It was a hot Memorial Day, and the various guests of the Gates' barbeque milled about on the gigantic lawn. Riley picked up a plate and moved over to where Ben was dishing out hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill.

"Hey, Ben. You know what I noticed?"

"What's that Riley," Ben said, poking at the burgers with a barbeque fork.

"Everyone we know has blue eyes."

Ben stopped what he was doing and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh come on. You noticed too." Riley began to count off on his fingers. "Me, of course; no one can resist my baby blues. You, Abby, your dad and mom, Sadusky, the President… Conner doesn't have blue eyes though."

"No," Abby put in, overhearing the conversation. "He has hazel eyes."

Ben glared at her.

"What?" she defended. "He does."

"Conner doesn't count," Ben huffed.

"I know, what a weirdo," Riley chortled, scooping mashed potatoes onto his plate.

"I have hazel eyes too," Sadusky said, walking over to them. "You didn't notice the color of my eyes, Riley? I'm hurt."

"And I have brown eyes," said Agent Hendricks, taking a bite of his hot dog.

"Fine, fine, not everyone we know has blue eyes. Sue me," Riley said, and flung up his hands. "Exuuuse me for making an observation."

Ben chuckled and slapped a burger on Riley's plate. "You say the darndest things, buddy."


A/N: Haha, poor Conner. No one likes him.