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The symbiote crawled through the sewers. They was searching for a new host—one that would reunite them with Spiderman…or kill him. They tasted at the air once, twice…nothing. Plenty of dislike, petty problems, anger. But none of the pure hatred they longed for. Then it hit them—it wasn't hate, not by a long shot, in fact if that was all it ate going after this host would have starved it, in fact it didn't seem so different than the others. But this was a specialrecipe, a good host if they ever felt one. Angry—so angry it was a wonder they were still standing, Frustration—the host was strong to not break down from the amount, Spitefulness—a need to get back at those who'd wronged them Insecurity—they could use that to get to the host, Intelligence—that was important if it could get sympathy then an instant plan, Fear—used peculiarly; a driving force more than a limiter, above all it felt a deep and total longing, and the determination to get what they wanted. The symbiote ran after the host as fast as they could, calling as it went. The host paused, but something made it run, the symbiote would have growled if they could. They followed the host into, what seemed a runway of pipes. They lodged in one and waited; calling for the strange host. They got its wish as moments later, they was released. They almost bonded to the screaming host in front of it, but then realized this wasn't the one. They followed the presence of the host and waited in latched themself onto the shoe. The host didn't seem to notice at first, but as the symbiote started to grow the host brushed it down and repressed the emotions. They couldn't grow. The host left wherever it was, the symbiote didn't understand. The host went someplace else, somewhere alone, then the emotion came rushing back, and it grew without even stating its case…Lovely, they liked this host already

To say that Spidey was ticked was like saying Doc. Oct was 'handy'—a gross understatement. The aforementioned villain was currently in a crime underground somewhere and all the superhero knew was that almost half of the jailbreaks were his fault right about now. He'd just gotten Electro sent back to Ravencroft and it was ten thirty…Aunt May was going to kill him. He swung by his bedroom and saw her sitting on his bed. He just couldn't get a break today. He opened his phone and called, she answered

"Peter? Where are you, do you know what time it is young man?" Aunt May's voice filtered in from the phone as Peter saw her in the window.

"Aunt May, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot and by the time I looked at the clock—I'm almost home now o.k.?" he asked. Aunt May sighed but nodded, then remembering he couldn't…or at least wasn't supposed to be able to see her, she muttered an 'o.k.' on the phone. Peter sighed and backtracked a few blocks before changing and running home. He opened the door and almost slammed into the woman that must have just come downstairs. "Aunt May, I'm here…and I'm so sorry I'm late, when I say I lost track of time, you wouldn't believe" His aunt merely 'humph'ed at him, before shaking her head

"Peter, you need to be more responsible, do you want to be grounded? I will if you don't stop coming in late, honestly!!" Peter cringed at the inflection in his Aunt's voice.

"Yeah, I know…and I'm sorry—I should have called, I was tied up" He murmured the last part, he really had been tied up…in electrical wires. "But I'm so serious aunt May, I'll definitely call next time." Aunt May looked suspicious, but relented with a smile

"Well, dinner's cold, but I can warm it up for you in a heartbeat" She sighed. "Just wish you could have been home in time, that nice Mary Jane girl was over for dinner asking about you." She turned and bustled away, still murmuring. Peter sighed and went upstairs to get washed up for dinner and to change out of his spider suit.

The symbiote was surprised to say the least. This host or rather hostess was the first one it had ever met that had the sense to meet it. The girl was sitting on her bed meditating as they surrounded her.

"Hello" She said to them, or him as the symbiote appeared in her mind. The symbiote quickly read her memories. "That's rude…reading without speaking" She said curtly. The symbiote snapped its head to look at her. It had absorbed enough to realize that the girl didn't look like this—it was her astral projection, she must have had an awareness of her mind. Her mind itself was a mess…they were on wires, a storm threatened lightning and earthquakes shook the foundation…but they were fine.

"Serrenedy White, bond with us, we sense your longing—your anger. We can make your

"I don't care about me; I want to know what you are. I know you belonged to Spiderman, then Venom…or Eddie Brock. You tried to kill the spider…why?" She asked seriously. The symbiote looked at her awkwardly at first, she continued "Did Spiderman try to get rid of you? It was stupid, you're amazing." She tilted her head to the side and her hair was unharmed. "Why did you pick me?" She asked another question. The symbiote tasted her emotions—curiosity, envy, anger, intelligence. The symbiote relented and showed her everything, from its home planet to finding her. She nodded distantly. "Spiderman, eh? I'll help…I want one thing when we're done though" The symbiote circled her attentively. She released a wave of emotion and allowed the symbiote to read her life.

"That's it?" The symbiote tried to contain itself "That is an easy reward—surely you'd want more?" She thought for a moment and smiled

"Could you make my astral projection my battle suit?" She asked hesitantly. The symbiote nodded and merged itself to the girl.

Spidy had trouble

((Yeah, my first spidy story, due to notice in the LACK of Venom stories. Kinda a prologue but...tell me what ya think. Toodeles))