The sun was hot and the day seemed right for a trip to the local village. Haytham and Mohammed took Katie along inhopes of finding her friends.

Katie! There you are! a male voice shouted and they all turned around to see a boy litterally run up and hug Katie.

The boy was quickly followed by his other friends that ran up a greeted Katie happily with hugs and nuggies and other friendly greetings.

Where were yah kid? We've been worried sick the seemingly older boy asked her while putting her in a head lock and giving her a nuggy.

Haytham and Mohammed were a little surprised but never the less happy. The first the boy that had greeting Katie introduced himself.

Hi, I'm Cid Skyler. Thanks for finding Katie for us we've been so worried about her

The two boys looked at each other. Cid and his friends looked like normal trainers and perfectly normal kids but something about them just didn't settle right. Just then the two boys noticed they were taking a very confused Katie away. Haytham pulled the picture out of his pocket and looked at the group as the went away. The faces on the picture matched these kids perfectly. Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and evil laughter, then slowly uprising from the smoke was a meowth ballon and standing on top of it were the five kids that had claimed Katie but this time they wore Team Rocket clothing.

Angel: We had a choice so we had to pick!
Cid: We have to do this motto to increase the fic
Swan: The cause the world devistaion
Shadow: To tourture peoples in every nation
Demon: To destoy ones hopes, truth and love
Cid: And black out the sun and the stars above

Black Swan
Shadow Lord
And black Demon
Swan: Team Rocket moves at the speed of light
Angel: So long suckers! cause we won this fight!

HOLD IT! a voice yelled, Houndour, flamethrower!

Just then a houndour emerged from some nearby bushes and blasted a wave of flames right at the ballon. The Team Rocket kids grabbed Katie and jumped down to the ground before the ballon exploded into small scraps of metal, basket, and fabric.

Then Melissa, Mike, Paul, and Eric showed up and just in time.

Give Katie back! Mike yelled.

Not on your life! The boss will be happy with this little prize! cid boasted.

the others answered back easily.

Team Rocket gave them a clueless look, did they just here these guys right?

Did you guys just say fine? Shadow Lord asked.

Melissa said in an easy going tone.

Black Swan asked.

Becasue, even though Katie is our friend she's no use to us if she can't even remember who she is Paul answered.

They looked at Mike and Eric who just nodded then Paul said I only have one request though.

Team Rocket questioned.

Paul pulled out a juice bottle from his bag and held it out to Katie. this was your all time favorite drink. Since I only have one more left you might as well have it Paul said.

Angel took the drink from Paul and examined it. It was Kiwi orange juice and it looked alright. She handed it to Kaite. Katie smiled, popped open the lid and chugged it down. She finished it in no time flat but then Katie started feeling weird. She held her head in one hand and wavered a bit then she brought the plastic bottle up to her face and read the lable again in disgust. She truned mad, looked at Paul and threw the bottle at his head. Luckily he had blocked the blow with his arms.

Paul you moron! what are you trying to do?! Poision ME!!!!!??? Katie shouted at him.

No I'm running away from you! runt! Paul yelled and ran in the oppisite direction with his mad little sister at toe. Paul turned back to Eric as he kept runing I think my memory potion worked Eric! he yelled.

Mike, Eric and Melissa faced Team Rocket but then someone eles cleared their throats. It was Haytham and Mohammed. They smiled Allow us Mohammed said.

Eric said, giving the two boys a full go at it.

Haythem released his Magnaton and Mohammed let out his Charmander. The two boys smiled evilly at Team Rocket.

Thanks for the picture and the note you guys, we'll remember you! Haytham said, Magnaton, Thunderbolt!

Charmander! Fire Blast! Mohammed ordered.

See yah Team Rocket said and just as the attacks hit team Rocket Teleported away from the scene. The explsion of the two attacks echoed through out the valley.


Thanks for taking care of Katie for us Melissa said.

It wasn't a problem, she was a delight to have around Mohammed said.

We're just glad that she wasn't to much trouble and that we were able to get her in time Paul laughed.

Jaut then Eric cleared his throat and made everyone turn their attention towards Katie and Mike who were... kissing!

the five said in unison.

The two love birds looked over and smiled. Mike turned red and put a hand behind his neck nervously. Katie blushed.

And when did this start? Paul asked mockingly.

Mike said, About a month ago. We had a secret relationship

Why ddin't you tell us Melissa asked.

Duh! then It wouldn't have been a secret! Katie said.

Just then Eric remembered something and he pulled out a picture of Jamie to show Haytham and anad Mohammed. In all the excitment, they had forgotten.

Have you seen this girl? Eric asked.

The boys nodded.

She battled us two nights ago and won, why? Haytham asked.

She was in the hospital and ran away when her brother said she had to stop her journey. Giovanni is after her and we fear that she's in danger. Melissa explained.

We've tried to call her pokegear but we can't reach her Mike said.

That we can answer Haytham said.

Mohammed nodded That's right, after she beat us we asked for her number. She said she would give it to us but there was no point in calling. She had turned it off for good or until an appointed amount of time or wehn the need arises. She also said which won't happen.

In other words it's off for good Eric said.

The two boys nodded.

If we see her, we'll let you know Mohammed said.

Thank you Melissa said.

Before they want on their seprate ways Mohammed shouted. try the next village. They're holding a fire pokemon carnival there! You might be able to find her there!

They shouted and the group made pell mell for the next village in hopes of finding Jamie. As for Mohammed and Haytham, they headed back to thier campsite to back up and move on to finish thier own journey.

Cid sat under a tree thinking to himself. he remembered leaving the picture in the boys campsite that night but what note where they talking about?

To Be Continued....

Will these guys ever find Jamie, who wrote the note? And who are the two mystery characters? Find out in the next installment of PTNG.