She was a tiny little thing. So young and small, and always doing childish things; innocent. He wonders how the hell she'd manage before he and Jin came along. She was so damn trusting and naïve, it drove him fucking crazy. Always wide eyed and getting excited about the dumbest shit. Like the ocean, pretty flowers, or that stupid rat of hers. Sometimes he just wanted to strangle the life outta her, and other times he just wanted to kiss those pink lips of hers 'till she ran out of breath. But eh he was fickle like that.

"Ah! Look at all the flowers!" Fuu shrieked, running towards the field, stopping and picking whichever she felt were the prettiest.

She was giggling and humming, and every so often she'd look up at Jin and smile like her life depended on it. It made him hot and jumpy with jealousy. She never looked at him like that. But he couldn't help be mesmerized by her childlike ways, so carefree and sweet. Sometimes all he wanted to do was watch her, watch her sleep, watch her run around, watch her play in the ocean like that one time. He just wanted to see. See her, all of her, all the time. He didn't care about sex or dirty night time fondling with her, he just wanted to hold her close to him and protect her from every damn thing. He guessed he was in love with her or something. Shit, how are you supposed to know you're in love if you've never loved a single thing in your life? But sometimes he just knew.

Finally after a few minutes she stepped out of the field. Flowers in hand she ran towards Jin, handing him an intricately made bouquet.

"Because I know they remind you of Shino," she grinned, and ever so slyly she wrapped her little hand around Jin's and of course he let her because there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for the girl. They were walking like a couple of lovebirds, holding hands as lovers often do. Mugen saw red, saw death, he was fucking pissed. His chest heaving with anger, fists clenched tight, that perfected scowl on his face, he did the only thing he could think of.

He almost ran to their side, catching them off guard. He reached Fuu's side and roughly yanked her unoccupied hand and held it tightly in his own calloused one. It was warm and soft, and so very small. He wondered if he was squeezing too tight, but she made no complaint.

"Mugen?" she asked, her eyes full of unanswered questions.

"I just wanna hold your hand a'ight?" he grunted, because he was just as lost as she was and he couldn't think of anything else to say.

She let go of Jins hand and snuggled up against Mugen, looking up at him with her wide brown eyes as if he put the stars in the sky. And Mugen swears it's the sweetest thing ever.