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'Sentence'- thoughts

"Talking" 'word'-thought to be something it isn't

~please enjoy~

An Out of Body Experience CH1 Waking up in another's Bed

Roy Mustang felt a wet tongue licking his face. He rolled in bed impatiently.

'Oh no, did I sleep with someone!'

Roy Mustang the womanizer NEVER slept with the women he flirted with ever so nicely.

'This is bad!' 'Okay, I must face this on the count of 3, 1...2...3!'

When his eyes peeled opened he did not see a naked woman, but…..

'Black Hayate!?'

The young pup yipped for his breakfast joyfully, wagging his small black curly tail. Roy stared for a long time.

'How did he get in my apartment?'

As he sat up and took a quick glance he realized he wasn't in his own home. Totally freaking, Roy ran around franticly.

'Where am I??!!'

Now in the poorly lighten bathroom he spun around dizzyingly and stared eye to eye with no other than, Riza Hawkeye. He reached out towards her, but his hand merely hit a glossy surface.

'A mirror? Hawkeye's mirror image, my mirror image... means…'

"I'm Hawkeye!" he shouted in Riza's voice.

Roy walked into eastern headquarters in Riza's body, wearing the usual blue military uniform. He was still uncomfortable in another's body. Not used to Riza's wide hips and her well...chest. Roy made sure this morning not to look at her while changing, she was a respected comrade and he would show his respect to her. When he entered his office he was surprised to see 'himself' sitting at his desk.

'What do I say?' he thought.

"Hawkeye" 'Roy' bombed.

He nodded in response, too afraid to say anything.

'No, there's no way there is two of me!'

(AN: yes a rare occasion of Roy Mustang losing his mind was occurring!)

'Oh crap, roy-2 is looking right at me!'

"Roy-2" stood and spoke softly, "Sir".


"Hush, you know how ridiculous you sound shouting your own name?"

"You mean how you sound."

"Yes sir" sighed Riza in Roy's deep voice.

"Sorry lieutenant, I'm just feeling more emotional than usual"

"Oh...really" smirked Riza.

He knew that face and it could only mean one thing.

"What do you know?"

"That's not important right now; we need to figure out what we are going to do"

He nodded. "This is usual"

"And you're telling me sir?"

Roy sat silently on the desk thinking while Riza felt uncomfortable staring at 'herself'.

"We can only do one thing" Roy finally said.

"Which is?"

"Be each other until we can find out what caused this and how we can fix this"

"Permission to speak freely sir?"

Roy and Riza had always been good friends. Roy would allow Riza drop the "office act" when nobody was around, like early mornings in the office. This was a time they could just talk as friends.

"Please don't mess up my life"

"Mess u..?"

"Let me finish", she interrupted, "I mean we need to act exactly like each other or our reputations could be destroy, even worse we could lose our jobs"

"I don't think that will be a problem, we are familiar with undercover work and each other this will be a walk in the park"

"Can we at least drop the act when nobody is around? Like for example now"

"I don't see a problem with that as long as we're careful we won't get caught"

They speeches ended and the room coated with a deep silence, but Riza broke through it.

"How will we return to normal?'

Roy paused and tried to come up with a good answer, but nothing came to mind. He just looked up at her (AN: Ha! Cause now he's shorter) and said, "I don't know"

Later that day, Fuery was fixing a broken communication device in the office,

Riza was acting like Roy by doing nothing much and Roy was acting like Riza attending to the paper work that was not getting done. Riza had to admit making Roy finally see what it's like to work hard while he slacks off, it was like her own little pay back. She wanted to tease him, by putting her legs up on the desk while he walked in carrying a slack of papers. Riza in return smirked at him.

'She thinks she's so funny' he thought pissed off.

"Oh, lieutenant Hawkeye need help?"Asked Furey as he slowly pulled out his chair.

Roy saw his feet were inches away from the chair; he didn't think he would survive this one. "No Kaine!" he yelled, but it was too late. The chair twisted with Roy's feet causing him to trip backwards and sent papers flying everywhere. Roy closed his eyes tightly shut, ready to feel the hard impact of the tile floor… Instead he felt two hands squeezing his curvy new waist (Riza's). He opened his eyes to see his old self holding him up. A feverish blushed spread across his white face. "R...roy", he shuddered remembering not to blow their cover.

"I saw you falling Lieutenant, didn't want you to get hurt cause of me, came just in time did I not?" he chuckled.

Roy nodded as he felt his heart strongly thumping in his chest.

'I've never felt this strongly before...BUT, no! I can't be attracted to myself!' He merely looked down in confusion while Riza looked at him dubiously.

"Ummm...sirs, I'm so sorry" whispered Furey.

Roy smoothly and quickly slid out of her tough grasp. "No harm done" he said while scooping up the papers.

At that moment Riza could not help looking at 'his' feminine butt sticking out...asking to be grabbed... 'Wait I can't think such vulgar things about myself, I'm so pervish' she blinked and thought. 'I better not be turning into a disgusting man that only cares about getting in a woman's pants' she sternly thought.

Roy looked up at Riza to only notice fire burning in her eyes and he giggled softly.

"Lieutenant I'm really really sorry" Furey franticly spoke. Roy shakes his head for once again Kaine Furey was being too nice.

"I told you its fine, you were just trying to help" he smiled.

"Yes, but my help only hurt you"

Roy had a sweat drop. Fury was so nice he was a push over. "No, blood spilled chill"

"Yes, yes, thank you!" he replied after sitting back down and starting were he left off at.

With the stacks of heaving papers Roy walked to the desk and then dropped them in front of where Riza was sitting.

"Why do you always overwork me lieutenant?" sighed Riza, who was chuckling in her head.

"Maybe if you worked harder sir you wouldn't have so much"

"Are you trying to boss me around lieutenant?"

'Oh she is good' "No sir of course not, just a suggestion sir"

"Thank you Hawkeye you are now dismissed for your lunch break"

He sludated her, "yes sir" and walked off. Riza couldn't help but laugh to herself. 'he makes a good me!' Then she looked towards Furey,who had been working so hard since this morning he got in.


"Yes colonel?" he asked while looking from his work.

"Go on your lunch break"

"B..but I still have so much to do, it's so much work..a..and.."

"You've been working hard you deserve it"

He paused, "Wow! Thank you sir!" he slauded quickly and ran out.

That's when Riza learned being in charge had its own little rewards.

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