Having a house full of people man that is tough, kids screaming around and the adults being out, I wish Bianca would pay me to babysit her kids.

Thankfully Moe and I were going out to the pub tonight so I was free of the lot of them. Finding my clothes was not a hard thing to do; I just put on a blouse and skirt choosing a pair of earrings was one of the difficult things I could have ever done along with having a scrap with Peggy.

I went into my own room to find my ridiculously big earring box. But I couldn't find it, It was not where I had placed it, I specifically remember putting my pearly earrings away last night right there on that dressing desk inside the box. I knew living with a lot of people was going to be difficult but this was just darn right pathetic.

I walked down the stairs into the TV room where I knew everyone would be because it was the evening,

"All right guys" I shouted "Who touched my earring box"

All eyes were on me, because they knew earrings was a big deal to me, even Morgan knew what I was talking about.

"I-I don't know pat" Bianca said pretty stunned.

Ricky got up to face the family and looked at the kids,

"All right which one of you guys has taken nana pat's earrings, you won't be in any trouble she just wants them back alright?" Ricky questioned.

No one.

"Well I didn't take them" Tiffany said child like.

I knew my family would never steal from me, except the odd change, but besides that they would never, but who would steal my prized possession?

I felt naked without my earrings, but Moe was waiting for me I had no time what so ever to go look for them, I finished getting ready, without my earrings and headed for the pub.

I walked into the pub and all eyes were drawn to me what? Did I have something on my face they wouldn't stop watching.

"Pat!" A familiar farmer like voice called.

It was Moe, I went over to her.

"What's with ya? You ill?"

"No blimey what's got into you ey?" I asked stunned by her question.

"Well there is something different about ya" she said gawking at me.

I took a good look at myself up and down, nothing.

"Eh pat you looking different" Patrick said walking past holding a beer in his hand maybe he was drunk.

"Eeya I got your drink" Moe says pushing the drink over to me.

I needed this after the day I had.

"Pat" Someone from behind the bar was calling me, my old time friend that I love and hate at the same time. "You look different"

I snapped "What? What is so different about me? C'mon spill it out"

"You're not wearing any earrings today pat" Bradley called out.

Everyone laughed. They were right. Pat was never a pat without earrings.

I had to get out of there; I didn't feel like drinking anymore I just wanted my earrings, but whom? Who was so horrible and mean enough to steal my earrings.

I was going to find out.