Captain's Mate - Abby persuades Gibbs to take her out on the "Kelly"

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Rating: T for now.

Chapter 1

Abby stood looking over the marina, observing the hustle and bustle below. She took a quick look around, shielding her eyes against the sun and smiled when she saw what she was looking for. With coffee and Caf-Pow in hand she took the steps down to the quay below and walked towards the small sailing boat moored at its furthest end. When she came near the boat, she stopped to admire the view. She never seen Gibbs without a shirt before and the sight nearly took her breath away. His skin was bronzed from working in the sun and she watched his arms, seeing the muscles ripple as he worked. She licked her lips as she ran her eyes across Gibb's chest and down his torso, appreciating his defined abdominal muscles. For a man of his age he was in good physical shape and to Abby he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Gibbs sensed he was being watched and looked towards the quayside. His eyes sparkled as he spotted Abby and smiled when he noticed what she was holding.

"Permission to come aboard, Captain" shouted Abby.

"Permission granted" said Gibbs holding out his hand to steady Abby as she jumped on board.

"You must have read my mind" as he took the coffee from her outstretched hand.

Abby quickly scoured the deck, "by the lack of coffee cups I assume that this is the first one since you've got here?"

Gibbs laughed as he took a sip of his coffee "Got lost in my work, Abs".

"What do you think of her?" said Gibbs

Abby took a quick look around "She's beautiful, just like her name sake"

Gibbs smiled, "Thanks, Abs. I think Kelly would have loved her."

There was a moment of silence as both remembered Kelly in their own way.

Abby was the first to break the silence "Well, since I've come all this way bearing gifts, you could at least give me the courtesy of a guided tour"

"You don't need one, she been in my basement long enough for you to know where everything is" said Gibbs as he returned to his varnishing.

Abby made her self comfortable on the deck and watched Gibbs as he worked. She was amazed that she was actually sitting on the deck of the "Kelly". She had lost count of how many nights that she had spent down in Gibbs' basement watching him work. "I can't believe she's finished Gibbs"

Gibbs stood up from his varnishing "She's not quite finished yet, there are a few bits and pieces still to do"

"Is there anything I can do?" said Abby jumping up from the deck.

Gibbs looked at her, "what can you do?" he thought aloud. "I know".

Abby watched as he disappeared into the cabin. After some banging of cupboards, Gibbs emerged holding a bucket and a mop.

"You want me to swab the deck?" moaned Abby, expecting something more exciting to do.

"I need a deckhand and you're hired" laughed Gibbs, handing the bucket and mop to a reluctant Abby.

"OK" she pouted as she scanned the deck, "Where do you want me to start?"

"You start at the stern and work your way to the bow"

"Stern, Bow, is that front, back or back, front?" quizzed Abby.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, "For somebody that works for the Navy you've got no idea of nautical terms. Front is bow, back is stern."

He smiled as he watched Abby start to mop the deck, "I think you've just missed a bit"

If Abby's look could kill he would have dropped down dead on the spot. "You see this mop". He nodded. "Where would you like me to stick it?"

Gibbs winced, "I apologise Abs, and you're doing a wonderful job."

Abby stopped mopping, "Do I detect sarcasm, Gibbs?"

"No" smirked Gibbs as he continued with his varnishing.

After 30 minutes Abby had finished. "Look, a nice clean deck"

Gibbs looked up from his work and regarded Abby's handiwork. "Very good job, well done"

"As a reward for being such a wonderful deckhand please can you take me out on her" smiled Abby, fluttering her eyelids at Gibbs.

"OK, but let me clean up first" he said, "I need to get out of my work gear"

"There's not much to get out of" muttered Abby as she watched Gibbs disappear into the cabin.


Abby felt herself lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves lapping against the side of the boat. She had never felt so relaxed, lying here on the roof of the cabin in the shade of the sail.

She was unaware that Gibbs was watching her from his place at the helm. He let his eyes travel down her body, admiring the pale porcelain legs that were now exposed to him. She had removed her trousers when she had got too hot, "Gibbs, you don't mind do you?" Of course he didn't mind, what man wouldn't? He started to think what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around his waist, with Abby screaming beneath him. Gibbs shook his head, he needed to stop thinking of Abby that way, she was Abby and definitely off limits.

Abby turned in her sleep, causing her t-shirt to ride up under her breasts. Gibbs heard himself groan out loud.

"Gibbs, are you ok?" said Abby from the roof of the cabin, she had been awoken by the sound of his groan.

He coughed and pretended to look passed her and out to sea. "I think this is the perfect place to anchor".

Abby was not quite sure whether he had deliberately ignored her question but she had some idea why he had groaned, smiling she jumped down from the cabin roof eager to find out if she was right.

Once Gibbs had safely secured the boat, he disappeared into the cabin in order to get some space between him and Abby.

"What you doing down there Gibbs?" shouted Abby from the deck.

"I'm, I'm looking for something for lunch" he stuttered.

Abby grinned, he was definitely flustered about something.

"Have you found anything yet?" smirked Abby, amused that Gibbs could get in such a state.

He emerged from the cabin much calmer but empty handed.

"Cupboards are bare Abs, didn't expect to go sailing today"

"So what are we going to eat?" said Abby starting to feel hungry.

"I know" said Gibbs, disappearing once again into the cabin.

Abby just stared at the cabin's door, what did the man have hidden down there?

He reappeared holding a fishing rod in his hand. "We can fish for our lunch"

Abby laughed "You must be joking, I can't remember the last time I fished"

"No problem Abs, I'll show you" said Gibbs, taking her hand and pulling her to the side of the boat.


"This is so boring" said Abby as she watched her line sway in the water. They had been fishing for an hour and had caught nothing.

"Patience" whispered Gibbs from behind.

"But you haven't been standing here for an hour" sighed Abby. Gibbs had been lying on the deck reading a book. "I've only got one rod Abs".

Abby giggled as her mind filled with visions of Gibbs' rod.

"What's so funny?" asked Gibbs, raising an eyebrow.

Before Abby could answer, there was a sharp tug to her line. "Gibbs, I think I've caught something"

Gibbs jumped to his feet. "Abs, you need to start reeling it in."

"I'm trying Gibbs, but it's too strong" shrieked Abby, trying to keep hold of the rod.

Gibbs leant over Abby, wrapping his hand around the rod and pulled with her. "Gibbs, I think I'm losing it"

"Reel faster Abs" said Gibbs, desperately trying to keep a tight hold of the rod. Abby tried but her hand slipped causing her to let go of the reel.

Gibbs and Abby were sent crushing to the deck as the rod disappeared overboard.

"Ouch" said Gibbs, as Abby landed on top of him, "You're heavy"

Abby was about to reply when she suddenly realised that she was laying on top of Gibbs, her emerald eyes staring in to sapphire blue. She went to get up but was stopped when Gibbs rolled them over so that she was trapped between the boat and his body. She went to speak but was silenced by his lips pressing down on her's.