Rachel was standing right behind Richie, holding him back, making sure he wasn't going to pull a punch. Harriet comes into the kitchen as well and Carl was already at work.

"Judy, what has gotten into you?" Harriet ask, placing her hands on her hips. Judy frowns and points at Richie.

"He's destroying property. I think I'll get my dad to arrest him." Judy holds up the broken crayon and shows them the display of crayons scattered on the table and on the floor. Richie frowns as well and sticks his tongue out at her. Rachel pulls her son closer to her.

"Richie, why would you do something like that?" Rachel ask.

Richie and Judy both look at each other at the same time. Both feeling nervous and scared now since adults have come into the situation. Richie sports a sad face and tilts his head down.

"I don't know…" He replies in a soft voice. Harriet folds her arms and walk to where Judy is standing.

"Now, Judy, I'm pretty sure that Richie didn't just out of the blue decide to go crayon crazy. Do you think you may have provoked him in any way?"

"And if so, that still does not make it right. Fighting is never right." Rachel added. Judy glances up at her mother then turns her head down, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"I don't know…" Judy's eyes wonders to where Richie is standing. Richie looks at his mother confusingly.

"Mom, what does provoked mean?"

"It means to make somebody feel angry."


Harriet folds her arms, still keeping her eyes on her daughter. "Well since the both of you seem brain washed at the moment and don't know what's going on, it'll be best if you two just separate for now until you come to your senses to apologize."

Richie walks away from the table and out of the kitchen. Soon Rachel follows behind him. As soon as she walks into the living room, she sees Richie sitting down on the couch with his chin rested on the palm of his hands.

"Richie, do you care to explain yourself young man?" Rachel looks at him and Richie sighs before speaking.

"Judy called me black."

Rachel looks at her son and before she could say anything, Richie begins elaborating more on what he has to say.

"I told her I'm not black because my dad is white but then she got mad at me."

"Well, I don't see why she would get mad at you, seeing how you were just telling her you're half of both races, because I'm sure she understands that you have parents of a different race."

"Well, that's kind of it. I just told her I was white… and not black."

Rachel sighs and sits down next to him. "Richie, you left out a part of you that makes you who you are. You are not just white, or just black… you are both. So when you say you're only white, it's like saying I'm not your mother. You're denying who you really are… you're denying me and your family."

Richie looks sad. "I didn't think of it like that."

"I understand…you're young and this is still new to you, so don't feel so bad." She reassures him by rubbing her hands on his shoulder up and down.

Harriet and Judy both walk in the living room together. Judy stands where Richie is sitting.

"Richie, I'm sorry for punching you and calling you stupid, because you're not, you know what you are and I was wrong for messing with you like that."

"I'm sorry too and for breaking your crayon."

"Oh, and I don't hate you, I love you." Judy smiles at Richie and he smiles back at her, slightly blushed.

"I love you too."

They both hug each other…Rachel and Harriet look at each other and smile.

"Come on, Richie, my map isn't going to color itself." Judy tells him.

Richie smiles again and follows her inside the kitchen. Judy picks up the white crayon and gives it to Richie.

"Here, Richie, you were right and I was wrong."

"Not exactly…"

"What do you mean?"

Richie goes to the crayon box and pulls out a gray crayon.

"What does gray have in common with me?"

"Uh...I don't know." Judy looked at the crayon and back at Richie.

"Gray is mixed with black and white, just like me." Richie says and they both smile at each other.