apartment, damnit!"

He narrowed his eyes. "No. I QUIT!"

"WHAT?! You can't leave!"

"Oh yes I can!"

"No, actually, you can't."



"Oh…why not?"

"You signed a three-year contract with me. For three years, I can use you any way I want. I don't own you (Disclaimer—wink, wink—) –Rick Riordan does—but I can sure use you."

"Well….damn. Fine. So, the apartment was brand new when we got it for this project. We had to get the flooring done and the paint and everything."

"Yes, it took a lot of work."

"Hey, where's Annabeth?"

"She's right—oh…crap. Annabeth!"




"WHAT?!" Annabeth screamed.

"Annabeth! You're here!"

"Of course I'm here. I never left."


Day Three

"Let's see, what happened on day three…?"

"Ummm…." Percy 'ummmm'ed.

"That's when Thalia and Silena came in," Annabeth said smartly.

"Oh YEAH! I remember now!" I exclaimed.

"Wait," Percy said, panic in his voice. "Does that mean—"

"Yup! Everyone say hello to Thalia and Silena!"

"AHHHH!!" A shrill scream. It was Silena, obviously. "AC! ANNABETH!"

"Silena!" I yelled. Annabeth just did a little 'Eek.'

"PERCY!" Someone else yelled.


"Ahhh!" Percy yelled and hid behind Annabeth.

"Percy, get over here!" In stormed a very, very mad Thalia.

"Percy what did you do?!" I asked, hands on my hips.


"Bullsh—" Thalia started.

"Ok! I may h-have helped the Stoll b-brothers with a prank….on her," He gulped. Annabeth took one step to the side.

"Sorry, Percy," Annabeth said. "But you're on your own on this one."

"C'mon, Percy," Thalia said, grabbing Percy by the collar of his jacket. She dragged him into his trailer and shut the door with a loud thud.

---Five minutes later---

"AH! Anything but that—AHHH!!" Percy screamed from inside.

"Uh, maybe you should do something, AC…" Annabeth suggested worriedly.

"Nah…the punk could use some toughening up. He'll need it for the next movie/fic."

"What is the next movie/fic?"

"That's classified information. Anyways, while Thalia is beating the snot out of Bozo, let's interview Silena!"

"Yay! It's finally my turn!"

"Yup! Now, if I was a snowball and the Earth was equal to the diameter of a very large cookie, and there were only five fish in the sea, how many kids would Annabeth have?"


"Just making sure you were paying attention. Question one: did you like the costume designs?"

"Well of COURSE! Everyone's outfits were SO cute!"

"…question two: how are things between you and Beckendorf?"

"Oh things are great! We've actually bought a bigger apartment since the end of the movie/fic."

"Lovely. Question three: were you okay and comfortable with being a secondary character?"

"Absolutely. I could never handle the main role. I'd be too nervous."

Suddenly, Percy's trailer door burst open and Percy tumbled out with a yelp.

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled and ran over to him. She helped him stand up, and you could see a bruise starting to form on his face. His hair and clothes were messed up, and he had a traumatized look in his eye.

"Serves you right. Hey, can we get an icepack over here?!" I yelled. A random worker ran up and handed me and ice pack.

"Here you go, Miss Child." He said.

"Thank you, now go and start checking the script for the new movie/fic."

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Here you go, Perce." I said, handing him the ice pack.

He glared at me. "You told her about my helping with the prank, didn't you?"

"I may have mentioned it when I called her earlier."

"You're a demon!"

"No, I'm a –insert author's real name here—"

He rolled his eyes.

"Thalia! Come over here, you Hunter you!"

"Sup AC?"

"Nothin' homedawg. Lay it on me thin. What's the scoop?"


"What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. Don't I have to do an interview or something?"

"Oh yeah! Question one: was it fun to be with your buddies again?"

"Hades yes! When we were filming this, I hadn't seen them for years!"

"Right. Question two: were you sad that you didn't get to show off your bow and arrow skills?"

"Yes. I wonder whose fault that was…?" She stared pointedly at me.

"I wonder who that was, too. Strange fellow, he is, for not adding fighting scenes."

Thalia rolled her eyes.

"Question three: if there was one scene you could reshoot (write) what would it be?"

"Oh that's easy. The scene where we're at the salon; I would cut that whole part out."

"Of course." This time I rolled my eyes.

Day Four

"I didn't like day four," Annabeth said.

"I did," A new voice said. We turned around and saw Rachel.

"Le gasp!" I shouted. "Rachel Elizabeth Dare!"

"Hi Percy," She said seductively.

"Hey now. Remember that you, too, signed a contract, and you agreed to not get all…touchy with Percy—or any other guy, for that matter—unless instructed to do so. I may not be on the best terms with Percy, but he doesn't need to have to worry about you. So, uh, back off!"

"Yeah!" Annabeth said.

"Whatever," Rachel rolled her eyes.

I narrowed my eyes. "You know what? Just because of that, you don't get an interview!"

"HA!" Annabeth yelled, pointing at her.

"I don't think that's very fair," Percy said.

"WHAT?!" Rachel, Annabeth, and I shouted.

"Percy, what are you doing?" Annabeth asked shakily.

"Yes! Thank you Percy!" Rachel squealed.

"PERCY! I just defended you! And this is how you repay me?! JERK!" I yelled.

"Well, I mean, she's…I mean…yeah, never mind. You're right. She doesn't deserve one."

"YEAH!" Annabeth and I shouted.

"PERCY?!" Rachel yelled. "I HATE YOU!" She screamed and stormed off.

"Finally!" I rejoiced.

"Good riddance," Annabeth said with a nod of her head.

Day Five

"Day five: the day where the plot thickened."

"You don't mean…" Annabeth started grimly, and Percy's eyes narrowed.


The three of us looked off into the distance and at the same time said,

"Ben Fuller."

---Queue the song Sexyback---

Suddenly, Ben's trailer door burst open and out walked Ben in slow motion. He had on a slightly tight shirt and jeans that hung on his hips. He also had a pair of sleek black sunglasses. He slowly walked toward us, a brilliant smile on his face. He then slowly reached up for his glasses and took them off.

Thank you imagination, I thought.

"He may be half a jerk," I said, then sighed. "But he is one piece of hot meat,"

"I'll give you that," Annabeth agreed.

"WHAT?!" Percy yelled.

"Oh, don't worry." I said. "You'll still be with Annabeth. I get Mr. Hot Man here."

"Hello ladies, Percy," Ben said, finally getting to us.

"BEN!" I shouted and threw myself at him. Ben was shocked at first, but then he chuckled and hugged me.

"I am NOT going through this again!" Percy exclaimed. He quickly grabbed Annabeth's hand. "Come on, we're going to my trailer until Mr. Look-at-me-I'm-so-hot leaves!" He tugged her into his trailer.

"You're just jealous!" I yelled. "Alright, Ben, it's time for your interview!"

"Cool, cool." He responded coolly.

"Question one: did you enjoy the role that you played?"

"Yeah, I guess. I think the bad guy is awesome in anything."

"Even if that bad guy was a rapist?"

"Er, I was playing a rapist…"

"Right. I knew that. I was just…testing you... Question two: can you explain your character for us?"

"No problem. Anything for you." He smiled. I squealed. "So, Ben was this crazy psycho killer/rapist who wanted Annabeth but couldn't get her, so he did what he could to get her."

"Sounds diabolical. Question three: what did you think about Ben's final act and how he turned into a loony?"

"I thought it was fitting. A psycho killer gets a psycho ending."

"And he knows it!"

"Hey!" Percy yelled from the trailer. "Is he gone yet?!"

"No!" I replied. "You'll have to wait a little longer."

"Why?! Just kick him out! We have to go on with the show!"

"You can wait, young man!"

"Just hurry up!"

"Ugh. Fine. Sorry, Ben, but you have to go!"

---Shoves him in the direction of his trailer---

Day Six

"Somebody gets jealous on day six!" I said in a sing-song voice.

"Whatever," Percy mumbled with a red face.

"Oh, and guess what?"


"We're going to mix it up a bit and do a talk show! With everyone in the scene!"

"What?! NOOOOO!!"

---Suddenly scene changes and I'm in a cheesy suit with my hair all cheesy like and Percy, Annabeth, and Ben are in comfy-looking chairs---

"Why did I ever agree to do this?" Percy groaned, slouching in his chair.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to my show called…uh…My Show!" I said. "Here with us today is the cast of day (chapter) six of Darkest Before Dawn! Tell us your names please!"

"Annabeth Chase," Annabeth said with a small wave.

"Percy Jackson," Percy groaned again.

"Ben Fuller," Ben said, and he sounded very sexy.

"Wonderful. Now, Annabeth let's start with you. What did you think of this chapter?"

"I thought it was hilarious!"

"It was so stupid!" Percy interrupted. "She just wanted to make me look like a jealous freak."

"But you are a jealous freak," Ben said.

"You wanna go Ben?"

"No! I want to stay on AC's lovely show." He winked at me.

I squealed…again.

"Hey!" Annabeth exclaimed. "She was asking me! Wait your turn!"

"Yeah!" I said. "Anyways, Percy…you obviously didn't like this chapter, but was it important?"

He sighed. "Yes," Then he smiled. "Because then I became a spy."

"You, boy, are easily made happy," I accused. "BEN! You probably loved this chapter, right?"

"Heck yes!"

"Thought so. Anyways, that's it for today on My Show!"

"Really?" Annabeth asked. "We didn't really talk about the chapter…"

"Is it called Annabeth's Show? No, it's called My Show! Deal with it! Tune in next time when we talk about hamsters! Until then, stay pretty!"

"You wish you were pretty!" Some random guy shouted.

Day Seven

"Day seven was boring," I said. "The only reason I put it in there was because I kept saying that Annabeth, Percy, and Grover were going out together for Percy's birthday…"

"Wow…that is boring…" Percy said.

"And you would know," I said, no sarcasm in my voice. "I made you three go through with it."

"But I did do some hard thinking." Annabeth said.

"Yeah, at like, the very end. Plus, it was only like, four paragraphs long. That was pathetic on my part."

"Should we just skip this, then?" Percy asked.

"That'd be a good idea."

Day Eight

"I believe that was when Percy turned into a spy," I said, scratching my chin.

"YES!" Percy yelled. "I LOVED this chapter! It was the bomb!"

"Are you sure it's not just because you turned into a spy?" I asked, raising a brow.

Percy stopped doing his karate moves. "What?"

"Percy," Annabeth sighed. "Don't you remember what happened after day eight?"

He thought for a moment then a light bulb turned on. "Oh...now I remember. I'll admit that had something to do with it, but I REALLY loved being a spy."

"So I've heard…" I mumbled. "Anyways, it was fun for me because directing it was fun. Percy had to learn how to climb a tree, and he had to perfect his sneaking techniques. It was just plain awesome."

"I thought it was funny to watch." Annabeth laughed.

"It sure was! I think this was a favorite of a lot of people, and if they didn't like it…well then they're as crazy as a chicken with one leg and three eyes and a pair of lips!"


"Nothing." I said quickly.

Day Nine

"Ooh la laaa!" I said slyly.

"Let's skip this one!" Percy shouted.

"NOPE! We can't! This one was VERY important!"

Percy just grumbled.

"We went from eight years of "I'll never be happy unless I'm with Percy!" to "I'm happy because I'm with Percy!"

"You BETTER not be talking about me!" Annabeth warned.

"Who else?"

"AHHH! Wait a minute…you wrote that though! HA!"

"But…damn, she's right. You'll never get away with this!"

"Yes I will!"

"I know."

"Do you want a cookie?"

"Yes, please."

"Then you should have made some!"

"Gah! How dare you! PERCY! Control your girlfriend!"

"The punk could use some toughening up," He mimicked with a shrill voice.


Day Ten

"Love is patient, love is kind…love means slowly losing your mind." I said ominously.

"You stole that from 27 Dresses, didn't you?" Annabeth said.

I glanced around nervously and gave a short laugh. "Ha, no...Anyways, this is the day when you and Percy went on your date!"

"Yes!" Percy said.

"I didn't care for it."

"What?! How could you not care for it?!"

"It was like day seven: I had to put it in there, but nothing really happened. It was just a filler chapter, and it sucked!"

"Once again, the ending was the only important part." Annabeth said.

"Yes, Annabeth, thank you for, once again, pointing that out. Thank you, once again, for pointing out, once again, that I had another filler…once again."

"…You are a sad, strange little woman, and you have my pity."

"HA! You stole that from Toy Story! I'm not the only one that steals!"


"This chapter just wasn't hot,"

"I'M HOT!" Ben yelled, popping up out of nowhere.

"BEN!" I squealed and attacked him, and the two of us fell to the ground. "You were in this chapter, too!"



"WHY ARE WE YELLING?!" Percy asked.



"CAN WE JUST MOVE ON?!" Annabeth asked as Ben pulled me up from the ground.


Day Eleven

"I liked this chapter for two reasons," I said.

"Let me guess," Percy started. "You liked it because Ben was in it,"

"How'd you know?!"

"Lucky guess,"

"You, young man, are creepy!"

"Stop calling me young man! I'm older than you!"

"Well then stop calling me your mother!"

"I've never called you that!"

"He's in denial!"

"Whatever! You're crazy!"

"You, young man, are the crazy one!"


Percy=0 AC=1

"Anyways," I said. "I also like this chapter because Rachel goes off with what's his face…."

"Lucas, right?" Annabeth said.

"No….it was….Max?"



"Someone call for me?" A deep, low, sexy, Spanish voice asked.

We turned and saw Ben walking with Marcus!

Annabeth and I fell over from overexposure to pure hotness.

"BEEEENNNN!" I yelled. "What are you doing here?! Not that I mind…"

"I've just been showing my buddy Marcus here around the set." He replied.

"Oh, great," Percy said. "You know, I didn't like this chapter. Annabeth practically got shanked."

"Your face got shanked!" I shouted.

"Your mom got shanked!"

"Your mom's face got shanked!"

"….Damn that's a good one…"

Percy=0 AC=2

"Marcus, I'd interview you, but you didn't really have a big part in this…" I said apologetically. I had been able to sneak in between Ben and Marcus so I could put my arm around his shoulder, but he was too tall and I was too short, so I ended up hooking my arm around his.

"Oh, it's alright." He replied. "Don't worry about it. I have to go anyways."

"Goodbye Mr. Hot Guy! Ben stay here!"

"YES, MA'AM!" He saluted.

"You, sir, are a silly goose."

"Your face is a silly goose!" Percy shouted.

"Your mom is a mongoose!"

"Your mom's face is a silly moose eating a mongoose!"


Percy=1 AC=2

Day Twelve

"Drama!" I shouted.

"Yeah no kidding!" Ben agreed. "You turned me into a crazy!"

"That's the beauty of it!"

"And I got shot!" Percy yelled.

"But not really. Sound affects and good acting took care of that. Let's do a rundown of what happened!"

Scene 12, Take 1---ACTION!

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled.

A gunshot (which was actually some hitting a board with a hammer).




"So yeah," I said. "A hammer and a piece of wood. Of course, it took more than one take because some people have bad timing!" I accused.

"We can't all be perfectionists!" Percy shouted.

"Well we can't all be giraffes, but you don't hear me whining about it!"

"I think you need to get your head checked out! You are not normal!"

"Why in the world would I want to be normal?! It's disgusting!"

"You would rather be a freak?!"

"No, I'd rather be toast, but God wants me to use my comedian and writing skills for the greater good!!"


I looked at Percy and nodded. At the same time we yelled,


Percy= 1 AC=2 Together=1

Day Thirteen

"Percy wakes up!" Annabeth yelled.

"Yay!" I rejoiced.

"Woot!" Percy joined in.




"…what else happened?"

"Besides the epilogue…nothing."

"Oh, well, er, let's go straight to the epilogue!"



"Let's see…" I started. "We had to move all your crap to New York…"

"Shut up, you!" Annabeth shouted.

"I am not a sheep!"

"Retard!" Percy "sneezed."

I stared at him. "…Bless you."

"Austin Powers." Annabeth sighed.

"Focus, Annabeth! Anyways, your mother came in the epilogue to talk to Percy…speaking of which, we need to bring in Athena!"

"NO!" Percy yelled.

"Too late! Everyone welcome Lady Athena!"

Athena walked in with a stern expression on her face.

"Hello, Annabeth," She greeted. She glared at Percy and nodded at me.

I shivered. "So, Lady Athena, question one: did you like working on the set for this project?"

She shrugged. "I suppose. It was amateurish, but it at least made sense."

My eye twitched. "Question two: what did you speak to Percy about?"

"Oh, I merely told him that if he hurt Annabeth after engaging to her that I would smite him."

"Merely told him, you say? Anyways, question three: will you be coming back anytime soon?"

"Yes, actually, I'm in this other movie/fic of yours—"

"—Which shall remain nameless! Thanks for coming! Now go back to Olympus or something!"

She glared at me and disappeared.

"Uh, AC," Annabeth started. "You probably shouldn't have said that."

"Oh well, she can't hurt me. She signed a contract."

"Did you make everyone sign a contract?" Percy asked incredulously.

"Of course! What kind of director would I be if I didn't make everyone—even my workers—sign a contract? They could all smite me!"

"I'm interested as to what you made Ben and Marcus sign," Annabeth wondered.

I smiled, pulled out a piece of paper, and started reading.

"I –insert name here—hereby agree to all the terms of this contract. The terms, being 1. I will work for AC forever until I am of no more use, and I am not needed ever again. 2. I cannot be used for anybody else's stories unless given permission from AC; I cannot leave by will ("Though why they would want to is beyond me,"). 3. I must not have romantic relationships with anyone working for AC unless instructed to do so."

"That's what you had them sign?" Annabeth asked.

"Yup! There's some other stuff, too, but that's not important."

"HELLO!" Some random guy yelled (there are a lot of random guys…I hope they're hot). "What about the rest of the epilogue?!"

"Oh yeah…So the rest was basically that Percy proposed—which was a beautiful scene (almost as beautiful as me)—and you lived happily ever after. The end."

"Way to go out with a bang," Percy said sarcastically.

"Thank you! I thought it was wonderful!"

"You wish you were wonderful!" Annabeth shouted.

"Well, viewers, that's it for behind the scenes! Tune in next week when Annabeth eats a mango in one bite, and Percy becomes a man!"

"HEY!" Both of them shouted.

"STRAW!" I yelled back.

Ben sighed. "I guess I'll say it while those guys fight. Thanks for reading and we all hope you enjoyed it!"


I had SO much fun writing this! I hope you liked it!

Review please!

--Akatsuki Child