Pokemon The Next Generation
Lost and Found

The campfire slowly died out in front of the five friends. The usual laughter, jokes, and free lance insults were all absent that night and so was another person. Jamie.

Eric clumsily tossed another stick onto the fire. No one had talked that whole day. The thought of their run away friend was just to much to bear. The whole day was either spent in tears and whimpers or trying to hold them them back.

I'm going to bed Eric said solemnly and he went to his tent.

the others whispered.

Eric closed his eyes and thought deeply of his best friend and hoped she was okay. Maybe he had over reacted last night when they had all talked to Jamie and forced her to stop her journey...


He didn't force her to do anything, it was Ash, her brother that forced her to stop. Jamie didn't want it, she wanted her freedom and the chance to truly become something but the next morning she'd be locked up in her house like a prisoner, doing as she was told and forced not to have as much fun as she would have out her with her friends becoming a pokemon master.

It was Ash's fault that Jamie ran away, it was Ash's fault for this whole thing. Eric turned over and decided to forget about until morning when their search for Jamie Ketchum would start a new.


The silver moon light casted an eerie glow over two figures standing in a forest. One a girl the other a boy.

So you wish to learn what I know he said to her.

I want to be the best and I'll stop at nothing to reach that goal she said.

He chuckled Even abandon your friends? he questioned.

She gave him an evil glare My so- called friends have betrayed me and I am forced to exile. They are not of importance she said.

And this has forced you into self exile he repeated. The girl nodded and he chuckled, Very well, I will let you train with me and this... he had a familiar blue stone pendant in his hands. He handed it to her and continued, I think I can teach you to harness some these powers he grinned.

He pulled something out from his black cloak and tossed it to her. It was a dark blue cloak. Put it on he ordered, Your first lesson, hiding yourself


Eric woke up to laughter. He poked his head out of his tent to see Katie, Mike and Melissa laughing at Paul who was soaked from head to toe. He raised an eyebrow in question and smirked. What happened to you? Eric questioned his older friend.

Paul was to steamed to laugh but melissa had no problem sharing. Paul got up this morning to use the bushes and instead he fell in to creek!

A smiled formed to Eric's lips and Mike finished, And we all know what cold water can do to a guy in the morning besides wake him up!

Eric fell back into laughter, he could so easily imagine the look on Paul's face. Paul looked at his girlfriend who innocently smiled at him.

You said you wouldn't tell! he said in a low voice.

Melissa smiled Oh you take all the fun out of my day! Besides, how could I not Melissa smiled seductively at him, Did I ever tell you how sexy you look when you're all wet like that?

Paul smiled and brought her close No, tell me how much? he replied.

she whispered and gently kissed him.

Eric shook his head in disbelief while Mike and Katie just looked at each other... both blushing.


By mid afternoon the friends had traveled a fair bit. Anyone they ran into one of them would show the stranger a picture of Jamie and ask if they'd seen her but each time they were always shot down with the same answer. No.

But then finally the group got a lucky break when they showed the picture to a local villager.

Yeah I've seen her the little five year old boy said, She battled my older sister last night and whooped her butt.

Was there anything different about her, did she say anything? Melissa asked.

The little boy thought for a second. No, not really. She said who she was and where she was from

Thanks kid you were a real help, which way did she go? Katie asked.

The little boy pointed up the path from which he came that way! she went that way last night! he said.

Thanks kid the others said as they headed up the trail to track Jamie down.

Eric growled lowly in his throat. Jamie was a full days trip ahead of them and it would take a miracle to catch up to her, let alone find her.

As they passed through a groggy part of the Crystal Island Valley Paul noticed it was to quiet. He told they rest of them to stop and listen for any sounds.


Just then a big blast made the path beneath Katie's feet crumble and give away beneath her ultimately making her plunge into the foresty depth 40 feet down below.

they yelled but all the could hear was her scream quickly fade out.