As always, the characters belongs to Stephenie Meyer!

"Bella? Are you ready?" Edwards soft voice called me from downstairs.

"Give me minute, I'll be down soon!" I called back, thinking that I had nothing to wear. All my cloths were all over my small bed and I couldn't even see my bedspread, but as always, I had nothing to put on. Maybe the purple shirt could work with a pair of well used jeans and black converse sneakers?

"Bella, we don't have all day." Alice's voice was suddenly behind me and I jumped, I hadn't heard her coming up the stairs.

"What's the rush? You don't need to sleep, and you drive fast…" I shivered, knowingly how fast the Cullen's used to drive.

"Yeah but your dad will be suspicious if you take to long." She tapped her head lightly with a grin. "So hurry up, you don't need to pack so much cloths. I will take care of that."

"Alice, don't, please!" I pouted with my lower lip, making Alice laugh at me. Since she told me about our trip together I had a bad feeling in my stomach. But when she told me that Edward and Jasper would tag along I the bad feeling disappeared in a heartbeat. The little summer holiday was planned up all together by Alice and we were supposed to be away for a week. Of course dad wasn't so happy about that so we told him it was a girls trip only and Edward was only there to give us a ride to the airport. She had paid everything and she told me nothing. I knew Edward and Jasper knew the plans, but they didn't say a word about them. But I tried to make Edward talk, but he always told me nothing at all. His smile when I asked was making me go insane and when I sulked he made me feel better with his kisses. It always worked.

Alice took my none ready bag and threw it on her back and took my hand. Her hand was cold and hard as always, but I took it gladly. "Edward and Jasper are waiting for us, so come on Bella."

"Yeah, I'm right behind, no need to hurry." When we walked downstairs my dad eyed Edward suspiciously.

"So Edward, you are just going to give the girls a ride to the airport in Seattle and nothing more than that?"

Edward answered with his most persuasive voice. "Of course, Chief Swan. I want to make sure they get on the right plan."

Edward said all the right words and I glanced to his face. Even if he had spent the last night together with me I couldn't stop looking at his face. I had to take a deep breath to remind me of that I needed air to live. "Dad, come on, no need of that. Edward is just being a gentleman." Those little white lies always seemed to do the trick.

"Bella, if you or Alice need me, just call and I will get you two right away!" Charlie's nervous voice echoed in the little hallway.

"Dad, no need to worry, we'll be fine. I call you when we get there. I promise." I gave Charlie a quick hug and changed Alice's hand to Edward's. He threw a quick glance at me and I knew, if I answered his glance I would blush and Charlie would start all over again with the suspicious questions, so I looked the other way. I felt how he squeezed my hand gently.

"Okay, I know I'm being overprotective, but I love you guys." At that point I felt my bad conscience struck me and if Alice didn't have an answer to that, my feelings had made me stayed at home.

"Charlie, it's good being overprotective, but you know, we girls can manage!" She giggled with her most childish voice and Charlie gave in.

"Go on then, don't forget to call your old dad, Bells."

"No, I promise, call you tomorrow, bye!" We all left the house in a hurry, I felt Edward and Alice's eagerness and it almost got me too.

"Hey, can I at least buckle up before we drive away?" Jasper rushed the poor Volvos engine and Edward helped me with my buckle.

"Sorry Bella, but we are a little bit late because of you." Jasper smiled and looked at me in the rear-view mirror. I knew he wasn't mad, but Alice showed another face when the car drove away from Forks.

"Bella, you are always so slow and now we actually are a bit late, but I'm not angry just disappointed that you never start with things until last minute-"

Edward interrupted Alice's fast voice. "That's my fault, I was the one who held her from packing, but we had such a wonderful time." He looked at me with his crocked smile.

Actually, it was Edwards fault, he was the one who picked me up yesterday with a picnic basket and a blanket in his arms. His plans was to take me to our meadow and spend the day there just talking about everything and nothing. I loved when he talked about his long gone parents and what he had done before Forks. I knew he left much of it out and only talked about the good parts but I didn't mind at all. Just listening to his soft voice while he rested his head in my lap was enough to make me the happiest girl in the world. Once again I drifted away in my mind and when I felt Edwards breath near my nose I opened my eyes again.

"A penny for your thoughts." He smiled and winked.

I laughed and reminded him of yesterday. "You, me and our meadow."

The rest of the journey towards the airport went fast due to Jaspers good driving and Edwards mind reading. No police around and a fast car. Even if I still didn't like how fast the Cullen's did drive it was easy to close my eyes and think of other things.

Jasper parked the Volvo in a long-time parking lot and we all got out of the car. The sun had gone down and Edward, Jasper and Alice could walk around, not thinking about getting any unwanted attention. Edward opened up the trunk, and easily lifted out all the big suitcases.

Alice jumped to my side. "Of course, the Luis Vuitton cases is mine, but I've gotten one for you too. It's the big one…" She looked me straight in my eyes and even if I didn't like her grand gesture I had to thank her anyways.

"Alice, no need for that, but thanks."

"You'll love the things I bought for you and I know you will thank me later." She winked and tapped her head lightly with her fingers, her signature look. Of course, I knew better then to think otherwise so I let the whole thing go.

"Come on guys, lets find the right plane." Jaspers cheerful voice reminded me of his skills, and I was sure he had manipulated me. I gave him a angry look, but he just laughed and so did Edward.

"Bella, Alice is trying to be a nice sister, but sometimes she is a pain to live with."

"Edward, I didn't think you minded what I packed for Bella. I know you read my mind when I bought it all." Alice excitement almost worked its way to me, but when he said those things I felt a sudden desire to take my new bag and throw it away. Alice who saw my plans tried to calm me down by looking at Jasper.

Then I felt the serenity and joy of being away on a trip with my best friends.

"Was that necessary, Jasper?" Edward smiled and looked at me.

"Oh, I knew it wasn't me, bad Jasper." Of course Jasper was the one, once again manipulating my feelings.

When we walked in the airport we lowered our voices. "Here you are Bella, this is your tickets now you can see where were going." She smiled when she gave me my tickets, and suddenly the butterflies in my stomach made themselves heard again. "I hope you brought your passport."

I folded out my tickets from the envelope. Jasper, Alice and Edward looked at me all together and I felt my cheeks become red. I took a deep breath, got me self together and read the tickets; Koufonissia, Greece

My jaw dropped, Greece? I looked at Alice, not able to talk.

"Yes, Greece and the little island Koufonissia. It's most known for being a quiet and peaceful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I thought it would fit us perfectly!"

"But, hunting?" That was my first thought, making sure that Edward and the others wouldn't suffer because of me.

"No need to worry, we can manage a week, and we all hunted last night." Jaspers voice calmed me down, as always. I looked at Edward.

"Sorry, love but you were sound asleep and I didn't want to wake you up. You didn't even notice me being gone." Edwards eyes were full of apologise and of course I was the one being childish.

"Yeah, you're right about that. But please tell me next time, I will be fine with that."

"If he had woken you up you had been asking why and we didn't want to ruin the surprise with were we're going." Alice was of course right, as usual.

I took out my passport from my bag and we all went to the check in desk. The young woman in the desk eyed me quickly and helped me, then she laid her eyes on Edward and suddenly was speechless. I recognize that feeling, but Edward didn't notice. He was used to travel and knew how things worked. He gave her his passport, tickets, bags and she worked under silence. As she took care of Alice and Jaspers tickets and baggage Edward and I waited for them outside of the line.

"I cant believe this is happening." I said with a low voice.

"Why is that? Edward answered.

"Us four, on a trip together, and Greece. Does it get better?"

Edward turned around an took my other hand. "Yes it does, but no need to think about that now. The flight is long and I think you are a bit sleepy, it's getting late." He leaned down and kissed me on my forehead. Those little things he did made me feel so lucky about having him in my life.

"Are you guys ready? The gate is this way and so are the shops!" Alice, as always couldn't resist a shopping opportunity and took my hand from Edward. I gave him a pleading look and he mimed, I'm sorry.

So I let Alice drag me into a tax-free shop. I couldn't imagine why she wanted to shop, she already had anything she wanted and more.

"This one Bella, I think you and Edward would like." She gave me a perfume bottle, transparent with a light purple content. I took the small bottle and spurted out some of the content in the air. I smelled gently and was astonished over the fact that I really liked the scent.

"I think you are right Alice." She took the bottle and went over to the cashier. After she paid she gave me the little paper bag. I took out the box with its content and read the name of the perfume. Lancôme Hypnôse eau de parfum.

"Thank you Alice." I smiled, after all she paid for it.

"I know you don't usually ware perfume, but I thought it would be nice to have something new for the trip."

"Alice, didn't you forget something?"

"What?" She wrinkled her forehead.

"The bag with all the new cloths?"

"Oh, well I bought that last week, so it's not new for me." She giggled and went to join Jasper and Edward who waited for us at the gate. I walked behind her, amazed of how her mind worked.

We went thru the boarding desk and got our seats. I was to sit in between Edward and Alice, and Jasper at the end.

"Was she horrible?" Edward took my hand and kissed it.

"Yes, or no. She actually didn't buy the whole shop, she only gave me this perfume." I gave him the little bag and he took out the box.

"Hypnôse, my favourite." He eyed the small bow with a smile.

"But how…?"

"You are not the only one who gets dragged into shops. Alice can be a devil little pixie when she don't get what she wants. So sometimes it's better to go along with her plans. This perfume," he looked at it and the at me again, "she showed me a couple of weeks ago. I think I smelled thru fifty different, and this one was the only one that reminded me of you. The scent is a blend of passion flower and vanilla among other things. And you are my passion and love."

I was about to answer Edward when they announced in the speakers it was time to board the plane. Instead of answering I got on my toes and kissed him on his chin.

Alice and Jasper had already gotten onboard and Edward and I went thru the plane, hand in hand. We had good seats and TV monitors in the chair in front. As soon as I sat down I went thru the list of films showing in the plane towards Greece. There was about ten different movies and TV shows, but I stopped at one. I had heard of this movie and had wanted to see it for a while but hadn't gotten to it.

"Bella, maybe you should sleep?" Edwards tried to convince me.

"How am I able to sleep, when I know we are on the way to Greece? And I really want to see this movie." I swallowed a yawn.

"Okay then, what movie is it?" Edward leaned over to read the screen

"The Note Book."

"I've heard about that one, I hope you have some tissues, I'll bet you going to cry on this one."

Alice turned to face Edward. "She is."

Exactly that moment a stewardess walked by and Edward asked her for some tissues. She joked and asked if I was to see The Note Book. I answered yes and she went to get the tissues.

As the plane took off to Greece I watched to movie together with Edward, and of course, he and Alice was right, be the ending I cried my heart out. The movie was a great love story but also so sad. Edward helped me wipe my face with the tissues without saying a word. He recognized my tears and waited for me to calm down.

"Sorry about that, but it was great." I still had to wipe my face.

"I haven't seen you cry like that since… you know." Edwards voice was broken.

"Edward, don't. This is a happy trip, and you came back to me! I don't want to hear one more thing about that, okay?" I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek.

"You are right, I'm sorry I wont mention that again. Now, maybe something to eat?"

As the last bit of food was eaten I felt my eyelids getting heavier. Edward took my hand and hummed me my lullaby softly to sleep.

Hope you liked it, and there is gonna be alot of lemons... A happy story with lots of love!