In the latest episode Pat has a heart attack, well we all know the real reason... depression from loosing her earrings.

Okay really now, I know its been about 6 months since I've last updated, wow yeah that had been a veerry long time now, I've been busy but lazy at the same time, I've neglected this story to concentrate on my other one but then a few days ago I had a look back at this story and couldn't beleive that I actually laughed at it, my own story mind!

So i've come back but with the final chapter, yes sad to know its true but every story - fanfic story needs an ending!

Ashamed. Ashamed to be part of a cruel curel neighbourhood.

It's true, I've given up on all hope for finding my earrings, I've even being looking on Ebay for some new ones, only because they don't sell my taste in shops anymore and I'm so close to buying them.

To keep my mind off of the whole earring situation, I've been invited round Peggys, to replace my earrings. I've been borrowing Whitney's silver hoops and she doesn't know it.

"Right" I said coming down the stairs "I'm off"

"Are they my hoo-" I slammed the door before whitney could get another word in, lucky escape.

"Alright pat, your early" Peggy said still behind the bar serving the customers.

"Just had to get out of the house"

She smiled "Alright, well why don't you go upstairs I'll be up in a minute"

I went around back and up the stairs, into the kitchen, it was empty but I could smell a sweet aroma and had no idea what it was.

After a few minutes of just sitting there, music came on full blast, I thought I would of been Peggy seeing as it was her type of music, I opened the door in the other room "Peg, why don't we-"

I was mistaken, it wasn't Peggy.


He turned around, red as a tomato... with my earrings box by him and a pair in his ears.

(The official duff duff eastenders music)

Wow. I had no idea why I chose Him to have stolen the earrings, Its just a vibe, but really, hes great. Just awesome. This was a really quick chapter to just end the story... Thanks for reading and appreciate the reveiws!