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That evening as she walked home, to their home she thought about how funny life could be; how one moment you can be wiping down a table at a teahouse in a little sea side town and the next you can be in bed with an ex-pirate. She'd always been too cute for her own good.

As she approached their house, well more like their well-furnished hut she saw his silhouette, he was sitting near the doorway and even from afar she could tell he was in one of his moods. She inhaled deeply and prepared herself for what he had to say. It's not like they were always fighting, they got along pretty good most of the time, but sometimes it was as if Mugen couldn't believe or didn't want to believe she was with him. No matter how many times she told him she cared about him, he always expected to come home from the fishing docks and find Jin laying half naked on his side of the futon, it was silly and it drove her crazy.

"I'm home," she said cheerfully as she passed through the threshold of their home. Her greeting was met with silence, great she thought; he was giving her the silent treatment.

"I think we still have some fish left, I could make us fish stew or maybe dumplings if that's what you want," she said, walking toward the kitchen area. Still, he said nothing.

Fuu stopped trying to get him to talk and instead focused on cleaning the place up, she wasn't so hungry anymore. She was lost in thought when the sudden sound of his voice startled her.

"That night, by the river; Fish-face said he wanted to stay with you didn't he?" Mugen asked coldly.

"What?" she responded, growing annoyed with his tone.

"Jin wanted to keep you, even after our little adventure was over right?"

Fuu glared, even if she did have feelings for Mugen he could be such a jerk when he wanted. She exhaled loudly, "First of all, no one was going to keep me, and secondly Jin knew how hard it would be for me after our journey was over; he was trying to look after me, he was just being—"

"But you wanted to stay with him," Mugen interrupted, a scowl set deep in his face.

"I wanted to stay with the both of you!"

"Liar," Mugen pouted.

Fuu let out a growl of frustration, "I wanted to stay with you, okay?"

His pout dropped but he kept glaring at her with skepticism written on his face; she stared right back but soon realization hit her, he was fishing for compliments! Honestly, men could be so emotional sometimes.

"I did, even back then I knew I wanted you; why do you think I sent Jin off with Sara?" she said quietly, "I didn't want to lose you no matter what."

He stood from where he sat near the door and sauntered over to where she was standing, he circled her and soon tanned, wiry arms wrapped around her waist; he pulled her close and she could feel his growing hardness at the base of her back, he was unbelievable.

"Well shit girly, if you'd have told me that you wanted me back then I could have popped your cherry much sooner," Mugen said, his voice low and raspy.

"You're such a pig," Fuu reprimanded, her cheeks growing hot at his language.

"You love it," he said, nipping at her ear. His hands traveled north and were quickly groping her still less than stellar attributes.

"Mugen stop," she said sternly, as she turned in the circle of his arms, he ignored her request and kissed her lips instead.

She pushed at his chest and broke the kiss, "I'm serious, stop."

He froze and sighed, "Fine."

"I meant it, what I said earlier, I think I've been in love with you for a very long time and I would do anything for you, I mean anything to keep you by my side," she said, her eyes unable to meet his.

Fuu heard him gulp loudly, "I know that, you're my woman now." He said firmly.

She turned and saw his expression, his face was set in determination, he looked like the many times she saw him go into battle; self-assured and fierce. And he was letting her know that he felt the same way, that if the fates allowed them, they would be together for a very long time; perhaps even forever. Mugen had never been too good with words but his face always let her know what he was thinking, what he was feeling; a smirk, a scowl, a blank stare, she knew him.

"Okay," she nodded, "Now take me to bed."

"Yes my lady," he said, giving her a low bow, she giggled and let out a playful shriek when he picked her up and settled her on one shoulder.

He gave her butt a firm slap and said, "What was that you were saying? How much you've always wanted me? I think I'd like to hear more of that."