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Sugar Daddy, by Rie Warren:

She needs a job. He wants a mistress. Hearts and contracts are bound to get broken.

Shay Greer is pure GRITS—a Girl Raised In The South–but nowhere near a demure southern belle. She's looking for a way out of her broken down marriage when she lands an unexpected job offer she really should refuse. Position? Mistress. Fringe Benefits? Of course. Fraternization with sexy CEO Reardon Boone? Required.

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Songs used for this chapter:

Florida Georgia Line: Cruise Song

Jesse James: Do it Like a Dude

Iron and Wine: Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Dead Confederates: Unholy Matrimony

~~If God had a refrigerator, would your picture would be on it~~

I fuckin' hoped not. The latest church sign on Whipple Road stuck in my craw. I wasn't MIA from the local weekly prayer meeting. I was permanently AWOL, because I took my sinning very seriously. And speaking of refrigerators, it was bad enough Bella had dragged me to the Best Buy all the way up Rivers Ave to purchase a clean-air, quiet-sound fridge, with an ice shooter.

S'if I didn't shoot enough ice to keep her cool inside and out every friggin' day.

The A/C window units had conked out in the double wide, too. No big. Except it meant Bubba was here, and he seemed to have no intentions of cuttin' bait after helping me replace them with newer models. He and Bella were teamed up at the off-kilter kitchen table over a platter of Bob's barbeque he'd happily upchuck later since he couldn't digest it. Asswad.

I hated seeing my girl chum up to the ugly lug almost as much as I loved her bein' so tight with my family.

Suck it up or suck shit, I could hear Maw saying one of her time-honored, off-color southern gospels.

Heaving myself into a chair, I decided to suck it up. Trying not to pay too much attention to Bella's pouty mouth or the titter of her laughter that made me wanna go after her that much faster. I wound my fingers through my hair, yanking on it instead of hauling her onto my lap.

Bubba spun his chair back to front and his cap front to back. "All that work today started me thinkin', y'all, and I got this idea for a Company."

Bella leaned forward, I rolled my shoulders back. Last time he verbally capitalized Company and Plan, we were 100K short on our investment in the wood chopping industry.

"Air conditionin' repair. Wanna know the name?" Emmett rocked forward.

Not really.

"Breaking Wind!"

I stalked to the new, streamlined super-shiny fridge and pulled out a brew. Bella held her hand back for a can of her own. There was only one cold cannon I wanted to place in her palm, but I held myself in check, again.

The table topsy-turvied when I sat down, probably care of my hard dick.

The dogs had their Junk Removal + Pine Straw biz. Bella was working the taxidermy shit. Rosie had added a drive-thru window to Mama Brown's . . . Suddenly everyone was an entrepreneur and I just wanted to get laid.

I'd asked Bella to marry me a month ago, the minute she came back from Volterra. After Bella'd skipped out (to save my entire family) and returned (with a battle royale) I hadn't let up. She'd said yes, but the planning was still in the making. And I was making to get pissed off.

She crossed her legs, listening to Bubba go on about conductors and shafts. Hell, I have a shaft that needs conductin'.

Her cheeks flushed as my hand moved up her knee to her inner thigh. I loved watching her. Almost as much as doing her so hard the mattress needed to be replaced. I kissed her neck, my hand gliding higher.

"Rosie's closin' up soon, right?" I slanted a not-so-subtle look at Emmett. He detached his Kindle from Bella's bogarted powercord and stuffed the reader into the bib of his overalls before he squinted at the clock. "'Bout now."

Bella stood, opening the door and shooing him outside. "See you in the mornin'."

And not one second sooner.

After the door banged shut, Bella sauntered to me. Hips rolling, lip licking, in charge and not afraid of me at all.

Her clothes dropped. My breath rasped in and out.

Bella had other plans, too, besides our unholy matrimony. The headstrong, hot, and horny woman knew the direct path to my heart and my cock. She swiveled on her heels and headed off down the doublewide's hallway.

I full-throttled in front of her, nothing but a blur. By the time she got to our bedroom where my upright piano was stationed against one wall—almost shouting Great Balls of Fire—and her sandals, high heels, and dresses drizzled out of the closet in a tempting display, I had my shirt open, my jeans unbuttoned as I reclined on the bed.


Ruby-tipped tits swayed in my vision. Her pussy slick with wet heat deviled my brain. Her voice, low and honey-filled, swam about my head and my cock ached when she ordered, "Stay still for me, babe."

Lights off, curtains open, the room filled with the moon's silver ray's washing over her lithe body and teardrop breasts. Breasts she cupped as she approached. I groped the bedding beneath me instead of her, shredding through the quilt, hitting the mattress, tearing it open.

She tsked, "Gonna have to buy another one, Eddie?'

I nodded in time with her juggling tits, grunting as she brought one engorged nipple to my mouth. Groaning low in my chest, I pulled the pink button between my lips, drawing hard. I wanted to mash her tits together and feast off both at the same time.

Laying her hands on my shoulders, Bella skimmed the shirt down my arms, off my hands. She dragged her fingertips along the tensed muscles of my abdomen, shifting one globed breast and tight nip for the other, letting me tongue lash her until she threw her head back, her hair shivering all over my torso.

My hips thrust up and I used the teasing licks on her tits to bring her down on top of me. Hell yeah. Soft belly, slim waist, hot tits, wet mouth finding mine. Our tongues swirled, lunged. I was about ready to throw her beneath me and feed my cock into her cunt when she crawled backward.

"I said be still."


She ripped off my jeans and I growled at her. She snarled in return, and damn if that didn't make me wanna tear up the whole house fucking her hard enough to make her scream so loud the entire neighborhood at Luxury Hollows would hear her.

The only bad thing about turning Bella was the novel fact she was at least as strong as me, and a total sexy vixen when she wanted to use that power. As she did now. I bit off my complaints because my girl was horny as hell and getting ready to take me on a ride the likes of which I'd never been on. I could tell from her deep brown dilated eyes, the rapid rise and fall of her tits, the way her gaze worked all over my hard body, my flexing muscles, my rigid erection like she wanted to taste everything at once.

"Yes, ma'am." I crossed my hands behind my head.

"Open your thighs, babe."

Spreading my legs, I watched her eyes take in my cock that speared up over my stomach, a spread of pre-come shimmering from the head and down my shaft. Her dark lashes fell, gaze lowering between my thighs, landing on my balls. She licked her lips and let out a little whimper, surveying the full round weights. If she'd touched me then I'd have shot off like a bottle rocket.

"Good boy," she smiled.

The fuck if I'm gonna be a dog and woof, but if she keeps starin' at me like that, rollin' over and beggin' for a fuck ain't too far off the mark.

"Bella." My timbre was injected with want, with need, with the pain of arousal.

She slid between my thighs, hitching her knees over me.


Her breath touched me first. Then her tongue. She curled it wickedly up my pulsing meat. "You like?"

Christ, yeah.

She thwapped my cock against my stomach, a strand of ejaculate hitting her lips. My cock on fire from the inside out, it leapt to her mouth. My fingers closed around the base so I could lay the firm tip against her closed lips.

"Gonna hurt me, Bella?" Venom leaked into my mouth.

Watching between my legs, she sucked my balls—one then the other—into her mouth. Dark with desire, my sacs fell from her lips. "Gonna suck you."

Her tongue rode up my ridged length to the broad head she took into her mouth. Powerful suction ate at my flesh. I cranked forward, crying out. I curled my fists into her hair and let her play. Bella jacked me off, smiling all the goddamn while. She lapped my dick like it was a swizzle stick.

My abs jumped with every fucking lick bestowed.

I shouted when she let up on the vacuum suck and tasted her lips again. "Then I'm gonna fuck you."

Bella dove down, pressed her tits against my testes. Her nipples teased me. She rode both berry points up and down me, her tongue in hot pursuit. The sucking went on until I was covered in sweat, the bed was a mess, and my cock gleamed from her spit.

I jerked her head back. My cock was at the entrance of her mouth and I'd never needed to shoot so bad. "You want more?"

Breaking from my hold, Bella slipped down the side of my throbbing shaft, nibbling, her tongue wrapping around me. "I need it."

I grabbed her hair again, and lowered her open mouth onto me.

When Bella pulled off, her mouth was puffy from use. She prowled across my body.

"Get on my cock, darlin'." I ordered in a low, controlled voice.

My hips lifted off the bed as she prowled across my body. I growled at the slick slide of her cunt over me. Labia parting, wet pussy clasping as each inch rocked inside of her. Hands on her ass, I drove Bella onto me showing no mercy whatso-fuckin'-ever.

A silvery shimmer of woman on top of me, she danced on my dick, whispering, "Fuck, Eddie!"

I dropped her down fast, my cock so engorged I cruelly fucked her. "Too hard?" My teeth dug into her neck.

A long moan escaped her mouth as she creamed around me.

I wanted the goddamn visual. I wanted her pussy, her mouth. Her T & A. I wanted to watch her take my cock. Hands beneath Bella's thighs, I whipped her around. Her palms curled under my calves. I punched into her, demanding, "Fuck me hard."

I grabbed her hair to pull her head toward me and spanked her ass, chuckling low and gritty when Bella tore at my mouth. "You slap me one more time-"

My fingers drilled against her clit and she shook on top of me. A flood of her come covered my cock when she clamped down. Back bowed, body tight, Bella climaxed so fucking hard she nearly ripped my dick off.

"Fuck." I sped through her orgasm, grasping her hips and pounding through the insane pulses speeding come from my balls to my cock and out the head.

Spinning Bella around and beneath me, I kept thrusting into her. She came again, writhing under me. She hummed and smiled when I finally finished, stretching her arms over her head. The throbbing artery in her neck pound-pound-pounded.

I took a small drink from her vein, reinvigorating. Fuck Gatorade. Closing the suck-bite, I fell back to the bed, the mattress half on the floor.

Arms, legs, tits, ass. Bella rolled against me. Boobs, brains, and sass. Too much sass.

Damn. I'm a goner.

"Did I hurt you?"

Throwing a sheet around us, she cuddled close. "Never."

I nodded to myself and held her nearer. My toes curled with hers, my mouth at her ear.

Bella was the shit. My broad. My babe. But not enough. "You 'bout ready to marry me yet?"

"Might-could be." She peered up at me with an unfathomable expression. "You done sowin' your wild oats?"

"Darlin', I haven't looked at another woman or wanted anyone else since the moment I saw you at Mama Brown's with a pencil in your hair and no-nonsense on your lips." Not to mention the short jean skirt, halter top, and come-fuck-me walk. "I love you, Bella."

Warm and soft, she cuddled against me, sighing against my jaw before sliding her lips across mine. When her hand pressed against my heart, I could almost feel it beating . . . for her.


I'd finally gotten Bella to agree to a date, and goddamn if that didn't make the ache in my chest finally subside, once and for all. I was still dead set on running away with her to Louisiana though, so when Maw had mentioned our nuptials taking place at Wide Awake Plantation—looking all wide-eyed and fanciful—I didn't hesitate to shoot that shit right down.

She'd tried to steamroll over me while we sat on the glossy black joggling board outside her and Carl's house on the bluff. "But that's where that lovely Reese Witherspoon got married to Ryan Philippe, Eddie."

The creek had shushed behind us, probably full of laughing alligators that kept eluding my clutches. "Yeah, and look how fuckin' well that worked out for 'em." I'd snorted.

Esme had wacked me upside the head with no warning. "Mind that tongue of yours before I pull it out and add it to my next batch of mincemeat pies for the Sunday bake sale at church."

I needed my tongue intact so I could eat Bella out often, and at my leisure, so I dropped the cussing, but I still groused. "'Sides, Wide Awake, Maw? I don't need any more reminders about bein' eternally unable to sleep, do I?"

The hard line of her lips softened as she scrutinized me, appreciative I'd worn clean jeans and an un-ripped t-shirt to the homestead for the Sunday dinners she made us all attend so we could sit around the table while she fed Bella—and sometimes her damn daddy—the fried chicken my half-vamp woman still craved.

Maw had wrapped her arms around me and tipped her head back to smile up at me. "I don't suppose you do, son. We'll take Wide Awake Plantation off the table—there's always Emmett and Rosie—but I still need to talk to Bella about…"

Having gotten my way, I'd tuned Maw out with a kiss to her cheek, one that would've made her blush had any blood coursed through her veins, and ambled off the down the dirt drive in search of a John Deere I could hotwire. Jizz and Bubba had already trailblazed into the bush on the Kubota, and I had mind to racing the tractors while our women made plans we'd have to unravel later.

Now, several days after putting M'Esme off the wedding-at-Wide-Awake trail, I was changing the tires on the Bronco, back at Luxury Hollows.

On all our 4x4's, Rosie's El Camino, and M'Esme's vintage Mercedes we honored Mama Brown with a decal I never failed to brush my fingers across. In Loving Memory of Eunice Brown. June 20, 1951-September 13, 2009.

Bella came out to help, unhelpfully wearing a half shirt showing off the half-moons of her breasts and cut-offs glimpsing off the bottom crescents of her ass when she bent over. Bare foot too, one of my favorite looks on her, unless she was modeling super-sexy, super high heels that made her legs look a mile long . . . while otherwise naked.

The breathing room in my jeans getting sucked up by the size of my cock rigid enough to stab through fabric, I popped the top bottom. Bella's eyes clung to the curls above the base of my shaft. I slid my thumbs into the waistband, pressing the jeans a little lower on my hips.

Bella lifted her eyes to mine.

I raised an eyebrow and cocked my leg, drawing her gaze back to my erection. "See somethin' you like?" I asked, making sure I took my time one-handing the t-shirt from my back and over my head.

Her tongue traipsed out to wet her lips and I stepped up to her. The muscles of my bare chest pushed against the straining buds of her nipples.

Bella dragged in a breath then darted a glimpse of those gorgeous brown eyes over my shoulder. "Yeah. I'd like to get the tires done on my truck too before those storm clouds over yonder burst all over us."

I laughed long and low. "Only one thing you gotta worry about burstin' all over you, darlin'."

"That so?"

Damn straight. I was frisky. It didn't matter I'd made her scream my name from the porch couch with my face between her legs not two hours earlier.

Slinging an arm around Bella's waist, sliding my hand down to cup her bottom, I whispered against her lips, "Gimme a kiss."

Bella slammed me against the Bronco, my wrists gripped in her hands. Her body undulated against mine causing a whole lotta heat to head south to my cock. I loved the passionate power of her moves, the wet silken thrust of her tongue fucking in and out of my mouth.

I loved the bite of her teeth against my bottom lip and the fact she could do more than handle me; she could take me, fuck me, suck me any time she wanted. And she knew it.

Just not right then. Because the Bronco skittered back about five feet and the wheel we'd been monkeyin' around with popped off and rolled several yards before upending.

We broke apart and laughed, grabbing each other to keep from flailing backward on our asses.

"Back to work?" Bella grinned, arms looped around my neck.

"Back to work." I swatted her ass for good measure and to cop an extra feel.

We took turns lifting the body of the Bronco and replacing the tires, working up a sweaty sheen under the blazing Indian summer, South Carolina sun.

She had a wrench in her hand and a lug nut in her mouth and my balls in a vice when I asked, "So, we're elopin', right?"

Bella spat the metal into her palm. "No."

"But what about God 'n' Guns? Louisiana?" I squatted beside her, taking the wrench from her hand. "If we're gonna have a shotgun weddin', shouldn't we do it where ammo's allowed at the nuptials?"

Bella stood, shaking her hair out. The sun-saturated lengths flew against my shoulders when I rose to my feet in front of her. She took my palms and placed them on the truck door. I was positioned the same way I'd been earlier, her breasts against me, her breath a trail of fire against my throat.

My skin tingled when she exhaled softly, "No."


"We got three weeks to plan it, baby."

Only thing I'm plannin' is how to get inside her pants right the fuck now.

"And we're only gettin' married once." Bella's fingers scorched inside the front pockets of my jeans, lowering them with a shift-shift until my broad cockhead broke free of denim. "White wedding. The bluff. Bouquets and all that stuff."

Pulling her top over her tits, I licked from one orb to the other. "Flowers?" My palm skimmed inside her shorts, sending shockwaves down her spine.

"Tons of . . . red . . . hot . . . pokers . . ."

Every word she said was a swivel of her wet cunt against my fingers and a shuttle of her fist from the base of my shaft to the helmet.

Bella's eyes held mine to the last second when her twisting, gripping, squeezing hand drew the come from my balls and out my cock and all over her wrist. She rippled around my fingers, tightening and releasing as a spiraling orgasm made her fall against me with wild wails and the arch of her hips.

Ropes of my seed decorated her body. Gotta love that.

Bella glanced down over herself. "This isn't what I have in mind for a white weddin', Eddie."

Nevertheless she gathered drops of come from between her boobs and placed it into her mouth. She licked from my fingers and dropped low to suckle my cock and clean my abs from where I'd exploded.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ, Bella. You tryin' to kill me?" I was hard again already.

She rode against the length of my thigh, laughing all the way. "Y'all'd be dead by now if I was."


Lifting her in my arms, I carried her into the DW. To hell with the trucks, the tires, and Maw digging her talons in over the wedding. I set Bella down, arranged myself beside her in bed, and tucked her against my shoulder.

"One more thing."

I love her one more things. It's usually 'let's fuck like this, baby'.

"Sex is off-limits until we tie the knot," she said.

The Fuck?


~~Make your mother happy happy happy! And go to church Jack~~

I reckoned The Southern Belle counted as close to God and Church as we'd get. For sure there'd be some babes on their knees, if nothing else.

Three frigging weeks. And it weren't bad enough Bella had added the no-sex no-way no-how rule to getting hitched. She'd hit me with the 'don't even think about jackin' it either' clause, too.

In Jasper's classic Ford truck on the way to the Belle, we idled in the L'il Cricket parking lot while Bubba mooned out the side window. Gobbing brown baccy juice into an empty, Jizz lobbed it out the window on a three-point arc.

A carload of cougars drove past, did a U-ey, and made a return eye-fuck visit.

'Course they did.

Bubba hauled up his jeans and jerked open the door. At the same time Fart Boy belched, "Ew, bet that left tracks."

Emmett's eyes danced. He'd obviously concealed the Fart Boy pull-tab toy somewhere, probably in his hairy ass-crack. "Just gotta run in and pick up some Goodie's Powders. Y'all need anything?"

Fuck's sake. Stuck with the only hypochondriac vampire in existence.

"Newspaper an' toothpicks." Jasper drawled.

I slapped the side of the Ford. "Better grab a two-liter of Sunkist for Carl."

"Contraband hooch?" Jizz questioned, one blond eyebrow rolling up.

"My fuckin' wedding, I can do what I want."

Two miles later, three irascible vampires eschewing the valet fucking service at the stripjoint, we bared our teeth, placed some cash, and had us front row seats at the Belle.

Drinks took up the tabletop—whiskey, beer, shots. Perfect.

Bubba shoved a few glasses aside and slammed his hand down on the table. I watched beer spill. Jizz leaned over to suck up some beer foam. Bubba lifted his hand, leaving a pointer finger splatted against a scrunched up piece of paper.

"I'm officiatin'!"

I snaked the paper from beneath his hamfist, narrowin' my eyes. Jesus Christ. Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen had gotten hisself certified online, to officiate legally. From the Gracious Shepherd Bible College, 'Fully Accredited, Costs Less, Requires No Gen-Ed Courses'.

If I'd been paying a lick of attention to Bubba's thoughts, this'd come as no surprise. As it was, I'd learned to tune him and his hillbilly, mind-numbingly boring bullshit from my mind-reading radar years ago.

"You think I need a dog-collar, like them reverends wear?" He hooked a finger into the neck of his shirt.

Folding the verified certificate, I placed it into his shirt pocket. "You are not fuckin' marryin' me and Bella."

"Why the hell not?"

"'Cause I says so." I was fixing to officiate the ignoramus with my fist on his thick skull.

In response he took pouting to never seen before proportions. Like his bottom lip was swelling from a shellfish allergy. Who the fuck knew with him.

"I'll ask Bella." He sulked.

"Y'all do that." I swallowed three fingers of rotgut whiskey.

I was tied in knots, my balls blue. Possibly some obscene shade of violet at this point. Three weeks, no sex. Fuckin' A. Hard as a rock because Bella wouldn't give me any, like she was gonna regrow her hymen or somethin'. But it was marriage, and we were gonna do it right. Do the right thing. An idea I hadn't even considered before she exploded into my life.

I ignored the babes on stage, staring into my glass. I rubbed my chest. One more night and she's mine.

Bubba broke into my doldrums, reaching across the table to snatch Jizz's box of Stim-U-Dents. He shook the contents out into his hand, laughing and rearing back when Jasper took a swipe at him. Then he propped two of the toothpicks under his upper lips over his canines.

"Don't know about you dudes, but I still feel kinda gypped about the lack of fangs." His speech came out slurred and lispy.

After looking around the joint, I rolled my eyes back to him. "Man, you can kill with your bare hands without even breakin' a sweat, fuck like a rockstar, live forever. You really think you got somethin' to complain about?"

He nodded, pressing the tip of his tongue to one of the wooden points jutting from his mouth.

"Lose 'em before you scare the natives." By actin' like a dipshit.

Jasper had scooped the rest of the toothpicks back into the box, muttering about germs, but he glanced over. "Shoot. I reckon if a pair of necrotic zombies runnin' around the lowcountry, werewolves howlin' at-"

"Loup-garu," I cut in.

Pointing a toothpick at me before popping it between his lips, he said, "Semantics, Eddie boy. Loup-garu roamin' around, plus whatever the hells Bells is-"

"Liger," Bubba affirmed.

Jizz crossed his arms over his chest while I fistbumped Buckwheat. "Right, a liger—half human, half vampire—if all those characters ain't fazed the air-breathers yet, a vampire with a set of false fangs ain't likely too."

He had a point, but I still needed to grumble. "The hell are we doin' here?"

The night before the wedding, I had better things to do, like polish my cock to get it ready for Bella.

"Stag party." Jizz and Bubba chorused in unison as a skimpy dressed tartlet delivered another round of brewskies and a bevy of new babes took to the stage.

Fuckin' stag party. Stag. I'd had one of those last night, under duress.

Bella had me a damn short leash and I wasn't even a dog. Last night I'd been jonesing for a hit of the pure stuff, her blood from the source—from her tits or those perfect ivory thighs…

But she'd had other ideas, saying, "Baby, you know can't suck without wantin' to fuck."

If I didn't love her so damn much my insides hurt as much as my iron-stiff cock, if we hadn't been through hell and back along a twisty route of deception, mayhem, and all around evil bullshit care of Arshole Aro and his assbandit flunkies, I'd have seriously considered tying her to the bed, my piano, or the Bronco and fucking her brains out while I sucked the hot, sweet blood from her veins.

Instead, I'd pulled away from her. Every single muscle in my body resisting. My teeth sharp, my mouth watering, my vision narrowed. Another herd of whitetail deer bit the dust last night. And I hadn't busted my nut, not then, not the day before that . . .

I resumed slouching in my seat, nursing two cold ones, my brew and my bruised balls. At least I could get lit up at my own bachelor party.

Moments later, the crowd-going apeshit with Bubba the biggest baboon of them all-drew my attention to the spectacle on stage. I rubbed my eyes, pulled my hand over my jaw then looked back to confirm what I saw.

I leaned back in my chair, eyes glued to the trio of dancers, hand gripping both cold ones hard enough to break something. The song blazing out of the sound system was dirty, gritty, filthy, and fucking hot . . . each and every one of those characteristics reflected in the sexual dance moves of the women writhing around each other on stage under the hot glowing lights.

I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude

Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

Do it like a brother, do it like a dude

Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

Do it like a dude? Jesus fuckin' Christ. She was not doin' it like a dude at all. Bella—my Bella—was all slinky, sexual, feline, and straight-up fuckable. On stage. With Rosie and Alice.

Boom, boom, pour me a beer

No pretty drinks, I'm a guy out here

Rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' money like a pimp

My B-I-T-C-H is on my dick like this

Bubba yanked open his wallet, Jasper dug out his money clip, and I sat with my mouth hanging open.

Whistles, catcalls, and men were on their feet. Human men, plebs, easily killed, all of them, but I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Dressed in the barest, sheerest bras, g-strings, and spiky heels, the three of them were total wetdream material. Never fuckin' mind my stash of girly mags that had been ripped through, thumbed through, shredded and were now no better than trailer trash toilet paper at this point . . .

My dick was gonna detonate.

Through the roaring in my ears as venom jetted through my body, I dimly heard Bubba whistling. I watched him throwing wads of cash on stage.

I almost blew my wad in my jeans when Bella ground her hips against Rosie, pulling the other vamp's long blond ponytail hard. Swear to fuck, I thought I saw a glimpse of the tips of their tongues touching, and it felt like a cattle prod zapped my cock.

Boys, c-come say what you wanna

Boys, y-you need to lick my dollar

Boys, gettin' hot under the collar

Holla, holla, whoa

The Mighty Mouseketeer and Rosie gyrated down to collect the cash, scooping it into the strings of their thongs. But Bella—fucking Bella—swiveled her ass as she swished to the stripper pole.

Then I stood up.

The flexible little minx raised one leg and winked right at me while she wound her leg above her head around the floor-to-ceiling bar. The bar in my pants jerked in time to the music.

And if that bra—that thing, that little bitty string barely holding in her tits, shit it was no better than a pair of pasties at handling the job—came off, as it about looked to do what with evil gravity making her breasts swell, I was gonna make good on my plans to massacre every single leering motherfucker in the joint. Their randy thoughts ricocheted around my head like pinballs, lighting up violence inside me—cruel and unusual punishment on top of the fact Bella practically had my nutsack in a jar.

Bella righted herself, and her tits played nice, settling back inside the bra instead of falling out onto the floor. I narrowed my eyes when she blew me a kiss. Wrapping both legs and both arms around the pole, she slithered up it, mewing at me. When she reached the top, she arched her back, long wavy hair brushing the dimples just above her ass.

Tits thrust to the air, hips lewdly pumping, she humped the pole up and down and my dick threatened to ram through my Levi's.

Beside me Jizz was grinning, goddamn wolf whistling. Or who knew, maybe Leah and the pack were in the crowd and I'd get to them too. My backhand to Jasper's jaw jarred him for a minute while he worked it back into place. Hitting the jackoff had busted my knuckles but they knitted neatly back together in seconds. Too bad his toothpick was DOA.

My Pavlov cock was hard enough to use as a nightstick and I really needed to can it with the cop-talk 'cause that was putting me off my game. The game being getting Bella off center stage and onto my thighs for a private lapdance, fucking pronto.

I respected her enough to let her do her gig with the girls, but I made a massive male barrier between her, the stage, and the salivating press of gawkers.

The song finally ending, the girls giggled, blowing kisses to their fans who were one fucking come-on from getting their heads sheared off, ligament by tasty ligament. I leaped on stage, swaggering up to my girl, easily ignoring every other fucker in the place so I could focus on the way her eyes widened and her mouth pursed into a pretty gasp.

Her gaze strayed to my cock, a hard roll in my jeans, and meandered up the length of my body as I stopped inches from her.

"You pissed?" she asked.

I pushed my hand into her hair and fisted the damp tendrils. Her gasp was solely sexual. "Who were thinkin' about fucking when you were dancin' like that?"

"You." Her sharp teeth bit into the pillowy bottom lip.

My mouth cruised up her neck before I crushed my lips against hers. I tasted her tongue and dragged mine through the wet warm depths of her mouth, twisting and tearing back.

I cupped her breasts, nipples pointing into my palms. "No one sees these but me."

"I know."

With another searing kiss, I grabbed her thighs and pulled her up around my waist, covering as much of her bare skin as I could. I blasted out to the jeering throng, "She's taken. For every day of her life, for the rest of her life."

Carrying her away from the glaring lights, I asked, "What the hell are you wearin'?"

"You like it?" She wriggled free, her hands sliding up her curves hardly hidden by the bra and panties.

"Like it a whole lot better when I can get you out of it, in private, Bella." Each muscle on my body flexed in response to her tease, and menace clotted my throat.

She stepped back, "Not gonna happen tonight."

"I know." Running my hands through my hair, I clenched my fingers before I gave in to the urge to manhandle her back to the DW. "You better be at Rosie's by the time I get home. With the doors locked, the windows barred . . .

We couldn't sleep in the same house tonight. Fucking tradition.

Her face framed in my hands, I scattered light kisses over the freckles constellating over her nose, her cheeks. The widow's peak I loved, I murmured against. "And you better bring this outfit on the honeymoon."

"Tomorrow." Cheeks flushed, eyes bright, hair loose, Bella was gorgeous. Happy.

Shit. Fingers grazing her face and down her arms, I linked our fingers for a moment. "Tomorrow."


~~A pure hand needs no glove to cover it~~

And neither does my cock.

Cacky's Bride Aid arrived at the Bluff at daybreak. Eager bitch. While she and Maw festooned the grounds and prettied up the casket-planters with white and red blooms, I stalked the length of the porch from on high.

A strong hand pulled me inside. The door slammed behind me and I resumed my pacing in Esme and Carl's bedroom, all three stooges starting at me. Finally Jizz rolled a joint. He passed the doobie to me. I grabbed the roach-clip and took a hit.

"Need the White Rabbit?" Bubba asked.

Exhalin' O2 through little sips, I plunked onto the settee. "Nah, I'm good."

Carl inhaled the offshoots, getting high on contact.

"Where are the women?"

"Upstairs." Jasper dragged on the joint.

"Bella too?" I needed to make sure she'd showed.

"Man, you gotta ask?" Emmett came out of the bathroom, spraying Lysol in his wake.


"Yep." Carl leaned closer to the reefer smoke. "Got here at 7 am. Your girl's ready."

Nerves crackling through my veins, I peered into the mirror. I had on a tux, and the slim black tie felt strange against my throat. The regulation wife beater underneath the crisp white shirt made me feel a little better.

Jizz smashed the spliff into an ashtray. "Lookin' good, hot stuff."

Under his breath, Bubba hummed Red Solo Cup while he drew pants up his meaty legs. He'd pressed the black trousers between his mattresses. Trading out his I ain't sinnin', I'm grinnin' t shirt for a black and white tuxedo-t, he bumped my shoulder as we fought for mirror time.

"Why haven't you popped the question yet?" I elbowed him in the ribs sending him against the wall.

Bubba grinned. "I ain't no chump."

Just a chimpanzee in a monkey suit.

Jasper tapped his watch. "It's time."

My stomach rollercoasted. They marched me outside, down the steps, to the altar. Maw held a hankie in her hand and the side of my face in the other. "You do her proud, Eddie Cullen."

Of course. Bubba had gotten his way. He was officiating. He pulled out a set of index cards tucked inside a Barbara Cartland paperback.

On both side of the aisle, our friends and families crowded. The chairs were mismatched, the southern ladies wore hats. Vampires were at ease with the humans and then the organ struck a wedding march.

When Bella turned the corner and slipped under the gazebo, my knees gave out.

Jasperclasped my shoulder. "She's beautiful, man. You're a lucky sumbitch."

I am. Watching her, I believed it for the first time. My eyes burned against the vision of Bella walking down the aisle toward me. For me.

For the first time I understood what this all meant. I knew I had something in Bella that Jasper wanted, that Emmett needed, that Esme and Carl had found.

My heart walloped in my chest, or maybe it was my stomach diving down. All those inert organs leaped to life when Bella approached. She caught a tear on her fingertip, and I wanted to kiss them all away.

The ivory satin sheath, the voluminous veil, the heels . . . she could have come to me in cut-offs and a tanktop. But I didn't deny the punch to my gut with the vision she made.

For the first time, I decided fate had done me right. Eternity hadn't damned me. Never-ending life meant I'd be with Bella forever.

I held out my hand, accepted Sheriff Swan's firm shake. I nodded solemnly at him as his pornstache twitched as if invested with emotion he struggled to wipe from his face. His standard issue pistol at his hip, his badge prominent on his cut-rate tan colored suit, he threatened, "You know I can still shoot you, sonny boy."

Welcome to the family.

I didn't falter. "Yessir. And you know I'll do everything, every single day, to make your daughter happy."

Maybe that's enough.

When Charlie placed Bella's palm in mine, I held it like a treasure. She kissed her daddy on the cheek and raised her chin, a river of tears falling from her dark eyes.

I swallowed and took a step up to Emmett, Bella beside me. I bent toward her. "I'd be cryin' too, darlin', if I could." My voice came out a little rough, a little shaky.

Her palm slipped up my forearm.

"Ready?" I asked, gathering her hand in mine, kissing her fingertips gently.

I watched as beneath the veil the soft fan of her eyelashes brushed her cheeks. "Yes, Eddie."

Facing one another, we linked hands. The crowd of vampires, Caleb from Mama's and a few of his less superstitious Gullah friends, the wolf pack, even Delilah from next door, who'd found a sitter for her brood, and L'isiana and Texas, who managed to curtail their neighbor-wars enough to attend . . .

They all shut their pieholes when Bubba began in a strong and solemn voice, no sign of the jughead in evidence. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of Edward 'Eddie' Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan in the most sacred of all unions, marriage . . ."

In keeping with the theme, we'd opted for traditional vows, minus the 'obey shit' as Bella put it.

It felt like I'd waited my whole life for her, yet the ceremony passed in a blur of I dos and I wills. All I could focus on was the smile on Bella's lips, her mouth forming the words that would bind her to me forever. The sound of her voice, low and warm as liquid honey, and sometimes trembling through her vows.

After I committed myself to her and our rings were exchanged, I ran the pad of my thumb over her bottom lip through the veil, feeling her gasp.

We reached for each other at the same time. Her hands finding my shoulders, sliding up my throat, clasping my jaw. I lifted the veil and slowly kissed each salty wet tear before waiting a hairsbreadth from her mouth, reveling in this first moment as man and wife.

Our lips brushed once and twice before sliding together fiercely. I groaned at the moist strokes of her tongue coiling with mine, gripping her hair that fell loose down her back in a bounty of waves. Pulling Bella up in my arms, I swung her around, never once losing the passionate kiss that made me want to lift up her long dress and sink right into her.

When I finally set her down, her lips were swollen, her eyes shone as bright as I'd ever seen them. A final teardrop trailed down the curve of her cheek and when I kissed it away, I slid my lips over to touch her earlobe. "Hi, Mrs. Cullen."

Her beaming smile of pride pulled an uncontainable grin from me, and I leaned back to let loose a loud holler.

Everyone joined in, rushing the small platform with hugs and claps, loud shouts and more swearing than Maw would've usually allowed, but she was too overcome with her own bout of 'proud momma' preening to do much about it.

She tugged me down by my ears and kissed me soundly on the cheek while Carl slapped me on the back, a blow that would've broken a human male's scapula, meant merely as congratulations, 'course.

Giving up his preacher-man-moment, Bubba jumped up onto the lectern. Once the showboating buffoon had everyone's attention, he pulled a move straight from WWE. Going all Hulk Hogan on the tux coat, he ripped it apart at the shoulder seams like that shit was held together with Velcro. Pulling a PBR can from his pocket, he guzzled it in one and did a 100% pure Bubba move, crushing the empty can to his rock-solid forehead before lobbing it into the crowd.

"Let's do some damage, y'all!" He bellowed.

Brain damage, maybe.

The reception took no time at all to get underway; the guests were as thick as bluebottles on a cow's ass. The two-story porch on Maw's house had been decorated in flashing black fairy lights. Didn't need to be a genius to figure out whose personal touch that had been. Music pumped from the speakers housed under the carport and long tables faced the creek, laden with a full spread of barbecue supplied by Rosie and Mama Brown's, junkfood galore for Carl, beer, and a candy dish of joints handrolled by Jasper.

It went without saying blood was on tap, warmed to a perfectly drinkable degree.

The centerpiece of the really fucking bizarre banquet was the cake. No less than four tiers, it was piped in black icing . . . with miniature crows made of fondant or some fucking crap on each level, their sharp beaks appearing to peck at the cake layers.

Flushed, warm, and gorgeous, Bella appeared beside me. "Alice ordered the cake."

"No shit." And I'd be having words with Little Miss Bonnie-no-Clyde later, after I searched her person for pickpocketed items.

An uproar caught my attention just before I reconsidered putting my fist through the cake first and the mischievous minx's face second. Spinning around I almost spat my mouthful of PBR out when I saw Seth, Ja-cub, and Sam playing hot potato with Mr. L'isiana. He was quickly turning red in the face, unable to believe a group of overgrown Cajun boys were tossing him around like a bag of boiled peanuts just because they all had the fiery bayou blood racing through them. Shapeshifting shitheads.

"Well," I murmured to Bella. "They definitely liven up the place."

The sound of her laugh pinged through my body, lighting up every sexual impulse until I felt like a livewire.

I was getting ready to haul her around the side of the house to see if I could get some relief for my tormented cock—hell, a quick trip down her throat would do me good—when goddamn 'Speeches!' was announced.

Snagging two glasses of champagne for Bella—I didn't want her to go dry—and another beer for me with a blood chaser, I guided her to the head table. When she took her seat, I pushed it in, bending to lick the long line of her neck before biting her gently.



"Speeches?" She gave a small whimper after I nipped down the opposite side of her neck, ending at the top hills of her breasts pushed just-so above the bodice so all it would take was one press of my thumbs to watch her nipples topple out.

"They can give speeches, darlin', I'm gonna sit here and suck on your peaches."

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, git your face out of Bella's décolletage and kindly show some fuckin' respect for this sacred occasion." Esme's shrill tone cut right through my happy face-planting moment.

I eased back, acting relaxed. Laying one proprietary arm across Bella's bare shoulders, I aimed a loose grin at Maw and winked. I chuckled when she looked flustered for a moment, not having been on the receiving end of my charm before.

Of special note, while I sat beside my girl and fiddled with her hair, were Maw's, Rosie's, and Chuckles speeches, which they kept brief. Fuckin' thankfully.

M'Esme held up a goblet in our direction in one hand and clutched Carl's fingers with the other. "The South will rise again!"

No shit. The Pavlov is already well and truly up.

Rosie stood and gave her congratulations as Bella's BFF. "I tried to keep you away from that scoundrel, girl, but you just ain't got the smarts you were born with."

I looked askance at Bella who was smothering a laugh behind her hand. Laugh now darlin', you'll be screamin' in ecstasy later.

"Howsoever, if you were gonna land a vamp, I'm glad it was Eddie. He'll fight to the end for you, sex you up, and keep you cool on our hot southern nights!"

Curling against my chest, Bella hid her grin in my neck. With her resting against me, I took the opportunity to caress the warm skin of her back, on fire with the need to get as close to her as possible.

Sheriff Hardass followed Rosie. He started and stopped a few times, which meant Bella sprung a leak in the waterworks again, but I held her through it all. He called out in a gruff voice, "My baby girl. A father hopes for this day and dreads it at the same time. Especially when she's hookin' up with a no-good Cainhoy boy."


"Let me finish. I had my ideas about Eddie here, then I got clued in about y'all Cullens. What I've observed made me rethink some things." His straight and arrow brown gaze zoomed in on me. "I guess Eddie gives you what you need. He might break a few laws—that I'd just as soon not know about-and go about things the wrong way, but I'm not worried when I know you're with him. That's all a father wants."

"Daddy!" Bella lifted her glass to him, smiling widely.

Charlie drained his beer, caught another from Bubba, and headed for a chair, meeting Leah on the way. She swayed against him before she found her footing, the Alpha Bitch clearly a little juiced up. She wasn't on the docket for speeches, but that wasn't about to stop her.

Here we go.

"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Won't you go to beddie with me? You soooo pretty. And sparkly, I've heard about Sparky the sparkly cock!" She hiccupped.

I glared at Bella. Sparky the sparkly cock? I bit out, "I sweat. It ain't friggin' glitter-dust on my dick, babe."

"I never called your cock Sparky, baby, I swear it," Bella hissed back.

Leah reeled away from the table on her heels and towed herself back by one hand clawing across the surface in front of her. "Sparky, sparkly, s'pretty. You ask 'im 'bout a threesome yet, Belllls?" She slurred.

Okay, that one? I'll tuck away for jag-off material.

To everyone else I said, "All right! I'm callin' the dog catchers."

"Time for gifts!" Maw shouted over me.

As I stood to escort Bella to the swag pile, the gamine gremlin sidled up to me.

"Go on, darlin', I'll catch up." I said to Bella. The half-sized hustler had that dazed and confused look about her. Either that or she was as skunk-drunk as Leah.

She'd replaced her tattered black lace parasol with a new-old tattered black lace hat that sat at an angle on her short, raven black locks. Arms in long gloves, minus the fingers, cinched into a white dress that fell to her knees, she was an animated vision of the fucking cake she'd ordered.

Soon as Bella was outta earshot, she said, "I've seen the future,"—not this crap again—"and you're going to live a long,"—no shit, Miss Cleo—"happy life with Bella."

With that, she took her broomstick and cackled off to find Jasper. Maybe she was sincere, or maybe she'd had too much beer . . . whatever. I shrugged, dragged both hands through my hair and followed Bella's trail.

She was inspecting a box.

"Who's it from?" I asked.

"Card says Caius."

I glared at the offering. "Chuck it."

Alice's broomstick must've boomeranged her right back to me. She turned up like a bad penny at my side. "What if it's the Hope Diamond?" Dollar bill signs all but spun in her irises.

"I don't need another friggin' gewgaw, and I don't need no emblem of hope, not when I've got Bella right here."

I lifted a package wrapped in newspaper, The Times-Picayune,standard top and center. I didn't rattle it. I dropped it on the ground. Fuckin' RJ and JR.I hoped to Christ it wasn't one of their fingers, toes, or—I shuddered—imaging the worst. They'd sent back their RSVP last week, unable to make it to our nuptials 'cause they were working the zombie thing, landing parts—literally—as extras on a pilot for something called The Walking Dead. Sounded about right.

Bella broke into a prettily wrapped parcel overflowing with ribbons. The box big and unwieldy, I held it open while she ripped the top off. Digging under layers of tissue paper, she carefully gathered the contents in her arms, keeping it off the grass.

"Clear a table." She ordered.

Five pairs of hands on deck made short work of making a clean space for the gift Bella unfolded on the table. It was a patchwork quilt. Each pane was hand-stitched with . . . two figures in Kama Sutra positions.

Bubba knocked his elbow into my ribs. "In case y'all run out of ideas, seein' as how y'all are always fuckin'. Except these past few weeks, right, Eddie?" He jeered.

As if I need a reminder.

My hand wandered over the couples screwing in all possible positions. My gaze tightened on the pair and I noticed a few similarities that made me smile. The female looked suspiciously like Bella and the dude definitely had my hair.

"Emmett!" Bella exclaimed, hugging him.

"Emmett." I gave him a skullrub. The softhearted fool had probably spent all his sleepless nights since our announcement making this. And he wasn't even half as queer as the EOFer.

Letting him out of the headlock, I sipped on Bella's lips and rocked against her hips. "Let's cut a rug."

The dance floor was packed with bodies, shining with hot lights, and loud with music. I stripped off my jacket, lost the tie, and pulled the suit shirt from my trousers. Soon as the buttons were undone, I shrugged it off my shoulders. In a white wifebeater and my black pants, I pulled Bella to me.

Flashes of light glinted off the wedding band on my finger when my hand cruised up Bella's side. She stared at my shoulders, my chest, winding her way languorously up to my mouth.

The look in her eyes was a searing kiss to my soul.

"You do wanna dance with me, right?"

Her gaze leapt to my eyes. "Yes."

The song slowed into a bittersweet tune of love found, lost, and gained. And I could do this all night.

Our turn around the dance floor wouldn't win no prizes, but it didn't matter one bit. Bella cuddled against me and I matched the sinuous motions of her hips, dragging her to me, my hands close to her bottom.

"I love you," she murmured.

My cheek against hers, I felt the drum of her heartbeat. Between my thighs, her leg slid, sending a fresh flash of fuck-now to my groin.

But I shook it down. A kiss, a hard fast fuck . . . neither of those things meant as much as holding her through this first dance of desire.

We stayed out there for a long time, lingering in the feel of each other. The moon spun above, its pale rays hitting her shimmering dress, lighting it with drenched fire.

Eventually, night closing in, the reception got a little rowdy. Rock music blared and we broke apart. Rosie claimed Bella and I claimed a stool.

Our wedding shindig started getting hairy, and not just because of the foolish loup-garu. Folding chairs were broken, and Maw started having a conniption fit. Someone accused Alice of stealing, que cera.

The bonfire blazed out of control, which could be dangerous considering three quarters of us were highly flammable.

I strutted up to Bella and grabbed her hand and we made a break for it.


After playing a round of chicken with the tourists downtown, Bella pretending to disapprove but letting a laugh slip out now and then—especially when I bumrushed Mike Newton then sideswiped his fuckin' Jeep Liberty—I took us over the bridges onto James Island and kept the Sunday Best truck, 'course.

Driving contentedly, one wrist over the wheel, one arm over Bella so she snuggled against my side, we wound through the live oaks arching over the narrow roads the farther we got into the country. They dripped with Spanish moss and were covered with feathery resurrection ferns, the massive trees shot through with shards of moonlight. Everything black, white, and gray and pristine.

We sped through the gates of the coastal enclave, and I followed the road down a mile or so until the salty smell of the ocean swept in through the open windows of the truck, the Atlantic spreading out before us. I turned into a long drive and stopped in front of a stone and timber house made up mostly of enormous windows reflecting the ocean's surf back to us.

"Kiawah, Eddie?" Bella breathed when I helped her out of the truck.

I ducked my head. "Yeah."

"We made love for the first time here, at The Sanctuary."

Lifting her hand, I kissed along her palm to her wrist where her pulse zinged. "Not somethin' I'll ever forget, babe. It was just after you decided it was okay I'm a vampire."

Her fingers ruffled through my hair as she pulled my face to hers. "You chose to honeymoon on Kiawah because it's the first place we made love?"

Grabbing a quick kiss, I smiled against her lips. "Yeah."

I scooped Bella up in my arms and walked toward the house. Up the steps and across the wide porch, I carried my precious cargo. Her arms linked around my neck, her cheek pressed against my shoulder. Crossing the threshold with her in my arms, euphoria flew through me, something I'd never experienced before.

I set her down, crushing her to me, claiming her mouth and dragging across her lips with my tongue.

"Eddie!" She gasped when I broke away. "You can't afford this."

I shuffled my feet, glancing over my shoulder at the grand surrounds, the luxurious furnishings, the massive house that faced the sea. "Yeah, I can."

"I knew you were loaded, but I didn't think . . . Hang on, then why are we living in a trailer up in Cainhoy?"

"Don't know, darlin'. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, it's just who I am." I frowned.

Suddenly her hands cupped my face. "Yeah, it is." She pressed up into me, landing a sweet kiss that did nothing to bank the fire inside me. "You're a good man, Eddie Cullen." She smoothed my dress shirt down and swept her lips against my throat, humming happily.

"And you're a good woman, Bella Cullen." A sense of smug pride made me smirk down at her.

She stepped away from me and I made a fast grab for her, but she quickened her pace across the heart of pine floor. I stood with my fists on my hips, watching her retreat with a laugh, tossing her hair and a challenging smile over her shoulder. "Forget I'm as fast as you now, Eddie?"

"Somethin' like that," I mumbled.

Her laughter continued to tinkle. "C'mon, baby." She held out her hand.

Finally gonna get some.

Un-fuckin'-fortunately, I hadn't figured on the possibility she'd want a tour of the place while my hard-on was ready to tear outta my pants. I trailed awkwardly after her, my cock making walking difficult, but it was worth it to watch the delight and joy spreading across her face.

Although next time I was gonna rent a one room shack in the boondocks so she'd have nothing to look at but me.

At the top of the house at the end of a hall, after what felt like far too frigging long a trek, we made it to the bedroom.

I opened the door and stepped inside. "C'mere."

I watched Bella's heartbeat flutter in the pulse at the base of her neck, a neck I was gonna get my teeth into soon. The room was lit only by moonlight streaming through another long bank of windows, and it was empty of all pretentious bullshit like soft music, rose petals, or flickering candles. I had a 'no open-flames' policy. All that mattered was me, Bella, and the bed.

The floor'd work too.

As soon as she slipped into my arms, I found the buttons at the back of her dress. She hadn't changed before we left the bluff earlier and now I was thrilled. I relished the honor of taking her out of her wedding gown. Slowly. Seductively. Seemed she was thinking along similar lines because Bella worked the jacket from my arms while I fingered each tiny button from its fabric loop down the curve of her back.

The bodice swooped forward, my shirt was peeled from my shoulders. I cupped her breast within the gown, thumbing across her nipple. Every measured touch brought a gradual reveal of skin. Flesh bare for lips and tongues and fingers. The heart-shape of her ass fitting my hands after the last of her lingerie—buttery silky barely there scraps—flittered away to the floor. The tips of her tits drawn out by my tongue and teeth. My chest and abs covered in jolting hot kisses, her fingernails digging into the backs of my thighs, scratching upward to my ass.

Clothing shed, we tangled together on the bed. Sleek kisses and the wet glide of my fingers into her soft pussy made the air sizzle with her moans. Wanting more, needing closer. Pulling herself down my body, Bella pumped me in her hand and cupped my sacs in her palm. I braced on my elbows, not blinking, trying my damnedest not to move, watching every stroke as her gaze focused on the straining flesh she smoothed up and down in her fist.

With a sly grin, she kept me torturously erect, on the verge of release. "Wanna come all over me, don't you?"

That's the idea. "And in you, your mouth, your cunt, I want my come all over your body, wanna see your tits covered in it."

She placed her lips above the swollen head of my cock and dangled her tongue around and around the most sensitive tissue until I jerked in place, grunting and cursing. One quick deep plunge and I was buried down her throat, shouting as I punched the mattress. She came off me just as quickly, sending my body into an overload of arousal.

"On your back," I growled.

She flipped over and I prowled up her, lapping down deep with her thighs pressed wide apart until she shivered all over. I sucked her belly button and nibbled the plump crests of her tits and moved up to her lips, driving my tongue forcefully inside. I swallowed her scream and drank it down then skimmed to her neck. My teeth pierced her quickly. She came with my fingers curled inside her, her blood flowing inside me. Drinking slowly, reeling from her heady taste, I settled between her legs.

Cleaning her wound, I grunted when her slick labia enfolded my cock. Wild with the taste of her on my tongue, the feel of her on my dick, I held her down and thrust into her. I kept Bella pinned under me, screwing her, making the headboard bounce off the wall with each fierce thrust. The bedding got rucked up under us as I fucked her with all my being until I had to bite her again, clamping into the soft round flesh of her tit. She scratched all down my back, marking me too. A taste of lover's blood between us.

I gasped away from her, pressing my thumb over the mark on her breast while she looked up with sex-dazed eyes to dare me. "Come on me then."

Angling my hips for the deepest impact, I leaned in and conjured another climax from her, laughing darkly as her cunt clamped around me in rhythmic pulses. She threw her hands to my thighs, my ass, grabbed onto my hair, trying to keep me on her, in her as I backed away. Cock in my fist, soaked from her desire, I fired off at her pussy and tits, her mouth.

I came all over her body, shivering from head to toe from the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced.

"Jesus. Are you marking your territory?" She asked, running her fingers through the shiny patterns I'd made on her pale skin.

I lowered over her, bracing on one arm, and twirled the wedding band on her finger. "Already did. This was just for good measure."

My huge thighs bounding hers, my seed a hot warm mess between us, I watched, mesmerized, as she drew my fingers through the ribbons drizzled over her breast. She brought them to her mouth, sucked my fingers inside, licked them clean.

"You like it?" My voice was pure gravel. My cock already firm and ready, pressing into her hip.

"I want more." Nimbly hauling me down, Bella guided me inch by aching inch back into her wet heat.

This time we barely moved. Pressed completely together from lips to chests to hips and legs, we rocked in dance of flesh, and desire, and love. Bodies tight, hands linked, we met and moved through long smooth strokes, a wave of motion and emotion. Wrapped around each other, time could've slowed, time could've stopped. Our orgasms washed over us with gasps and groans and intimate whispers. It felt like we were making love for the first time, for infinity.

We remained locked in that luscious embrace until sweat made us damp and the sharp scent of come filled the air, and Bella's hair lay tangled and wild on my shoulders and across my chest.

I stayed inside her, even after coming several more times, still hard. She fell asleep draped over me, and I fought not to squeeze her tighter.

There never needed to be more than this. Bella, beside me. Mine and married. Her heart still beating beneath my hand even though I'd turned her. The worry that she'd die, that she'd leave me, that I wasn't ever gonna be good enough for this sassafras woman ebbed like the tide pulling away from the shore.

My chest filled with pride. With hope. With love. I didn't have to long for a life outta my reaches anymore.

I curled around Bella, shifting her to her side. My legs against hers, my chest to her back. I slipped a hand between her breasts, listening to the sleepy slough of her soft breaths.

I kissed her neck and knew I'd get up with her in the morning and each morning after that. And she'd give me shit, screw me hard, and probably tax my patience. I looked forward to every single second of eternity for the first time in my long life.

"I love you, darlin'." I whispered.

~~The End~~

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