Only 'cause it's drilling a hole in my head and that this is the ONE story I remember every detail about. Also, I apologize-my vocabulary far exceeds my spelling capabilities, so there were several words I had to cut up and dumb down-not quite sure I dumbed them down correctly. *looks both ways* Don't tell the readers of Mystique's Redemption and don't say I never gave you anything. *throws and hides*


Peter parker was currently more annoyed than he could recall ever being in his entire life…that was saying something. He had been admitted in the middle of the night and given another blood test, it would be seventy two hours before they could process it and when they did, they'd be able to see the false positive in the last sample. George Stacy had been there to voice his aunts concern about major personality changes and increasingly erratic behavior. The good news about all this was that it was only for a few days. The bad news in all of this-was that not only was he stuck in here instead of fighting crime-but apparently Monday was 'group therapy' day. He, Electro, Doc Oct (whom he hadn't remembered recapturing), Eddie (whom had been staring at him in confusion), an un-named redheaded teenage boy who was in a strait jacket and jerking around, and a pink haired un-named black girl whom was smiling at him and fiddling with her watch were sitting in a circle with a therapist.

"Alright, now we've got two new members today? Peter, Serrenedy-either of you want to go first?" Everyone turned to them, Peter sighed heavily.

"I'm in here because of a mistake or something-and once you finish looking at my blood you'll be able to see that this is all one big missunde—"

"Oh Peter" He jumped at the loud sigh from the girl next to him. She gripped his arm and smiled. "No worries, we'll get through this together." At Peter's dumfounded expression, she looked outward to the rest of the circle. "My name is Serrenedy White—I admitted myself. I used to sell drugs—Peter here was my best costumer. He used to say I was his whole world, that the drugs made him feel like he could accomplish anything. Then I admit…I fell in love with my client." She took this moment to start sobbing, even curled into herself. "I knew that it would eventually kill him, so I told him no more. He went crazy stared doing anything to get some green. I was forced to involve the police-and I'm here to be his support. If I broke him down, maybe I could build him back up." She finished with a watery smile. Peter blinked twice at her.

"I'm sorry do I know you?" She looked at him with absolute heartbreak, and then burst into tears again.

"It's a side effect" She sobbed out. "Short term memory loss. He probably doesn't remember me at all-he'll just deny everything. I was too late in saving him" She dissolved into hysterics and an orderly was called to remove her. Peter blinked, it was all he could do.

"Well" The therapist said. "It was very kind of your dealer to admit herself, but I'll have to review her case file if her entire reason for being here is having fallen in love. Peter do you have anything to add to that?" Peter looked up at the therapist.

"She…is…crazy." He said slowly. I've never seen that girl in my life. I don't do drugs. This is all a huge misunderstandings, and when my blood tests get back-you'll see that." He said calmly. The therapist glared at him

"You can't blame him for being in denial doc." All heads swiveled to Electro, he ignored them to focus on Peter. "It'll take a while, but believe me, this is a safe place." The mutant gave him the thumbs up sign and the Therapist smiled at him.

"Do you want to talk about why you're here again Max?" At this Electro stiffened and scratched the back of his head.

"I relapsed" He admitted softly.

"What was that?" The therapist prodded.

"I relapsed" He said louder. Everyone clapped for his honesty, after a moment Peter joined in.

Hours later he was in his temporary room. He now had a large amount of useless information-including that Electro got irrationally angry when he saw spiders, Oct seemed to think the arms had a mind of their own, Eddie had developed Agoraphobia, Cletus-the redhead-heard voices that told him to cause as much havoc as possible, he was in here because the pills made him a near zombie and he didn't want to sacrifice his sense of self, then-there was that Serrenedy girl, the one with massive delusions it seemed.

"Pete?" It was Eddie. He seemed confused, but then again, he'd seemed confused ever since he'd stopped begging for Venom back. He smiled at his friend, and after a moment-Eddie sent back a more strained one. "Dude…what're you doing here?" Peter started to answer when another voice interrupted.

"He's helping me help you" Both men turned to see Serrenedy standing in his doorway. She looked both ways, then strode into the room and closed the door behind her. "Or rather, you're helping an old friend." Peter blinked at her, then Eddie. Eddie blinked at Peter, and then both turned back to her.

"Do I know you?" Eddie asked politely.

"No" She said calmly. "He does" She added, pointing at Peter.

"No I don't!" He protested.

"We met briefly; I mostly talked to your friend. It was a miscalculation on my part. We weren't supposed to meet, though I suppose I had enough makeup on to derail you in figuring out who I must've been." The two boys continued to stare blankly. She sighed. "If you give me your phone I can fix it" She said to Peter. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"How'd you know it was broken?" Whatever reaction Peter had expected, it certainly was not a good natured laugh and a smile.

"My sister's the one that broke it. She owed me a favor." She held out her hand for the phone and, with trepidation, Peter handed to her. She calmly slid off the back of the phone, removed the battery, and produced a small computer chip between her fingers.


"My sister" She interrupted "was the young lady that asked for your phone about a week ago. This hacked into the signal from the satellite that gives phones the time. I was able to remotely control what time your phone thought it was." She looked at the microchip critically for a few moments, before pocketing it and throwing the phone back to Peter, whose spider-reflexes caught it easily. "Now, Eddie Brock I believe-there's a symbote that desperately misses its host." She smiled at Peter. "Both of them"

"Venom?" Peter moved in front of Eddie in a single motion to keep the larger male at bay. Eddie had already started shaking with the hope of being reunited with what Peter had dubbed 'the ooze'.

"Keep that thing away from us" He hissed. She threw back her head and laughed.

"Poor Peter. Have you ever thought of the only two options?" At Peter's confused look she smirked and continued. "Either it's in here with me and very close to you two…or it's out there-doing I'd only know what." She smiled again, and then turned to leave. The door opened as she did, and though Peter couldn't see them-he heard the waterworks start up again. As she ran out Max entered.

"Ummm…Hello? I was just checking to make sure you were…alright?" Whatever confidence Max had had steadily diminished from the crying girl to seeing the emotional wreck that was Eddie. "Wow…so you just reduce everyone to hysterics huh?" He tried to joke. Peter bit his lip and resisted every urge to slam his head into the stone walls. Eddie collapsed; now on the floor and holding back his tears with everything. Peter looked back at Max.

"Could you…deal with him for a minute? I have to go…chase down my…ex?" Max looked between them and shrugged. Peter exited the room and ran down the halls until he found her. She was sitting in the rec room, writing in an overstuffed small notebook. "You!" She sighed and closed the book, taking out the heart shaped locket and placing it around her neck. She looked around both ways, then glared at him.

"I do have other things to do then help you I hope you realize." He grasped her harshly and dragged her into an empty bedroom. She wrenched her arm from his grip. "You know 'I have to talk to you and it has to be private' works just as well." She glared at him.

"I will when you do" He countered. She sighed and sat on the bed. "What?"

"What do mean 'what'? I should have all the questions! You broke my phone, turned into Shadow, got me committed, and you're threating to put the worst threats this city's ever seen back on the streets! Who or WHAT are you? What do you think you're doing, where'd you come from, how'd you find the ooze, who're working for, what—

"ENOUGH" She screamed out. "She glared at him. "You talk too much. I'm a Good Samaritan-I decided I would use my…let's call them talents, to help, pardon the phrasing-poor unfortunate souls…in pain…in need"

"ARE YOU SINGING!?" Peter wasn't wrong; her voice had taken on a singsong quality. She pouted at him.

"Party pooper" At his half-disgusted half confused glare, she sighed and continued. "Anyway-I'm here to help the Symiote."


"Yes-help him, after you so cruelly ripped him from not one, but two hosts and basically condemned him to death!" Peter continued to stare at her all through her 'holier than thou' style speech.

"Tell me you're joking…you've got to be joking." She glared at him. Apparently she was deadly serious.

"Anyway, you're here so I can study both previous hosts in detail." She smiled, then frowned and looked away. "As well as my experiments…personality changes can be used…" Her muttering got too low for Peter to hear more of.

"How'd you get the 'green'?" He interrupted. Her head popped up at the question.

"Sandman. While he was attacking you I told him to make sure he sliced you at least once, when I had a blood sample I looked up compositions of common drugs. Your D.N.A. is very weird. Did you know if you take Meth it'll mirror the effects of the green? That was completely by accident." She shrugged. "You're blood has a sense of humor I suppose." She smiled and kicked her legs a bit. As Peter opened his mouth to ask another question, the door opened and she grabbed him and kissed him full on the mouth. Peter stopped all movement, as he seemed to be prone to temporary paralysis when kissed. A growl sounded behind him and the girl detached to stare. Flipping a knife (that Peter wondered how he got) was Cletus Cassidy…He was mad.